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Thz to anu , ishi , riyarocks (priyanka di), jis123,niyaaa, shabnampatel and a special thz to akriti , i m on cloud 9 whenever qny silent reader comments , thz a lot dear and all my silent readers .
This time this episode is dedicated to niyati di and di get well soon.
Guys i really don’t have any idea about ajmer just choose this place as i wanted the wedding to be a bit royal . So I m not gona explain it in detail. Actually I have no idea of the sequence in which marriage functions take place so just keeping sequence like first bachelor’s party then haldi then mhendi then sangeet on mhendi function’s eve . Pls bear all mistakes . And I m including few imaginary characters as per as requirement .
Neelakshi- as pragya’s sis played by mouni roy.
Anshul:Neelakshi’s fiance.Played by arjun bijlani .
Sanskriti- Pragya’s cousin . Played by helly shah.
Aman- Sanskriti’s secret lover played by arjun kapoor.
Suchana-Pragya’s childhood friend .played by shradha kapoor.
Aahan-Suchana’s long termed boy friend.Played by aditya roy kapoor.


Recap- Veer’s secret reviled. His heart transplantation. Leap of 10 years.

Lets start


Satish’s parents owned an ansistral haveli there.

Everyone planned to celebrate all functions of marriage as sanchi wanted and to remember sanchi and play some ppts related to her life Before every function as what she did showed power of true love.

At first everyone dressed as they used to dress 10 years ago.

Pragya in black denims and white t-shirt.

Isha in white one shoulder top and shorts.

Neelakshi in white croptop and black long skirt.

sanskriti in black capree and white turtle neck top.

suchana in white short frock without sholders(actually i forgot the name of this dress) and black shrug.

satish in white t-shirt with blqck jacket and black torn jeans.

kabir in white shirt with black coat and black pants.

anshul in black t-shirt and white denims

aman in white full sleve t-shirt and black torn jeans.

aahan in white sleve less t-shirt and black hood with black jeans

function started with a PPT showing sanchi’s childhood pic and her toys scrap books etc.

Girls stole one dress of each boy .

P-(teary eyed) once sanchi told me that in my bachelor’s party we wud steal boys clothes and do thier acting .I whish she wud be here .

Fb is shown

I-Sanchi in ur wedding each function will go according to my whish.


I- means I will tell in each function what we will do where ur wedding will take place etc . and in mine ur wish .

P-Abeo if she will decide in urs and u will decide in her marriage then who will decide mine and i will decide whose?

S-I have an idea in mine isha in pragya’s me and in isha’s pragya simple .

P- Upper wale ne tumhare andar dimag kut kut kar bhara hai.aur ik yeh hai isha maharani ko sivay apne prince charming ke kuch nahi dikhta.( God has presented u a sharp mind and this isha madam thinks nothing else except her prince charming)

I- u

P-Yes me.

S-u both stop fighting.Or i won’t talk with u.

P- abeo hum toh larte hi isi liye taki tum hume rok sako agar hum larenge hi nhi toh tum rokogi kaise aur rokogi nhi toh tumhara din kaise katega cahlo isi baat pe thora simile kar do.( we fight so that u can stop us if we won’t fight then how will u stop us if u won’t stop us then how will ur day pass . now simile a bit)

S-k now stop buttering me . And back to topic so in ur wedding’s bachelor’s party we will steal bous cloth and do yhier acting bu wearing those clothes theme will be black and white , in ur haldi we will dance a lot theme will be yellow, in mhendi i will apply mhendi on ur left hand and isha on right hand theme will be green , on ur sangeet first dance will be mine and theme will be pink and ur wedding will be having open mandap like lotus flower and theme will be ( before she cud complete isha cuted her)


S-No blue and golden .

I- Why???

S- Because blue is fav color of pragya and golden is fav of satish jiju.( puting effort on jiju to tease pragya )

Fb ends.

I-( in teasing manner )abeo maharani itne subh moke pe yeh aanshu baha kar moke ko asubh kyun bana rahi ho?( by cring why r u making so much auspicious occasion anauspicious ?)

P-abeo chup raho toh kasam se keh rahe hai jayada bologi toh hum tumharamuh tordenge .(u be stay quite if u will speak much then I will break ur face.)

I- this is like our pragya.

N- Guys lets start the function .

At boys side
K- seriously i wonder what girls wud be doing if veer wud be here then he wud surely crack the girls party .

Am(aman)-Then what r we waiting for ? lets crack the party.

S-If pragya ji gets to know she will kill me.

k-Isha won’t talk with me for a month.

aa-and suchana will surely eat me.

An-seriously i find neelu( neelakshi’s pet name)the best she won’t torture me .

Am-even sally ( sanskriti’s pet name ) won’t do anything to me u all r scared of ur wives,gfs, fiance but im not so who is not scared can come with me.

at Girls party area our girl gang with few girls from neighbourhood were celebrateing.

when 5 gitls in salwar suit with thier face covered came in and 5 boys also came in.

So everyone pay attention here now r Queens of the party sally, neelu, suchana, isha and pragya r going to mimic thier love patners aman,anshul,aahan,kabir and satish.

so lets start with sally
Sy-I m aman chowdhry the most handsome stupid even after being of 30 I like to watch barbie. thank u

everyone laughs at her statement while 4 of those five girls stare 1 out of them say really aman sally loves u so much .(so the girls r our boys gang)

now neelu’s turn
N- Hey i m anshul singh i m really good from heart i luv to watch saas bahu serials thz

This time everyone one laughs at anshul.

now suchana’s turn

su-hi i m aahan, aahan dey . i luv to eat others head and i don’t know how to eat with chopsticks.thank u

this time aahan was embarrassed.

now isha’s turn

I- hi i m khadoos kapoor oops kabir kapoor. i luv the place record room so as a punishment i give my interns record room punishment. thnk u

kabir’s face was red due to shyness

now at last our bride pragya’s turn

P- hi i m satish the most sanskari banda of the world he is of 90s but still he is really nice .thz

everyone’s reaction was awww
then voice was heard
v-thz pragya ji ur really very nice hearted i thought u will aldo make my fun like other girls made of their partners but u r different(so it was satish)

everyone uncovered their faces which left the girls to an amusement. But due to satish pragya managed everyone and all celebrated bachelor’s party together.



Author’s note
Pls bear spelling , grammartical errors and most imp my stupid plot.
I think after 6 or more posts this ff will cone to an end so may be i will post alternative days.

Nxt part will contain moreover haldi function and few fbs.

So till then bye , tc and luv u all.


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