Luvable Beggar (Chapter 07)

07-What’s tiz Story about??!!!
Hi Frndzz,
Prev:Dev meets Sona n her daughter Yaara..

Yaara see Dev n show “Bye” to Him..
N holds Sona’s hands..
Sona n Yaara r leaving The Room..
Dev(soundless)(closer to Sona’s ears):”U adopted her?!!I know,KshiYaara”
“Nagarthina thom”(from “SaajanAayoRe”) on bg..
Sona turns n see Dev with a shock question…
Yaara too turns bcoz of Sona..
Dev sees Yaara..
Dev took a teddy n give to Yaara..n give a comic book..
Dev smile…
Sona walk with seeing Dev…
Sona (mind):”How he know??”
Dev strings his guitar fastly.. .(00:00 of 22Feb)

The screen freezes like ice n cold wind only seen..
A Romeo (none other than Dev) in Jean Trousers,Black TShirt,MetalBands on wrists,
French Beard,Long Haired,LittleBlackMoon btwn eyebrows..walks via icetrack with lanther.. (Style of 1950s n Prince)
He reach a house..It seems like a Wooden one..

He knocks the door..
Juliet opens(none other than Sona!!)
She seems in Tribal Dressings..
(Tune of UdeDilBefikre from “Love is a Dare” on bg)..
She smiles n take something actually trying to hide as a surprise from him..

Kshi (Sona’s name):”DevShi..Our 1st ComicNovel publish”..
DevShi (Dev):”Whatt?? ?”
Sona show cover of the comic book to Dev..
Dev see the cover..
The screen moves to the current moment…

Loc:Inside place of OperaShow..
Dev see Yaara n Sona leave.. (The Camera moves to Yaara’s hand,especially the cover of the comic book)
(“Flutetone-ChaaniMeetsSharman-Mohenjodaro on bg”)
The cover is exactly same..
(The Zoom eyes of Dev seeing a squirrel
N a girl(Sona) who is in Tribal Kashmirian Style in dancing mode ,n seems many feathers n jingle bells(on half-air) throw from her hands while dance movement..

Dev(on air):”Just now I know from our Frndzz..”
While saying,
Dev slowly moves..on side..
Sona’s eyes goes to surprise..
“What is this,Leo?”
A little puppy Leo (seems- belong to snow areas)..see Sona..
On up of the puppy,a little basket is seen..It is tied on its body..In it,A little squirrel with flowers r present..
Sona unveiled her pink cloth from her head..

Loc:Present-Sona’s home…
Yaara opens the comic book..
The flute music is on bg..
Sona see the drawings in it..
(On surroundings-Evening+YellowishLights)..

(In Comic Book,
A Drawing of a Guy (look like a hero) is seen in 1st page..
He holds a rope with bell on its ends..
He rang it too..
Many little childs run (It’s a running race)..
Helper:”Sir,Mam is giving U a note”..
He see the note n read tat..
“Hi Zero!!Ur Infinity is waiting”
His Eyes made a smile..
Helper:”Sirr.. ”
He:”S..We need to leave”..Both leave..n travel a little n enters a small house..
Dev n helper take knifes..

-To be Continued.. .
Hi Frndzz.. Hope U like tis.. Kindly share it thoughts after reading…
(A Little note:Dev-Artist who draw anime,Sona-A writer..The story plots about their comic book n what is the link bw the present day Dev,Sona n Yaara (Today,I think Itz the Storyline?!!Maybe Itz confirm while writing the next..)..

Precap:Dev realise n finds the mystery of the comic book which is already given to Yaara)..

The Epi??Littleee.. Sssorrrryyy Frndzz.. Unable to write fully..A little thinking of creating mysteric plots in simple mode..Tatsy..The next ‘ll be surely long n chapter ‘ll be on Tom (23Feb)..
Tanqq frndzz..Take Care..


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