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A very big thz to sanveer, divya , anonymousaa , riyarocks , niyaa , ishi, jis 123 , jessica, alia , moonlight25 for liking my previous episode and also to silent readers.and thaks shubhani and shivani because they r only one who encoraged me to write . We r jeeyenge toh saath , maarenge toh saath , punishment toh saath aur reward toh saath wale friends
and this episode is dedicated to them . HAPPY DIWALI TO WHOLE TU FAMILY.


Recap- Sanchi found Veer’s name on
critical case file . Veer’s prank on code
black. Sanchi was miffed with veer.

Let’s start

At canteen
Sanchi was thinking something very

P-Abeo maharani itni gehrai se kya soch rahi ho ? ( what r u thinking so deeply?)

S-( in mind i shud not bother ishgya ) woo
nothing .

P- abeo jyada bhaw maat khao chup chap hume batao tumhe kya pareshan kar raha hai . Hum us pareshani ka muh tordenge afterall hum pragya yadav hai .( o hello don’t show so much attitude . Tell us what is bothering u . I’ll break that trouble’s face. After all i m pragya yadav .)

I- yaa she is pragya yadav who only comes to hospital for fighting.

P- u makeup ki dukaan just shut up.

I- what u told me?

P- really u r a defective piece from tip to toe u even can’t listen properly.

I- u .

P- yes me.

S- stop it guys

P- ok fine but tell us what is bothering u so much.

I-Yes sanchi at least tell us may be we can help u.

S-Wo actually I saw veer’s name on critical case file.

P- what ?

I- where’s that file

S- i kept it on record room table but when I again came back to record room file was missing .

I-Why u went out?

S- Actually when i saw that file then suddenly i got code black and then i rushed to disaster management ward by leaving the file on table but later i got to know that veer played a prank on me.

P-Something is fishy. Correct me if i m wrong from that day he used to ignore sanchi and now suddenly he played a prank on her .

I- yep i think pragya is ri8.

S- Yes

I- I think we should check veer’s room when he isn’t there . But how ?

P- don’t worry when pragya is here.
I’ll manage the keys.

S -don’t tell me u r gona steal it.

P- no not at all I and stealing never . I m gona make a duplicate key of his room by taking impression on soap.

S- Its not fair.

P-Everything is fair in love and war sweetie and here both r there love from ur side and war from my side.

Next day at sdch

Veer was checking his patients . While isha made him busy in talkimg wnd pragya took impression of keys .

Pragya made duplicate keys and gave them to sanchi as she was going on a date with satish ( here satish’s role will be played by rohan mehra aka sameer of sasural simar ka and old naksh of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai . ) and isha went to her grooming clases.

Sanchi went alone there she found her pictures all around , veer’s personal dairy at last she found that report but she didn’t had courage to see it alone but she decided to read veer’s dairy alone .

She started reading .

Pg 1
Hey i m veer malthora .

Pg 2
My first day in college .
I met sanchi i saw her forgot whole world may be love at first sight.
She’s intelligent , kind , beautiful, smart , polite , helpful , friendly, reliable and hard working.
How can a person have so many qualities . Oh god this girl is controling my mind.

Precap – continuation of dairy.

Authors note
Sorry for all mistakes and late updates.
Have a marvolous day all of u bye tc.
Reni ( Riru)

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