luv the way hell to heaven (Episode 1)


love the way hell to heaven

hi friends i am nidhi i am big fan of swaragini specially varun friends if you dont like my story you can say it .lets start the story

story start in a small village of himachal
all the character were same as shown in serial.
In city hospital all the member of maheshwari’s and gadodiya were impatiently waiting outside the operation theater expect swara and sanskar
a lady is shown cursing herself in front of every one another ladd consolving her
lady-ap dont curse yourself its not your mistake
ap-sumi if i didnt allow sankar to go to dehradoon it wont happened
sumi-if you break down then who will support them look ragini,lucky’all needed you nothing will happen to him
ap;yes nothing will happen to him
after sometime doctor came out all gather arround him
lucky-doctor how is he

rags-can we met him
doctor-listen we have tried our best pray to good that he may gain conciousness 24hours otherwise he will go to coma
everyone became socked
ap-can we met him
doctor-yes after shifting him to ward
dp-nothing will happen to him
doctor-have faith in god…….by the way who is swara,he is continueously taking her name
all by listening her name became emotional and tear in their eyes
lucky;she is my friend
rags;lucky not is she was by saying she collapse on the floor and cry vigrously
dp;control yourself ragini

all meet him but he is unconsiuous every passing hour all were tensed worried all tried their best but no use lucky ,ragini;kavya enter sanky ward
lucky-wake up yrr without you this devil may kill me yrr
rag-wake up bro please i will not eat chocolates more bro please
kavya-for your family for all of us wake up
lucky-enough ha wake up how many more hour you sleep more
rags-please bro for my kid you promised you will keep his/her name
lucky-damit please wake up for your swara in sake of your luv
all of a sudden sanskar started breathing heavly lucky call the doctor and doctors started checking his pulse rate etc they came out
shekhar-what happen doctor
doctor-he is very critical an miracal only can save him
all were crying thinking about sanskar
in sanky ward

all of a sudden cool breeze blowing bulb started sparking on and off lucky walk toward sanky ward and hold the door handle but he is unable to open it
lucky-ward boy
ward boy-door is not opening
lucky-do something

somewhere in temple pandit ji is doing puja and he disturb by the cold breeze
pandit ji-maa hawao ne aaj phirse aapna rukh bdla h
man-what you mean
pandit ji-she has came back
man-i am not understanding and he leaves
pandit ji-mai smjh gya maa woh phir lot ayi h aapna adhuri kahani puri krne

recap;a person wearing black overcoat enter into sanky ward

Credit to: nidhi

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  1. Nice part specially pandit dialogue

  2. Nice epi

  3. Woooo…so nyc…keep swasan scenes are more

  4. nyc.. where is swara????

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