Author’s note:
First of all I would a very big thz to Niyati, Priyanka (riyarocks), madhu, shabnam patel,jis 123 and ishi for comenting on intro. It was really a thing which motivated me write.

Let’s start

A girl is shown writing something in her diary with tears rolling from her eyes.
Suddenly 2 more girls enters the room and she hides her diary.
Girl1- Abeo maharani u r crying again jst stop crying. Whatever happened that was ur past nd this is ur present . Why r u letting ur past affect ur future I don’t think we’ll meet him again.

Girl 2- Yes sanchi pragya is right u shd not let ur past affect ur future.
( so the girl is sanchi girl 1 is pragya and girl 2 obviously isha. )

Sanchi(s)-I’ll try my best to forget him and u both be ready or else we’ll be late on the first day at sdch.


After a while trio was in front of sdch but only ishagya went in as sanchi was talking with jaya on call.
After finishing the call she was coming inside lost in thought due which she collided with a boy.

S-Can’t u (she stoped after seeing his face )
Veer u here .

Veer (V)- sanchi u.( he was teary eyed)

Sanchi’s P.O.V
Why veer why r u making my life worse by coming in front of me. Whenever I see u I remember all those moments spend with u also how u cheated me . Why u played with my emotions ? Its pains a lot.
End of P.O.V

Because I luv u.
End of P.O.V

Both of them went to opposite directions teary eyed.


Author’s note
Sorry for mistakes and all sorts of crap
I hace done in this episode.


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  1. Riru

    Sorry I forgot to take anu and shahana’s name in my thank list . So soooooo sorry

  2. Riru….it was mindblowing…but a request…plz write long update as it was too short…otherwise just loved it

    1. Riru

      Sure dear actually this time I really had no time but next time I’ll make it longer

  3. Riyarocks

    Riru…. sweety this was really good…..even if I’m kanchi fan, but I enjoyed reading ur update…..keep up the good work…..plz update the nxt episode asap………luv u a lot…..

    1. Riru

      Thanks a lot for ur luv . I never thought I’d be so lucky to know sweet persons like u . Luv u 2

    2. Riru

      Thanks a lot for ur luv . I never thought I’d be so lucky to know sweet persons lik u . Luv u 2

  4. Shabnam

    awwwww sanveer meet intersting story sanveer past can’t wait loved it

    1. Riru

      Thanks a lot dear .

  5. Can’t wait to see what happened in past… Good episode ?
    A request plz write a little long episode…

    1. Riru

      Thanks a lot dear and past would be reviled soon . And I’ll surely make episodes longer .

  6. Anonymousaa

    It was nice epi seems full of mystery.Can’t wait to know what had happened in past.
    Plz post a looooooong next epi asap.

    1. Riru

      It will be revealed soon. And I’ll post next epi ASAP and longer

  7. Hey my sweet friend…..u rocked again….but make it lil bit long plzz dealer,..hope u don’t mind…..I love ur ft though I am kanchi fan….eagerly waiting for past…..do update soon…..luv u a lot dear.

    1. Riru

      Sure I’ll make epi longer and I’ll post ASAP
      And thaks a lot for ur luv.

  8. Moonlight25

    Really good sweetie…post ASAP…love you loads ❤❤

    1. Riru

      Thanks a lot dear

  9. I really loved it dear..superb..but one request plz try to write a long one..plzzz

    1. Riru

      Thanks a lot dear and I’ll surely make epi longer

  10. Aadhira

    hey it was nice.make it longer waiting for what happened in the past.

    1. Riru

      Thanks and I will make it longer.

  11. Negisanyukta

    It is damn nice.I hope this ff will be one of my favourite ff as i m a fan of Kaanchi nd Sanveer too.?????
    Keep writing dear.

  12. Jessicca

    Riru… It was superbbb .. amazing… Fantastic… Eagerly waiting to read further.. Key going .. Love uh..❤

  13. Riru

    Thanks a lot dear and I m glad to know u liked it and to meet another both kanchi and sanveer fan like me

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