Author’s note
I was a silent reader at first then i started commenting but due some problems I Have left use of tu for long time but now I m back this time with an ff . I know i m not a good writer but my friends suggest me to write. So pls bear any further mistakes and sorry in advance for mistakes.
Lets start
Girl -Why u did this to me?
Boy-Because I love u.

Sence 2:
Girl 1 – I saw him flirting with a girl and he was inviting her for dinner at his home to make aunty meet her.
girl 2-This luv suv is just a cramp I knew he was a jerk .
Gri-l no he was not .I got know his truth today he always loved me but I dont know
why is he behaving so much weardly with me.

Sence 3
Boy-I luv so u have to hate me.
Gril -No can die but I can’t live without u .
Yes I’ll do it .
Boy-Where r u now we can be together . I know I troubled u a lot nut u can take revenge after wards also . Pls come out u r scaring me. Pls come out. U but where is she?
Girl -keeping hand on his heart . Here.
Boy – no u r lieing she can’t leave me .she can’t leave me.
Girl -truth is truth she can’t come back.


Actually I have 2 ideas frist a sad ending and another countinuation of this story by a recarnation story.
Pls suggest which one i shuld write.



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  1. Amazing dear….but don’t make sad ending….u should continue it….lots of love to u.

    1. Riru

      Thaks di and i won’t do a sqd ending first i was confused bit now i am sure

  2. Riyarocks

    welcome to tu dear….& abt plot…I would luv to read the one which u feel would be the best….afterall this one’s ur 1st plot…..tum jo bhi likhogi…..we’ll surely luv to read that…..keep writing….luv u…..

    1. Riru

      Thqnks for encouraging me and luv u 2.

  3. Amazing..no sad ending please

    1. Riru

      As u whish

  4. Shabnam

    superb dear continue story loved it post soon love you

    1. Riru

      Thanks i m glad that u loved it

  5. Wow..superb..sanveer ff are very less yaar..plzz every sanveer fans try to write ffs..hope sanveer will unite in serial also

    1. Riru

      Thanks . And i also a sqnveer fan qnd i whish the same.

  6. Amazing one dear plz post soon

    1. Riru

      I will try my best

  7. Hi m a silent reader loved your ff plz continue with recarnation??

  8. Awesome!??yaar . Plz continue with the recarnation and post asaap???

    1. Riru

      Sure dear

  9. Nice intro…..I think last bala interesting hae jada……I like varun kapoor but I am a big kanchi fan

    1. Riru

      Thanks and i am fan of both kanchi and sanveer after completing this ff i ‘ll post an kabchios or ff

  10. Hey please don’t do sad ending but do recarniation yes u should continue its interesting

    1. Riru

      As u whis sweetie

  11. Jessicca

    Superb… Amazing… Outstanding… Brilliant… Plz continue sweetie ? ❤

    1. Riru

      Thanks dear for ur support it means a lot to me

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