luv the way hell to heaven (Episode 4)

luv the way to hell to heaven
hi friends i have given importance to rv and uttra because they have important role
recap-break up of sankar
ap-sumi lets go for shopping
sumi-great idea
rags-we will purchase different dresses
pari-jewellry too
sujata-lets take our husbands too
rp-how sweety they cannot live without us for an hour
shekhar-its your mistake they are taking us so that we can hold their lagagge
dp-its true lets go

in mall
shekhar-bhabi’s its two hour we reached here still all your purchase is not finished
sumi-plz na
laksh-you carry on
sanky-i am going to dress section i will purchase soo different typse of dress to my princess and prince
rags-bro you have already purchased 12 frocks 4 jacket 6mini skirt for swara and different style jacket for rishab na
sanky-do you have any problem they are sanskar maheshwari’s daughter and nephew
rags-okay my boss go
as doing shopping sumi sees janaki and started crying all see her ask whats the matter
shekhar-what happen do as much shopping u want i will not say anything
dp-yes bhabi what you want just cammond us
sumi point her fingure toward janki all see her and became shock because they heared the news of her death sumi shout jankiiii janki turn and see them she smiles and remember something and run away in a second she disappear from the mall they enquire about her from the shopkeeper from whom she was purchasing
shekhar-do you know about her ?
shopkeeper-yes she is janaki gadodiya
rp-do you know any other info about her plz tell us
shopkeeper-she is a business woman lives some where in verli with her daughter prarthna
everyone has teary eyes
rags-i have one more sister
sumi-i will find her this tym
sanky-thats the spirit luckys sasu maa
this all thing was seen by someone hiding in the crowd
in a big mansion
janki is standing little distance from window holding the photo of shekhar with tears someone tap her shoulder and say dont shed the blood tears mom janki turn blood is flowing from her eyes janki hugs the girl
girl-control yourself i have seen u in mall and shekhar ji and sumi they will definately search you get ready to face them
janki-prarthna that is not eassy for me and saying this she cry vigreously
prarthna-why you taken this much pain when your life was beautiful you love him and your parents gifted him as your husband and he has excepted you as his wife then why you run away mom
janaki-my reason is same which made you prarthna from swara
swara-dont change the topic
janaki-when my marriage happen i was very happy my life is full of luv but i always saw some pain in his eye i asked him many time but he avoid it always i came to know about sumi and shekhar luv story so i understand the pain of him i always wanted his happiness so run away so that they became one then i meet with an accident and became vampire today i say him he was very happy thats enough for me
swara-for his happiness you beared this much pain
jhanki-jisse hum pyaar krte hai unke liye khud ko bhi mitta sakte hai tumse acchi trha kon smjh sakta hai
swara-this much you loved him that you given your happiness to him
janaki-not as much you why you taken your memories from sanskar mind if you had not done that you will be his wife
swara-and he and his family will be dead……you know in day light i am his swara his love in night in moon light i am the beast which has no feelings a complete animal
janaki-i have no complains to god because when i was alive then he has given me shekhar and sumi now i am vampire i have a daughter like you even though i have not given birth to you nore you are from vampire group still you given me the chance of becaming mom to you and many happiness
swara-really mom dont forget i have attacked you many time because of me once your group of people tried to kill you
janaki-no because of you i am secured because of your fear my community people doesnt dare to involve me in their evil activity you have given beautiful life when you are normal you doesnt allow any scrach on my body you made many steps to protect me from the beast inside you
swara-mom because of me you have many enemy me too
janaki-i dont know about swara but i know my child prarthna who luvs meet more than anything she can do anything for me thats enough for me……. yeah one thing i know vampire fear to meass with you because you are a warewolf more powerful than us but why wizards, and your community fears from you
swara-because i am a supreme power 1000 times power full than all of you
janaki-waooo so thats why all fear from you thats great advantage
swara -smiles……….every power has advantage and disadvantage to mom to control the beast i have to drink human blood after becaming beast its a fun for me to hunt i cant control my thurst
janaki-you have decided how you will face mm gd
swara-what mom i will hide myself
janaki-no swara you have to face them if you hide then they see you then they will clearly understand you are swara then you have to answer every answer to their question that you cant so face them as my daughter prarthna gadodiya
swara-what will you say about my face
janaki- you have not seen the picture seeta aur geeta so on
swara-so say that i am twin sister of swara
janaki-yeah lets go to our house
swara-mom then you have to bear the consequencess okay lets go

in hotel
dp -dont worry we will find her
sumi-i trust you
at that tym news is coming in the t.v regarding sanky and kavita break up and kavita is saying sanky cant manage a girl as his gf he should find bf for him all of them shock and ask to sanskar raglak explain everything
dp-dont worry after reaching their i will teach her a lesson .all of you go to your room tommorrow is an important meeting
all goes to their respective room but uttra stand their and call someone
uttra-work should be completed till morning and cut the call you have done greatest mistake by avoiding my warning
in morning
all are having breakfast together raglak is flirting with each other sanky feeding swara and laksh isflirting with rags by this she is unable to feed rishab when rags take spoon to feed rishab laksh hold her hand and they have eye lock it happens to three times so rishab became angry he take laksh hand and bites it laksh shout
laksh-rags your son has bitted me till now only one enemy was there for my romance know two
all laugh rags takes spoon toward rishab but he turn his face and goes from their table to another table and sit alone raglak feel sad they go to him and say sorry but rishab moves to another table then swara and kavya goes to him with plate of food to him and sit next to him and feed him he eat and make both sisters eat by seeing three like this all smiles and sit back to have breakfast
dp-today we have two meeting one with mr deepak vagera and another with jp groups
ap-till then se go to parlour sumi we are free
sujata-yeah jiji me you and sumi our dil’s also has to attend meeting at they are business heads
rags-where is uttra
some one say to see the news in news shown how kavita gives drugs to youth and by fraudulent activity she get contracts so that police has arrested her
in uttra’s room
uttra in phone-good job your gift will be delivered in few hour and cut the call … guys u can come in
rags-you have did this
uttra-ofcourse if someone abuse my bro do you think i have to leave her
rags-no great job
uttra-thnx go get ready in 15 minutes there is a meeting were i am not your sil
rags-okay we will chock u with our performance
uttra-lets see
in confrence hall
all gd and mm arrived then their manager inform mr vagehla is unable to attend meeting due some problem but his son rv has came rv enter with uttra all take their seats
rv -hello everyone i am rv and u can call me rv
lucky-rv ??
dp-rv means ranveer vaghela
rags&lak and sanky sock and conclude uttra bf is rv by thinking her talk with him in call
rags give presentation and pari shows the design and their husbands and sanky tells about market and finance matter
dp-whats your opinion
rv-actually mr dp i was not of this project it was handled by dad and uttra so miss uttra whats your opinion
uttra-its a total waste presentation mr dp and mr sanskar where you are showing the profit of 38 crore i can show u 40 crore loss and bring many negative points…. mrs maheshwari we are going to deal with jp groups not with chat bhandar wala were going to design and sale daimond not any vegetables with this spirt your going to work then i am soorry we have to find new partners
rv was shocked and gd’s and mm were frightened or feared of loosing partnership
then rags asked for a chance pari and rags give another presentation by which uttra is impressed and rv inform that in half an hour meeting with jp groups
rv-sir i can come with u because i have to go to us for a deal
uttra became sad which was noticed by rv sankyraglak
rv-its only one weak program and for todays meeting uttra will join you … let me tell you the chairperson is sweat she can tollerate small istake but her daughter is a devil she want perfection
bye saying rv leave then pari rag and sanlak chase uttra to beat her but she run away
rv room
rv-sweety why you are upset i will be bak in weak and then your leave will be finished know come on give me a kiss
rv-okay i will take it from american beauty
uttra-okay i will give my tym to shravan your employee and he has proposed me also by saying she bites her tonge
rv-you will give tym to him i will take his life line wait what you said he proposed u when why dont u told me
uttra-because of your anger come down i made him understand
rv-okay if he didnt understand tell me i will undersatand in my way
they spent sometime and later they depart to their destination

jp groups
all mm and shekhar enters confrence their they see many foreign deligates and janki as a chairperson
dp to shekhar -not know shekhar
meeting starts and discuss many points and meeting gets over uttra live with foreign deligates to show the site and sanky accompany them to car then he came back mean will he collide with a girl that girl was going to fall sanskar hold her he sees her eyes which is so beautiful and he loss in her eyes their total silence but it disturb by an employee
employee-prarthna mam janaki mam is waiting for u
she comes to her sense stand and go
sanky-who was she
employee-miss prarthna m.d of jp group a devil
sanky-interesting and goes to his work
in confrence room
sumi ap and sujata also arrive sumi slaps janaki and hugs her
sumi-why you did this you never remember us
janaki-to complete u both if i didnt spread the rumour of my death you both didnt move on
shekhar touch janai feet-because of me you suffered our daughter suffered
janaki-no she is my daughter only
at that tym swara enter and get sock and rags shout swara and goes to toward swara and raise her hand to slap her but janaki hold her hand lightly pull rags
ap- curse swara and say because of you my child reach to situation of death
rags-we thought you are dead my bro is leaving in vain because he has forgotten your memory but your in his mind from which he is not able overcome
sumi-i consider you as my daughter but janaki shout enough noww
janaki-she is my second daughter and twin sister of swara she is prarthana gadodia yes swara died because of you all stay away from my child
all became shocked and apologies to prartha
janaki-forget all thing you all come to jp mansion for dinner okay
all -agree and take a leave
in car
sumi-swara was our child shekhar
rags-she was my sister
lucky-forget all see nice part you got new sister
all smiles

jp groups
prarthna cabin
janaki-hows my acting they all convince that you are prarthna and they comes for dinner
swara-phli bar dekha h khud ke pair m kulhadi marke log badde khush ho
janaki-beta i will send them before 12 dont worry
swara-mom you have invited them for dinner
janaki-yeah so that they doesnt follow us they will satisfy that i am living a happy life
swara-thats right but mo you are a vampire u cant eat human food
janaki-oh shit

baba ji-destiney has started to play its game ………. iss bar adhuri kahani puri hoke rhgi
recap-swasan second meeting and their nokjhok
baby swara in swara’s room while swara is transforming to beast

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