luv the way hell to heaven (Episode 2)


love the way hell to heaven
hi friends have little patience you will no everything
recap-sanky is in critical condition
lucky -open the door
ward boy-door is jam
lucky-do some thing
wardboy -with many effort he opens the door
lucky enter the room and see sanskar and then close the window and go out
ap-why this is happening to my child
rags-he has to come back mumma
sujata-nothing happen to him i have only one problem
lucky;what maa

sujata-after sanskar gain conciousness he will ask about swara how we will answer will we tell him her swara is gone forever
ap-today morning how happy he was today he was going to marry her
lucky-he was the one who dressed up early as groom before everyone wake up
rags-agar bhai ka bus chalta toh subha hi shaadi krlete
kavya-aur shyam thek papa bhi bnjte
sumi-shut up kavya my swara was also so excited i had made her ready with my hand for me she was my daughter like ragini but i had not given her birth
ap-she is your daughter as ragini is my daughter .have you informed swara’s parents
lucky-we dont know about her parents she never said about them
someone enter hospital premises wearing black overcoat covered the face walking toward wards a wardboy stops the person
ward boy-who are you ? where are you going?visiters hour is over
the person see wardboy at that tym the person eye turn black to red and the ward boy stand as he is hipnotised
person-where is sanskar maheshwari ward
ward boy-go straight room no.7

person-okay move
as the person moving all are becaming statue while crossing the person see all member of gadodiya and maheshwari person enter sanky ward and walk toward sanky. sankar ki muthi bandh thi,the person open it and see mangalsutre
person-know it has no use sanky what has you done to yourself sanky i told you some stories are not started to complete & sit next to sanky
person-sanky you have a bright future all your luv ones are waiting for you you have to live for them for our incomplete luv
yes the person is non other than swara
swara- we cant be one sanskar when you open your eyes tomorrow new ray of light comes to your life were their is all the happiness your dear ones except your swara i have to go away from you for your safety but my luv is always with you to protect you by saying this she placed her hand in his chest above his heart and closed her eye for some time aftersome time she opened her eye and kised his forhead and lay down beside him
swara-for this night i am with you sanskar u have to keep yourself safe and always be happy
in morning all were normal and doctor enter the room and check sanskar and call everyone
doctor-its a meracle his heart started its functioning properly he was fine
all of them thanx to god and sanskar open his eye
ap-how are son
saskar-i am fine maa

rags-you have killed us you know we are in tension
sanskar-sweetu u should not you know na your pregent
after an hour sanky was playing with childrens of hospital(patients)as he is happiest person
ap-my child is hiding his pain he should cry and revel out his pain so can he move on his life
they move toward sanskar
sujata-i know son you are keeping your pain inside of loosing your swara
rags-please bro not act
lucky-we now what was swara for you
sanskar-hold on guys what are you saying who was swara and why should i worry hold on who was she to me by saying this he hold his head and fall unconciousness
they call doctor and all stand outside confused
doctor-he was suffering from amnisia
doctor-yes he only forget swara take care of him

dp-its good god has shown this way we will never talk about her for the betterment of sanky
swara was hiding behind the pillar and listen everything she has tears in her eyes without anyone notice she goes from there
at same night
swara enter into temple of goddess durga that temple looks like khunder pillars were broken floor is filled with dry leaf bats and birds made it as their house
swara-maa i am giving you my sanskar responsiblity you have take care of him and placed the mangalsutre in maa’s feet and she go from there
baba-yeh nahi jnti aus ladke ka pyaar hi tha jo isse aus duniya se wapis lke aya maa teri leela bdi nirali h
baba see swara going
tune sirf aapni yaad mityi h yeh kaynat yeh kudrat jiski wajase tmhri kahani adhuri rehgyi aab yhi tmhri kahani puri karegi
after one year
in mm house
todays is naamkaran puja of ragini kids she has given birth to one girl and one boy
raglak room
ragini was getting ready and she ask lucky about lipstick shade
rags-which color i should apply red orange peach

lucky-obiously i am handling kids from morning and you are doing make up your kids are like you from morning they are irritating me by crying
rags-what i irretate you i will not talk to u
laksh hugs from back and say soory to her
rags-you said kids are like me then get ready we will torcher you
laksh-dont worry jaan i can try for another one and holds her then pari comes
pari-sorry please come down mom is calling tyou both pandit ji will come at any tym
sanky room
ap-beta today kavita is coming you are happy na
sanky-ofcourse mom you know i love her
ap-okay come down she goes

sanky-i dont know mom why my heart is not happy why it always stops me from taing next step
after an hour
pandit ji comes and do puja and say give name the to baby boy
rags-bro its your right place name to him
sanskar – hmmm my prince name should beeee rishab
lucky-wao bhai rishab laksh my princess
rags-yes bro
sanky-my princess name should be swara
all shock and tears in their eyes by hearing the name
sanky-what happen u all dont like the name
lucky-no perfect swara sanskar maheshwari
sanky-bro she is your child na
rags-so what she always remain happy when she was with you she wakes up and sleeps by seeing you
sanky-thank you i love you both
raglak room
rags-i am happy that i am your wife

lucky-you know she was my first luv she was the one made me understand what is relationship what important place you have in my life she made me understand that i luv you not her
rags-she has gifted you and this lovely family
lucky-thier was one more reason behind my act
rags -what
somewhere in temple pandit ji and lucky say together
lucky&pandit ji-jab jab swara ka naam liya jyga auska naam shirf sanskar ke saat hi joda jyga

recap-kavita entry sanskar’s confusion
sanskar goes to mumbai for confrence

Credit to: nidhi

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