Luv u….a Twinj os

Luv u….a Twinj os

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Luv u….a twinj os.
This story starts when they were 15 yrs old.
Kunj was the head boy of his school.
Twinkle was the yellow house major of the school.
They were good friends too as kunj was also in the same house(yellow)….so both had 2 many a times work together.
They had their group of six people.

They were twinkle, kunj, mahi, uvi, sona and dev.all were like bff.
Twinkle had crush on kunj but she always resisted herself bcoz she thought he liked sona.
Kunj always felt a connection with twinkle but he couldn’t understand it.
Top of that they lived in the same colony .
Twinkle didn’t knew but kunj always use 2 observe was their ritual to meet here and there in the colony. Their school ended….days past and slowly their meetings reduced.their old group was no longer the same….everyone had their studies, their work.
Twinj always felt something incomplete but couldn’t figure it out.
On the other hand kunj though busy kept on with his ritual of observing twinkle. It was like everyday he had 2 get a glimpse of her…otherwise the day would stop 4 him.
Twinkle was in contact only with mahi…she was her bestie. She always felt that she should meet him atleast once…but never had the guts to actually confront him again.
It was like both knew it but waited 4 the other 2 express
Like this years passed.

Now they were 21 yrs old and not mere school goers.
Kunj and uvi were besties till now
Atlast kunj decided to talk about this 2 uvi…now he too had realised his feelings 4 her.
Uvi and mahi were a couple from school days…and now 2…they were serious about each other…all knew that twinkle and mahi were besties….so uvi asked mahi about these things and he got 2 know all the misunderstandings and twinkle’s feelings 4 kunj.
Without wasting a single minute he told kunj everything. Kunj was very happy….on cloud nine.
Now mahiraj and kunj made a plan and also asked sona 4 help.yes she was not atall interested in kunj.she and dev were a couple already.
She readily said yes.

They planned 2 visit the garden and there mahi will bring twinkle and kunj will be present there with sona to make her jealous so that she confesess.

The day.
Twinkle wasn’t ready but atlast accepted 2 come on walk with mahi.
They reached the garden. Twinkle was walking with phone in her hand when she collided with sumone.
Yes u all r right …its kunj
She closes her eyes in fear but 2 strong arms caught before she touched the ground.
She opened her eyes and OMG it was kunj
She got up immediately and shouted
kunj-ha mai.
Tw-hello kunj.yaha kaise?
Ku-matlab park hai koi bhi aaye.
Tw-ha ha thikhe….itne saal hogaye par tum abhi bhi sadu hi ho
Ku-ha me sadu to tu bhi siyaapa queen hi hai.
Just as per plan enters sona.
Sona-hello twinkle. Nice 2 see u after such a long time. Kunj I m going meet u later actually mom called so have 2 go early dear see u 2morro.
Twinkle was very sad hearing their convo.but she remained calm.
Mahi-hey twinkle I m soo sorry but uvi called so I have 2 leave…hope u don’t mind bcoz he will not get time afterwards so I have 2 leave. Dear see u soon by.
Saying so she left.
Tw-ab mai yaha kya karu.i will also leave.
Ku-rukh siyaapa queen….I m not u r frnd what?
Itne saalo bad mile…hai…thodi baat to karle….vaise bhi sona bhi nahi hai to hum round mar sakte hai.
Tw-tum apni sona se baat karo.mujhe bhul gaye the na to bhul hi jayo.
Ku-stop it yaar….tum kyu affect ho rahi ho?
Twinkle’s anger was on peak

Ku-bcoz what?
Ku-sona is my frnd nothing else and she can’t be also bcoz she is engaged to dev.she treats me like bro.
Tw-okay. Anyhow I asked what?
Ku-u know what tumhari problem hai ki tu bohot darti hai and so u don’t own up anything.
He knew usne sherni ko lalkara tha but only this option was left.
Tw-mister I m not it.i own up everything, darti nahi hu mai!
Ku-really to apne feelings ko kyu nahi own up kiya ha?
Tw-what feelings? Ha? Go now ….u r sona, mona or whoever would be waiting for u.
Ku-no one will wait 4 me bcoz jo mera wait kar ti hai vo mere samne hai.
Ku-got her by her chin and made her face him.
And said….kitna bhaage gi ha…khud se aur mujh se?
I know u luv me.
Doubt tha to clear karti na.
Pyaar jeeta jata hai.
Twinkle I luv u.will u be my soulmate? Will u marry me.
Tw-had tears in her was like a dream come true.yes her prince charming, her first and last crush was himself proposing her.
Tw-r u serious kunj?
And how do u know that I luv u?
Ku-wanna listen then hear….mai jitne saalo se tujhe jaanta hu utne saalo se sirf tu rahi hai mere liye….first mujhe khud nahi pata tha par jab samjha tab tak hum bahut dur hogaye the lekin kehte hai na jab do sache pyaar karne wale bichadte hai aur mil ne ki koshish karte hai to puri kayanat unhe milane mai jut jati hai.mujhe tumhare bare mai sab pata hai.tum kab kya karti ho sab.tujhe lagata tha ki I don’t notice u but u r wrong jabse Dekne laga sirf tu dikhi.plz twinkle plz accept it mujhe pata hai u luv me mahiraj told me.

Twinkle was sooo happy that she just hugged him with a bone crushing hug.she wispered….proposal accepted mr.sadu sarna.i luv u.i never confronted u bcoz I thought u liked sona so I didn’t wanted to come between u and her and b the reason of ur unhappiness. But I m sorry I didn’t knew this.
Ku-jhalli pakka to kar leti avayi apne pyaar ko dedi….ab vapas mat karna.
Tw-kabhi nahi.i luv u kunj.
At that moment mahiraj and sona came and started clapping….
Twinj realized they were still hugging.they quickly composed themselves….and said a big thank u.
Mahiraj, sona-are yaar dosti mai no thank u no sorry….ab humara fab 6 complete hogaya vapas. Hum sab vapas milenge jarur.
Twinj-of course. Vo din bhi kya the hum kitni masti kar te sab saalo ki kasar bhar nikaal lenge.
Tw-sona dev kaha hai?
Sona-actually dev ki kuch exams thi so vo kal aa jayega.
Tw-very good.kal phir sab yaha milenge….now lets go. It is already late.
Mahirajand sona-hum saath jaa rahe hai , u both go together
Twinj while walking….
Kunj was catching her hand tightly.
Tw too had clutched his arms tightly….

While walking….
Tw-kunj kya humare ghar wale ye rishta manjoor karenge.usha aunty doesn’t like me?
Aur mai papa ko kya bolu…vo mera sunte tak nahi….
Ku-siyaapa queen tu kitna bolti hai yaar.
Listen v r soul mates , hum kabhi nahi alag honge.aur ye duniya kya ham maut se bhi lad sakte hai bcoz hum akele nahi hai hum….TWINJ HAI…parents ko hum mana lenge….humare pyaar mai bahut takat hai jo hame milayi aur hame ladne ki takat degi…don’t worry
Tw-thank u kunj 4 everything….tumne mujhe duniya ki sabse badi khushi di…
And with each other’s hand in hand and twinkle head resting on kunj’s shoulder they headed 2wards their home.

They knew it would be difficult but ek dusre ke saath se vo duniya kya puri kayanat se lad sakte hai.

Yes guys they prove love is not wanting ,its giving….its strength….its a feeling of contenment and happiness, it’s a selfless , pure feeling. Sooner or later u get u r love but u need to have the guts to admit.
So frnds be loving and luv others.luv is the universal language …so v have to learn it.
Luv u frnds.

Thanks 4 reading.
Plzzz a request drop u r precious comments….silent readers too
Its my first os and I need u r motivation.

Tomatoes r welcumed.

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