luv the way hell to heaven (Episode 3)


love the way hell to heaven epi-3
hi friends if you dont like my story or any problem feel free to say
recap-naam karan of raglak kids
sanskar goes to airport for receiving kavita
sanskar-here is many beauty hot and cool girl but where is my dayan
here i am sadu sanskar turn and see kavita in one piece red color dress
sanky-you are looking hot babes
kavita-thnx and hugs him and say i missed you yrr i luv u jaan
sanky-me too lets go
sanky-where you proposed me
they seated on the bike enjoying the ride kavita has holded his waist after some time they reach sea shore where complete decoration of date is arrenged
sanky-welcome jaan and forwarded his hand

kavita-sure and given her hand
sanky made her sit they lost in each other eyes then they dance on song tera hone lga hu they dance very sensually sanky hold her by her waist and going to kiss her kavita closed her eyes their is little difference between their lips but sanky get vission (not showing face like negative photos)a girl is saying to a boy promise me you never betray me you never see another girl like me
sanky-promise and loose the grip and move back and hold his head
kavita-what happen

sanky-i dont know
kavita-not again sanky i am feed with this lets go back home

baba ji in temple
baba ji-jung shuru hogyi dimag aur dil ke bicch teri leela apram paar hai maa

in mm
kavita enters and take blessing from all the elder and hug rags pari and uttra and place a kiss on babies forhead
ap-hows your journey
uttra-wrong question hows your date
kavita-it was fine and after sometime she leaves to her house

sanky room
sansar-whats happening to me why always it happen when i want to take next step in my relationship
raglak and uttra come to his room
rags-what happen bro
sanky-the same thing rags i dont know who she is bt she is disturbing me
lucky-relax it will be okay
uttra-give sometime to your relationship everything will be fine
rags-yes she is right
sanky-how much tym kavita has given me 2years yrr
uttra comes toward sanky and hold his hand say bro if love is true pure then itself find the solution……path of love is full of hurdles but if we have faith in our love we will definely get the destination

three of them stand with open mouth
sanky-our uttra has became luv guru
rags-its your thinking or something something
at that tym utra phone ring she goes out by saying i was call from her friend
uttra-hello how many time i have to tell you ranveer not call me like this
rv(played by shakti of matsh)-and how many times i have to tell u i cant stay without talking to you and more over you are not coming to office come to office tomorrow itself
uttra-hello mister i have taken 2 weaks leave
rv-would be mrs rv dont forget i a your boss
uttra-no you are not …my boss is your dad and u cant do anyhing
rv-you are challenging me
rv-plz come to coffee shop na
uttra-no i have to out with rishab
rv in anger-who is this rishab and y you are going with him if you go with him i will not spare him
uttra-stupid comedown he is my nephew
rv-okay meet me in an hour if you not come then i will come to your house
uttra-let see bye
her talks was heared by raglak and sanky
rags-hmm my sil is in love
lucky-with whom

sanky-he is nice guy or not
lucky-if he is not then we will break him legs
rags-shut up lets find out
after an hour lunch tym
rags is feeding food to rishab ,pari to kavya and sanky to swara and ap to lucky
uttra-how sweet my bhai is still growing baby
lucky-i know u are jealaous
uttra -my foot
kavita came and inform the contract they recieved by roshni group of empire
all congratulate her sanky hugs her then uttra say wao bhabi know you design dress for roshni group congrats y are u sad
kavita-because i have to go to denmark tomorrow
sanky-what you have came yesterday na
kavi-yeah i willnot go
sanky-you should its your dream na i can wait for u and huged her
everyone became happy and blessed them and kavita and sanky goes to kavita house
dp arived tell about the deal they get and they and shekhar has to go to mumbai so we decided we all will go to mumbai and enjoy for week all agreed rp informed they have to depart from today evening flight so raglak decided that they do their and sanky packing and on the way they pick him up
uttra messeged about mumbai trip and switch off the phone and pack the bag
kavita house
kavita has done the packing and they were sitting in the hall

kavita-i miss you jaan
sanky-me too and move toward kavita and hug her kavita try to run but sanky hold her hand and say not today and npin her to wall and kissed her eyes and kissing her neck kavita was holding his hair softly he was going to kiss her but all of sudden same vission of a girl come infront and sanky moved back this made kavita very angry she goes to kitchen
kavita-not today sanskar i will make you o take next step saying this we made lime juice and add drugs in it
inside room
sanky- what is this happening to me
kavita-forget all drink the juice and she placed jug of water near bed
sanky-drink it and then he has no control on him
kavita makes him lye on the bed and smile evilly and start to undress herself
all of sudden climate change in temple bells were ringing people says toofan ane wala h breeze were blowing high speed before kavita would execute her evil plan with effect of breeze the jug which is place near bed it fall down water fall on sanky and comes to his sense
sanky-what is this kavita

kavita-i want to take next step
sanky slap her are you mad we are not married you idiot dont you have a shame wear your dress and goes out
kavita (after wearing the cloths)- whats your problem
sanky-i have now problem i have get solution for your problem thats break up i dont want give your kid of character less mother to my beti
kavita use abusive words for swara by hearing this sanky lost his temper and in full anger
sanky-hold her neck and say how dare you to say abusive words for my swara
at that tym raglak and uttra arrive laksh try to loose sanky grip but failed
sanky-how dare she abuse my daughter i will killer her
rags-for sake of swara leave her
sanky-leaves her and tell everthing to them

lucky-thank god her true color cameout before marriage
uttra-bhabi calm down and go to car rishab and swara is alone in car and sanky bhai swara is crying for u lucky bro help him to walk he has some effect
sanky-u also come i dont want you to stand with her come any of her bad effect fall on you
uttra-i am just coming my dress and some file are with her u go i am coming
while going out sanky my purse i left in her room i will get it raglak we also come and we can help uttra also
uttra-slaps kavita 3-4 times and holds her neck i have warned u before also dont you dare to drug my bro what ever you asked i given you that may be money ,jewellry ,this house company contracts and your so called dream project with roshni empire
kavita-leave me take all this i want sanskar he is my madness he is mine
uttra-i will take all this forget about the contracts and my bro and tomorrow when my watch man come her in morning you should not be here or your any belonging only your belonging you know very well what can i do with you saying this she go

all are sitting in car lucky is driving ragini is sitting next at back seat rishab swra uttra and sanky their is pin drop silence after an hour thet reached air port
sanky-swara beta we are going to mumbai sweetu we will buy many toys for you and your bro
swara smiles same words lucky to rishab
rishab-made face to lucky and turn his face holding ragini he sleeps
all laugh
uttra-look bhai he also know your choice
lucky-whats problem in my choice look at your bhabi
uttra-she was not your choice she was dads choice
lucky-only one thing hittler done right to me giving rags to me
dp-lets go now
lucky-who has stopped
uttra-lets go
they reached mumbai they booked hotel rooms
in uttra room

uttra-letsd check the phone how many calls msgs are there of rv ….what only one msg of happy journey how could he and calls him but his phone is unreachable
at that tym raglak and sanky enter her room and lock it
uttra-what happen why you three are looking me like this
sanky slaps her
rags-we heard everything in kavita’s house sorry your house
lucky-how you threaten her
uttra-i know that you three have heard every thing
sanky-why you did this ha you given all your savings and investments for my happiness why uttra
uttra-because you are my bro and i can do anything for my family
lucky-our small uttra has became big
and four of them huge each other and then group hug
at that tym a waiter noak the door and uttra allow him to enter
waiter-mam your meeting is fixed mr vagera is calling you

uttra-okay bro i have to go know you also have meeting na
rags-its tomorrow u carry on
in confrence
uttra-sir we have to discuss on new project na
chair turn and uttra shock because it is rv
rv–no your boss want kiss
uttra-my bf will kill you
rv-i will fire you
uttra-as you wish i will join new company where dashing boys wher there
rv-you i will not leave you today
they spent quality time

recap-sumi spot janki in market

Credit to: nidhi

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  2. Its great episode….

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  4. This story is getting very interesting..just one question…is swara alive or dead? A bit confused about it..

  5. priya tripathi

    Nice episode i think swara is alive n she will meet in mumbai

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