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Recap -bachelor’s party and a fb.

Let’s start

Let me give u all description of what our current leads r wearing.

Pragya- Yellow salwar suit with white dupata and flower jewellery . She did light make up to give a bold look she used bold red lipstick.Her hairs were tied into fish tail.

Isha- Yellow shifon sari with white sleveless turtle neck blouse . She wore diamond jewellery with light makeup and orange lipstick. Her hairs were tied into french bun.

Neelakshi-She wore yellow lehnga with golden blouse. She wore long golden earing and golden bangles . She did bold makeup with somky eyes , chubby checks and red lipstick. Her hairs were left open.

Sanskriti- She wore yellow anarkali with minimum jewellery and light makeup. She made her hairs into a messy bun.

Suchana- She wore an yellow net sari with minimum jewellery and bold makeup . She left her hairs straight open.

Satish-He wore yellow kurta and white punjabi style pajama.

Kabir -He wore golden yellow with white coat and pajama.

Anshul-He wore golden kurta with white broach and pajama.

Aman-He wore yellow quater sleved kuta and golden pajama.

Aahan-He wore white kurta and yellow coat ans pajama.

At boys side

satish seemed a bit sad so kabir approached him.

K- Hi mr groom today is ur haldi and u r sad can I ask why?

S – I wanted veer to apply me haldi at first but it will just remain as a whish which can’t be fulfilled.

K-Well I have a plan but don’t know will tu readers like it or not .

S-Pls tell vaise bhi hamari writer ko kisi baat ka bura nhi lagta bhale hi daant kyun na ho.

K- k then listen I hqve veer’s some old stuffs like his watch nd his pic. So we’ll make a male doll wear that watch and paste his pic on it and then we’ll make that doll apply u haldi first . Simple.

S-I m totally fine with it because this reni won’t let me deny her fav kabir’s whish.

K-Because I m so special .

Function started with a ppt showing sanchi ‘s teenage’s pic and her stuffs .

Then according to kabir’s plan first doll i mean our substitute for veer, then kabir , anshul , aman , aahan and then all the rest people applied haldi to satish .

After this ritual satish’s utri hui haldi was taken for pragya.

At girl’s side

P’mom -Isha apply haldi to pragya first .

P- Maa sanchi wanted to apply me haldi at first.

P’mom -But beta she is no more . How she ( she was cuted by isha)

I- I have an idea ( same plan as of kabir jst instead of male female and veer’s stuff sanchi’s stuff r used. So i won’t repat sorry for that )

P-Best idea

According to isha’s plan first sub sanchi, isha , neelu , Sally , suchana and then other ladies applied haldi to pragya.

In delhi
Veer was standing outside sdch lost somewhere.

Fb is shown

Sanchi was standing with veer outside sdch .

V-sanchi why u want to do internship here when u r getting 100 % free scholarship in USA?

S-Because this hospital is hard work of our parents .

V-k then I promise I won’t let ur fav hospital go down in fact I will make it no 1.

S- Pakka promise.

V-Pakka promise.

Fb ends

A tear drop escapes from veer’s eyes .

V-See sanchi I fullfied my promise today sdch is no 1 hospital of india but u left me alone and broke ur promise.

suddenly sanch’s soul appered infront of veer .

V- Saaaanchi.

S-Veer i didn’t broke my promise i m always there with u in ur heart.

saying this she disappeared .

V – Sanchi don’t go .

Sanchi’s words im always there with u eco in his ears .

Back to ajmer

Satigya were spending some time at terrace together stealthly so that no one see them as after haldi they rn’t allowed to meet.

P- Today i m missing that maharani and nalayak alot as if they both will be back with us as before soon

S -I also have a similar feeling but it’s impossible as sanchi ji is no more and veer is a living dead body after sanchi he has turned into an emotionless workoholic person who doesn’t care for anyone’s emotions or feelings he didn’t even moved on
That day with sanchi we lost our veer also.

P- This is called true luv do u know i hv heard that when two people luv each other selflessly then they r united by whole universe in this birth or the other.

S -i think u r ri8

Precap – mhendi

Author’s note
I known this one is short bt i had lack of ideas and I wanted to keep seperater epis for each function. I will try to write longer nxt time till then bye tc luv u all .


Reni( Riru)

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