I luv u shona….


Hey guys this is my first one shot i got the idea while reading a story hope u like it

A boy named sanskaar who was 16 years was playing in the park when suddenly he saw a photo and picked it up

It was a photo of a 16 year old girl who was really pretty

Sanskaar felt she was the most beautiful girl and he had love in first sight

Hoping for details he turned the photo the only this written was shona

From that day he started loving shona

Even though he was too young ( love has no age)

Days passed but he never forgot shona everyday he used to talk to her sharing all the things which happened in his life

Years passed

Now he was 23 smart handsome buisness man who loved his work still he loves shona and searched for her every place he went

He was a capable man who loved his family

One day

He dashed a girl who was already angry as she was late for her interview so she started shouting at sanky

Sanky got frustrated as no one including his mom shouted at him this bad

Both started arguing and made a huge tamasha in the market

She saw the watch and told sanky baad mein dekhloongi and runs away

Sanky’s mood was spoilt that whole day he was cursing that girl with his words he even shared this with shona

No one knew about shona even his parents

One day his mom came and talked about his marraige she said she wanted a bahu and she got two three matches perfect for u

Sanky loved his mom soo much that without arguing he said yes his mom was happy and left the room sanky started crying

He laid in bed staring at shona’s pic he was weeping miserably and even talked to shona…..

After few days sanky with his family went to see the three matches as per his mom the first two didnt go well sanky was relived and hoped the third also didnt go well

They went to the third house sanky was not at all intrested so he was on his phone the girl entered the girl too seemed not so happy for this marriage the mother loved the girl that she started praising her

Sanky was shocked and saw her

He was even shocked to see the girl who he dashed that day who was swara

Swara wanted to talk to him in private so they went to the backyard they started arguing again

But they couldnt help but get married

They got married after a month everyone were happy except swasan

They argued like before swara cried most of the time

They were not at all happy with their marriage

One day swara wanted to talk to sanky about this so she went he was talking with shona and didnt want to get disturbed so he shouthed at her to go away

Swara was curious whom he was talking to

Next day she went and saw the photo and started weeping

Sanky came in and saw shona’s pic in his hand and was angry by now he snatched the photo and started saying about the love about shona he has

Swara weeped more

Sanky asked whats wrong in an angry mode

Swara: that was my pic which i lost at the age of 16……

Sanky was shocked and hugged swara tightly swara thought sanky is the one

From that day they lived happily……

Hope u guys liked it 🙂

I didnt copy the story just liked the idea so wrote 🙂

Credit to: Pravalika

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  1. awesome.. loved it 🙂

    1. Thank u 🙂

    1. 🙂 thanks

  2. priya tripathi

    Hi i think u don’t me i like read OS n ya this is Awesome BTW i m priya

    1. Hi and thank u

  3. nice …..I have read a similar story on Instagram…

    1. Well….ya i got the idea from an other story and thank u

    1. Thanks yaar 🙂

  4. Nice loved it…u have good skill of writing…I like ur os..I have never read this type of story sooo thank u …if u write little more at the end…it will be perfect dr…in my pov at the end u have rushed to finish it..and I’m feeling like end is not complet or something like that….if u r hurt by my words..I’m sorry…keep writing…next time don’t be hurry to end the story…god bless u…hope to see u with another os…

    1. Aww thanks and really sorry i was a bit lazy glad everyone liked it thanks for the suggestion

  5. Awesome yaar….contuine the syory yaar

    1. I am sorry it is an os maybe u didnt see that

    1. 🙂 thanks a lot

  6. Aww .. That was such a nice story Pravalika.. Loved ur OS .. 16 year old boy falling in live .. N talking to pictures.. That’s too cute to resist.. N finally forever.. <3 amazing plot dear.. God bless you.. Do write more..!! 🙂

    1. 🙂 thanks a lot everyone liked it so i will surely write more

  7. First of all I love the name Shona
    It reminds me of the song Hey Shona and I am super happy you used it.
    Also your amazing and this was really impressive!!!!
    I loved this One shot a lot aha.
    Anyways I am writing a ff called Destiny vs love, I hope you can comment your ideas too
    I hope you come back with a new one shot or a ff~Nusz

    1. Thanks a lot and sure i will comment and will soon be back with an other os

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