Author’s note
A very big thz to alia, divya , ishi , niyaaa , shabnam patel , dhruvi , priyanka di ( riyarocks ) for giving me and my ff so much love and special thz to sonu ( dear silent reader )and all silent readers .
This episode is dedicated to priyanka di ( riyarocks ) as whenever she is there i feel like my own sis there and yes one thing di at least u don’t do any formalities with me . Enough of my bak bak now without wasting any more time let’s head to the story .


Recap- Isha pragya’s fight . sanchi found veer’s diary and his medical reports.

Let’s start


I and sanchi r in same in group for all our assignments of this year.

( sorry for this stupid text actually i don’t have any idea about what boys write in their diary . And even i m not so romantic person and just of 14 so really don’t have any idea about what people write when they r in love . Well that was really stupid. Let’s head back to the story. )

Sanchi started fliping pages and then she heard some footsteps towards her room due she closed dairy and hid it under her pillow .

After a couple of couple of seconds one of her bestie isha came inside the room.

I- I think yaar pragya is right he is a jerk . I saw him flirting with a girl and inviting her for dinner so that she can meet aunty.

S- No he is not . He loves me a lot but something is there due to which he wants me to hate him.

I- what???? Are u serious if yes then what is it that thing?

S- even I don’t know may be something related to that file.

I-What???R u out of ur mind ? How can u be so irresponsible sanchi do u have any idea either that file can destroy 2 lives or it can make it back to normal.

S- Isha i hve decided to open it when i , u and pragya all r there.

After an hr pragya also came back to room and saw her besties moving here and there tensdly.

P- Abeo tum dono itna hyper tension mein kahe ho be sab thik hai na ? kuch bolo bhi kya tha file mein? Aur haan sab se pehle yeh yahan wahan ghoomna band karo tumhe dekh kar humara sar ghoom raha hai.( o hello why r u both in hyper tension is everything fine? At least say something what was there in file ? And first of all stop moving here and there. By seeing u my head is spinning.)

S-Woooo aaaaactualy we woooo we thoght that ( before she could complete she was cuted by pragya )

P- Kasam se keh rahe tum ek aur baar wo kaha na toh hum tumhara muh tor denge . Chup chap kya tha file mein bina yeh wo ke batao. ( i swear if once more u will tell Wo then I will beak ur face .Just tell me what was there in file without any wo)

S- (in one breath ) i thought to open it any ur presence.

P- satyanash tum mein akal naam ki cheez hai bhi ya nahi kisne( do u have brain or not who)( before she could continue she was cuted by isha )
I-we shd stop wasting our time qnd lets see what’s there in file.

Trio opened the file but ishgya cud not understand what was written as it was really complicated and realated to cardiology but sanchi understood as she was topper and cardiology was her fav topic. After seeing file tears made way through her eyes .

Ishgya-sanchi what is written in the file .sanchi spek up.

S- Thats the reason why he wanted me to hate him thats the reason why he wanted us to part away .

P- Stop speaking in riddels and say it clearly.

S- Veeeer is having hole in his heart and he has just a month more in this world ( by this time she was broken very badly nothing comforted her) how cud he think that i leave him i shd have understood that day itself how cud he betray me when he was the one always stood for me whom i loved the most .

Fb is shown
A girl in semi modern atire was shown playing basketball when a boy in blak shorts and sports t shirt came qnd snached the from her( half girlfriend ki yaad aa gayi)

Boy- Sorry sweetheart but ur time is over now veet malhotra will play here .( so the boy is our hero veer.)

Girl- Excuse me mr oversmart malhotra for ur kind information we came here first and i m not sweetheart i m sanchi mishra . So its better if u leave .( and the gorl is sanchi.

V- Really mids golgapa u will never change .

S- as if u will change.

V- don’t u think u shd prpose me.

S- give me at least one good reason to do so .

V- because i m ur bf.

S- who told u that that u r my boyfriend.

V- hey why u always think other way round . Bf means best friend by the way if u wish i can be ur boyfriend.

S- Veer malthotra u r gone.

Fb ends.

P- that’s why he made u hate him .

S-This why that day he did that to me.

Fb is shown

Sanchi is getting ready

P- think once more by prposing him
U r doing bigest mistake of ur life.

S- thought but one correction actually its the best thing of my life i ever did.

I- best of luck.

S- bye tc.

At xyz restaurant( place where sanchi called veer to prpose him)

When veer saw sanchi he signaled his friends .

F1 – hey veer really u can make any girl fall for u when u can make sanchi fall for u.

F2- So only some minutes to go and sanchi will prpose u and then u will win the bet.

Suddenly veer felt a tight slap from sanchi who was heartbroken.

Fb ends

S-That day was the last day i smiled .but now i won’t loose my love again.

P- what r u upto sanchi ?

S- we r going to discuss veer’s case with dr kabir tomorrow.

Next day at sdch

Saisga went to dr kabir’s cabin

K- yes docs how can i help u.

S- sir don’t u think u shd tell us something about this ( by keeping veer’s file on table)

K- how u got this ?

S-in record room( she can’t tell the truth to him that she stole i mean she maade duplicate keys of veer’s room)

ķ-now u all know about this then listen veer is having hole in his heart and his blood group is O- which is a very rare blood group anf in hole inda we have no heart doner with this blood group .

S-My blood group is also O- I want to donate my heart.

Kaishgya-what??? R u out of ur mind.

Ishgya-we won’t let u do this sanchi .
S-I am giving U all my kasam pls don’t stop me and don’t this to veer.

K- think once more sanchi.


A Nurse came in in rush without knocking .

N- sssir dr veer is in icu dr malhotra has called u imediately.

Sence shifted to icu

Dr.M-(teary eyed )kabir we need to perform heart transplant right now but from where we will get a donor.

S-I will give my heart to veer.

Dr.M-R u sure sanchi?

S-yes sir.

Dr.M-Thz a lot sanchi u don’t know what u have doing for me .

S-no sir im doing this all for myself.


S-nothing sir .

After Veer’s heart transplantation.
Veer searched whole hospital for sanchi as no one had courage to tell him about sanchi to him .At last he went to sanchi’s hostel room.

V-sanchi where r u?Now we can live together come out.

He felt someone’s touch at his shoulder

V-U where is sanchi.

Girl truns out to be pragya.

P- (making him keep his hand on his left side of his chest i.e. where heart is situated) Here .

V-Say u r lyeing.Prgya say u r lyeing.

P-i m sorry veer. I can’t stop her.
Veer breaks down.

P-veer compose ur self .

V-If she is not there to be with me then i don’t want to be in this world
Suddenly he got a tight slap from savitri

Sa-Sanchi did so much big sacrifice for u and u want to waste her sacrifice like this she wanted u to live and now u want to die. Just think about her .

V- Maaa how will I live without her.

10 years leap

Veer became a successful dr no more cheerful he has now truned out to be somewhat like kabir. He gives out more than half of his income in charity and the rest in his NGO except a few part as to live his life .His NGO works for orphans , welfare of womens and old peoples .

Kabir is married to isha and isha can’t become mother ( well u will understand soon i have a motive behind it may be something realated to recarnation story.)

Pragya and satish ‘s marriage is going to happen within a month so the gang except veer is there in Ajmer as it is destination wedding .
And veer will come directly on the marriage day.( akir itna busy jo hai)

Precap- veer in hospital satigya wedding.
Author’s note

I thought that from many days i just streching my story too much so I thought to at least clear the secret and sorry for killing sanchi but we’ll meet her soon maybe in nxt or nxt nxt epi .Well hope u guys remember here ROHAN MEHRA IS SATISH not the one seen in original sdch.Honestly pragya desrves a better guy than him to be paired with.It took me a day to write this. specially with sanchi’s dialogues this was the place i got hard time as nothing came to my mind just worte stupid tv serial kind of dialogues Luv maa and all my lovely readers .Have a marvolous day bye and tc.


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