luv the way hell to heaven (Episode 6)


recap-janaki attacked by beast
sanky in the entrance going to ring the bell but before he can ring uttra opens the door holding swara
sanky-you are here how????
uttra-i came to surprise you but you all went back then i saw swara so i bring her lets go
sanky-lets go
in parking lot
they saw uttra and ask her she give same explanation to them
lucky- i think you have a bf here?
rags-lets check
uttra-i dont have
sanky-why you are shouting that mean something is there
lucky-something something lets check out
uttra in ful anger-shut up you 3 we are in someone else house and its not the time for all this talk
ap-whats happening here ? get in we should leave

inside the mansion
beast is out of control janaki hold the door tightly and put many wood sticks as a stopper and then sofa so that beast cant get out and then janaki fall unconsious some of her wound were recovered but the bites were not

in hotel
all goes to their respective roo uttra seats in reception area she is worried for janaki and calls her but janaki didnt receive the call .she gets up at that tym laksanrag irritates her
uttra-plz leave i am not in good mood
sanky-why you are not in mood
lucky-you are president of us that you are worried for market
rags-you are flying because of your bf rv
uttra-shut up okay
sanky-control yourself and behave properly other wise one day you spoil our respect
lucky-you are only an c.e.o so be in limit
rags-we are directors so our time is more precious
uttra in ful anger-just shut up look who is telling about respect who has spoiled the respect of mm few day before.lucky if this ceo was not their then you have seen behind the jail and rag your company was sealed loosers she goes to her room
three of them goes to their room with tears
uttra-oh god what should i do whats happening jp mansion…..yes i should go to them in morning aunty and prarthana needs help then she receive call from rv
uttra-i will talk to you tomorrow
rv-what happen any problem
uttra-janaki aunty
rv-u mean
uttra-yes i have to go
rv-okay bye be careful and call me after that and cuts the call

in morning all gather for breakfast except uttra
rags to sanlak-yesterday she was worried for something and we irritated her thats why she spell those words
sanky-she must be upset with us
lucky-we should apologies to her lets
they reach uttra’s room and knock but she doesnt open after few means they decide to go to breakfast table
sanky-dad you have sent uttra to morning meeting with foreign deligate
dp-no the meeting is posponded and beta dont forget in this project we cant commannd her because she is our boss in it
rp receive a call from bank and he became shocked
dp-whats the matter
lucky-chachu anything happen
sujata-any problem
rp-yes your daughter did you know she has withdrawn 5lakh rs from account
ap-it must be for any work of project
rp-no bhabhi for project finance is already alloted where is she
rags-she is not here
sujata-where is she
lucky-must be in garden
sanlakrag decided to check her in room and ask about her problem and think to get spair key from reception
sanky-we want spare key of 402 its my sister’s room she was not well yesterday so we given her sleeping pels and now she is not opening door can you please give the spair key
rags-i think she is unconcious
receptionist-sir and madam firstly we can give the spare key without the permission of guest or any emerency secondly your sister is not in room
lucky-what she go
recpt-in night around 2 clock
lucky-we must call rv
rags-bad idea he is in us how he know

somewhere in isolated place
uttra-here is your money for small packet 5lakh
unknown-she has not get bite from ordinary wolf go dont waste time

in jp mansion
swara turn back to normal and some how manage get out nd see unconsious janaki swara hold her and cry then uttra arrive their and hand over the packet swara open the packet which contain ash which see fill in janaki wound and cut her hand and drop the blood on janaki wound she became normal and they hug each other and thnx uttra then she go back to hotel
swara goes out for some work and janaki to her room
swara completing her work see sanky sitting in garden and crying she goes to him
swara-what happen value
sanky-prayer you here
swara-what happen you can share it to me i am your frnd
sanky-tells her everything and hugs her and cry
swara-consolve him and say uttra may be in anger thats why she told you those word dont worry everything will be fine and ha jisse hum apna maante hai aussi p gussa krte hai she goes
sanky-she has magic i always feel relax in her company……..akhir kyu mera dil tadap uth hai tumhare durjane pe
swara in car-kyuki mera dil pukarta hai tumhe
sanky-kyu meri akhee dhundti hai tumhe
swara-kyuki meri tasvir tumhari akhoo m bassi h
sanky-akhir kya rishta hai hmra
swara-jo radha aur krishna ka hai

entry of new character vihan he is a rockstar great singer every girl has a crush on him but he is mad for prarthna vihan role played by karan kundra
vihan in an interview which is live telacast seen by all
reporter has asked many question know last question
reporter-as we knowmany girls are mad for you are their dream boy but you dont date anyone do you have anyone in your life
vihan-actually yes i madly luv someone
reporter-she may also love you
vihan-actually she doesnt like me and doesnt like to see me also
reporter-tell us may be our fans may help to convince her
vihan-laugh you people may also have fear for her she is non other than prarthna gadodia
reporter-started sweating okay best of luck

in hotel
all look shekhar everyone fear from her everyone laugh then uttra comes
rp-where the hell were you from morning
uttra-with prarthna she has some work
dp-why you have withdrawn 5lakh rs
uttra- for advanced to purchase rawmaterial
ap- i told you na their must some reason
dp-get ready for meeting
all elder goes lucky drag uttra to his room followed by ragsan
uttra-what happen
rags-we know your out from night
sanky-where the hell were u and dont you dare to lie i know that 5lakh rs were not taken to purchase
lucky-because that payment was done yesterday only

at that tym rv comes
sanskar-i will give you the answer actually i have purchase a bunglow that was illegal which i dont know so police has came to introgate for solving the problem she has taken the money i was not here
laksh-may i ask you do you love uttra
rv-looks at uttra and say yes
sanky-how much
rv-how much you luv swara
rags-if you leave her or cheat her i will not spare you
rv-bhabi first of all she is my life if i do so she may roast first she is a devil you al know na and hifi
uttra apologies to them and they accept and hugs her
lucky-why cant you come officially to talk to dad
sanky-let me tell you he is a hitler
rv-okay i will come know
rags-not know with you partents
rv-i can call them know
sanky-you are eager to marry
both uttra and rv blush

frnds after next episod swasan privous story will be started you tell you want it in short or in long plz reply ……..
recap-sanky and swara lost their way entry of villan

Credit to: nidhi

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