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A very big thz to Ishi ,Anu , Riyarocks(priyanka di),Niyaa ,Shabnam ,Pranchi goel ,priyanshipp ,Sayali and divya for ur wonderful words on my perivious post and sorry for not commenting on othr ffs actually I m not able to read them now a days due shortage of time after completing this ff I will take a break from tu for sometime as it is gonna be my preboards and quarterly exams r on door so hv to study for that . Maybe when I will get session break i will reconect with u all or sometimes in between


Recap-Haldi nd an fb

Let’s start

*This outfits of eveyone u can check on my wall due to shortage of time i m not describing them.*

Everyone was waiting in hall for pragya bt she was all alone in room ready bt in deep though when she heard a knock on door.

P-Isha ,why u came I was on my way

I -oh really i can see that Come with me everyone is waiting for u

P-I’ll be there within a fraction of second



ishagya race started to the hall and all guests were shocked to see them like this .

P’s mom- (holding ishagya’s ears )r u both still kids.

Ishgya -If u say then ok .

P’s mom- Really u both will never grow up.

I-U won aunty bt for now lets start the function .

P -Yaar bt on my ri8 hand sanchi wanted to aply mhendi (she started looking at isha with hope)

I-Stop looking at me like that i don’t hv any idea .

P-seriously bt I have u will as we 3 r three bodies 1 soul so mrs isha kabir kapoor now start the function.
Function started with a ppt showing sanchi’s college pics .

Isha applied mhendi on pragya’s hands .

I- So pragya what shall I write S or Satish .

P- Actually write satish + pragya .

Fb is shown

It was pragya’s first carvachauth after she started dating satish .So sanchi was applying mhendi on pragya’s hand she wrote satish + pragya to tease her.

P-Sanchi I won’t leave u

S- First catch .

I-u both started again .Tom and jerry .Are jiju .

P-Satish ji were is he . u both

sanchi nd isha did hifive .

fb ends.

I-Stop troubling her she might be tired of ur emotional atyachar .

Sanchi’s soul appered – Right isha.

saying this she disappeared.

Timeskips to sangeet

Before function pragya was talking on a conference call with veer and satish .

P- Abeo nalayak wedding is tommorow and u r still in delhi.

S-Yes veer pragya ji is right.

V-U guys know na flight has been postponed . But I’ll come there before marriage.

satigya- Pakka


call ends.

The function started with a presentation showing sanchi’s internship pics.

Isha came with pragya to hall from stairs in the middle of hall .

Satish was lost seeing her.

I-Jiju only a day more she will be all urs so stop staring it seems quite unpleasant.

S – wo iiiii ….m not staring .

I- I can see that.

So as sanchi’s whish her dance was first means a vedio was shown of college freshers party in which sanchi was dancing with veer on ishq wala love
Then our bride nd groom satigya danced on raabta,after them ishbir on pallo latke then neshul on jogi ,amakriti on enna sona, suhaan on hue bechain .

The function ended happily .

At ishgya stayed together as pragya was a bit nervous for tommorow the most imp day of her life.

I- so atlast u r going to get married tommorow.

P-Yep bt i m getting a very strong feeling that something unauspicios might happen.

I – ofo pragya be positive.

Saying this they slept .

Nxt day

I-pragya i got veer’s call he will arive during phere .

P-What????? So late.

I – at least he is coming in my marriage he didn’t even came.

P-k . Fine .

House was being decorated .

Veer was on his way all guests arived at the wedding hall. Satish was sitting in mandap waiting for pragya .

Suddenly everyone ‘s eyes went to the stairs from where our beautiful bride was coming with her bestie and close ones.

Marriage rituals started .

I -(to herself )Veer is here till now is he fine?

K-Where r u lost isha?

I – no where.

All the rituals were completed .

P-Isha where is that nalayak .

I-(in mind -I shud not trouble her)
He is on way.

P-k bt when he comes inform me i hv to setle scores with him.

I-k go.

Nxt day

Kabir gets a call and tears start flowing from his eyes .

All- What happened?

K-Vvvvveer is no more.

Everyone starts crying savitri became a statue who wasn’t even crying on her son’s death . Everyone was trying to make her cry bt she wasn’t

Veers last rights were completed after which pragya fainted .

Isha checked her.

S-what happened to pragya ji is she all right.

I-She is all right and my sweets( forwarding her hand)

S- sweets for what ????

I- U r going to become dad.

Kabir noticed isha glum hole day

K- isha what happened to u?

I-by seeing pragya i also want to become mother bt i can’t.

K-hey we can do serogacy .

I -bt from where we’ll get serogate.

Jaya was standing there so she heard everything.

J- I will be ur serogate .



Leap of 9 months

Both isha’s and pragya’s baby was born at same day isha got a baby girl and pragya was blessed with a boy .

They named them after sanchi and veer.

Ishsabir shifted to USA and Satigyaeer were in Mumbai as satish lived there.

Leap of 25years


A girl was shown dressed like isha with a adorable face.

G-Maa I m going collage.

I -Ofo sanchi u forgot ur collage is finished yesterday was ur farewell party dear and today we r going back to delhi.

S-ops sorry maa i luv collage so much.

I-really for name only u r my daughter otherwise ur face ur habits all goes on sanchi.

S-Maa im only sanchi and by the way i saw ur college pic with a girl and me bt i dressed totally different and u were dressed like me.

I- come see they r my besties sanchi and pragya . Before u ask anything more u r named after her and coinsidently ur face also matches with her.


K-Sanchi isha come we need to leave

Sanish- k

At Mumbai
A boy was playing with kids and was scared to see pragya.

B-honestly they started playing with me maa i was going to get papa only from airport.

Sa-Really veer u were going to get me from airport after an hour my flight reached.

He saw the clock V-Guys u do not have any work u all were playing with me from an hour.

P- Pls stop blaming them for name only u r my and satish ji’s son everything goes on that nalayak face ,habits , name everything.

V-Maa who?

P- Veer after whom u r named and coinsidently ur face and habits also matches with him.

Sa-Well get ready we r going to delhi tonight


Sa-Yep infact we r settling there

V-Bt papa what about my internship

P-That in sdch

Nxt day at delhi

Ishsabir and satpraveer reached delhi airport at same time without being aware of each others presence as Ishbir went to USA in hurry while at the same time satigyq also left delhi so thier contacts were cut off.

S- Maa dad u stay here i m bringing lugage .


While veer also went to collect luggage. Sanveer’s luggage gor interchanged due to which tyey came back to luggage counter and exchanged their luggage bt due to crowd they weren’t able to see each other .

Precap-Sanveer’s first meet


Author ‘s note:

I known i hv jst rushed through this chapter and so many leaps bt i need to complete this ff asap as seriously i m facing sever scarcity of time and i don’t want to leave this ff half way .so sorry for all mistakes . Bye tc luv u all.


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