luv the way hell to heaven (Episode 5)


hi frnds i think you are not liking my story then i can wind up it 10episode lets start the story
recap-swara’s mistry revelled
in jp house
prarthna-mom plz try to depart them before mid night and plz mom after 12dont come in front of me at that tym i am not your kid
janaki-i know beta dont worry know go to restaurant and bring icecream okay
prarthna-sure mom
in hotel
rishab-ice cream

rags-no you wont get it
swara-me to
lucky-this devils god who made this creatures
rags-did you said something
rishab and swara started crying later kavya also join so they order it but it was not available so sanky goes to restaurant to purchase it
in restaurant
both sanky and swara arrive at the same tym they feel some strange feeling
swara-one butter skoch family pack
sanky-one more
seller -okay two mintues
sanky-hi miss prarthna

swara in mind-dont do this sanky do come to me i cannot able to bear the pain of sparation
swara-do i know you
sanky-at morning we meet your going to fall i hold you
swara-yeah because of you i am going to fall because of you i became late
sanky-miss complain box you to have eyes you can see and walk
swara-this is your type boy do when you see beautiful girls
sanky-yeah only beautiful girls not dayan like you
swara-you idiot
sanky-you chipkali
shopkeeper give ice cream to both swara go from there and sanky stand their untill she disappear
in jp mension
all gd and mm except uttra comes in entrence they were welcome by servent its a beautifull banglow and they were seated in hall later janki join them she gives kids chocalate all were looking for swara
janaki-be comfortable fell like home
sumi-where is others means swa… prarthna
prarthana-she is in her room she will join us after some times
lucky-we will surprise her

sanky-good idea aunty can we
before janaki should say any thing they hear the voice of swara from her room
swara-how dare you to enter in my room without my permission then she kick out him
by hearing her
lucky-why we need to surprise her she will join us later
sanky-exactly i am saying
later janaki ask the name of kids by hearing swara name as swara sankar maheshwari she has tears in her eyes and think how much he loves swara even though swara has erasec her memory hen also their love is somewhere present in sanky heart
janki-you are married wheres your wife
rags-explain everything to her
aftersome times swara arrive
prarthana-hi everyone
they reply then all have talk later janaki ask swara to show the house to raglak and sanky swara shows the house mean while they are passing they saw aroom
sanky-this room’s is looking beautiful can show it from inside
swara-nobody enter this room so you cant go inside
rags-please yrr

swara-i said na no and my mom doesnt like anyone entering this room
sanky-why prarthana
swara in fake anger-because it was my sister room
sanky-where she
swara-she died
lucky-sorry prarthna lets move
janaki-food is ready
sumi-wait i have bring you one pendent you like steel pendant na
janaki-oh god if i touch it i melt hear itself… nice you keep their i will take it
ap- no we will make you wear it
janaki feared and ask help swara through telepathy
swara-lets go food is ready without their an answer she moved fast toward janaki
ap and sumi were going to make janaki wear the pendent at end moment swara come and take the pendent
swara–mom i like it can i take it plz
ap-if you like we will get another one for you
swara-i want it

janaki-its okay ap sumi she wear or i whats matter take it prarthna
sanky-your childish like my daughter
swara-what ever
they all gather near dinning table and taken seat servant serves to all except janaki
dp-what happen janaki why you are not having food
sumi-anything wrong
janki-no today is my fast
rags-for what choti maa
swara-for getting me married
sanky blushes he himself didnt know the reason
sumi-you can break the fast in night
janaki-no yrr i cant break it
all said okay after finshing the dinner it was 10;30
janaki-okay we will tomorrow
sumi-yrr after long time we are meeting lets spent some time
they all sitted and started playing antackshari and later raglak were dancing meanwhile kids were playing hide and seek swara hide her self in swaras room

at every passing minutes fear of janaki and swara was increasing kow time 11;00 pm raglak take sanky amd swara to center
sanky-do you know dance i am a great dancer
swara-l dont know and started but sanky pull her to him and by one hand hold her waist and make her dance sanky says in her ear
sanky-miss prayer your hot …. baby i am not bad as you think
swara-i know
they has an eyelock and dance passionately while dancing swara forget herself but comes to her sence by looking tym its 11;45 she try to go from there to her room but ap stops her
ap-where are you going
shekhar-please spend some time with your father
rags-sister too
sumi-and you choti maa

shekher-tell na janki
janaki -(say to herself lagta hai aaj hi sare rishtey banege aur mitege bhi chodo shekhar lagta h sabki kaabr yahi khudegi) plzz shekhar prarthna go to your room
tym 11;50
dp receive a call from his manager that foreign clients wants to meet them in morning 5
dp tell we have to leave know because of meeting by saying bye they move toward their parking lot near car they realize swara was missing kavya about their game so sanky go back to get swara
swara start transforming into beast baby swara comes out and shout by seeing swara
swara-baby go from hear
janaki enter the room and see baby swara she pick her up but in mean while swara converted into beast and in attacking mode janaki hide swara behind her then beast(swara) try to attack baby swara because she is a human by seeing this baby swara fall unconsious by fear janaki try to stop beast but i told you earlier swara is supreme power 1000 times powerful then all so janki effort goes in vain beast attack janaki from back cruelly but janaki succedded in getting out then lock the room she was seriously injured she moves out by holding baby swara at that tym uttra arrive near janaki
uttra-aunty are you okay

janaki-take swara before anyone come
uttra-but aunty how can i leave you like this
janaki-no uttra go all of us life is in danger go from here and thing can be happen go dont worry about me
uttra start to move but stop by janki place her hand in swara head and close her eye then tell uttra to take her and vacate this place as soon as possible
recap-new entry

Credit to: nidhi

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