I luv him!!! swaragini (episode 3)


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“cause we were both young when i first saw you….”

all the while singing i was just looking at sanskar
oh! the way he smiled ,the way he played guitar, everything made me fall for him again and again. i was trying a lot to control myself..

when the song was over we appreciates each other and talked for sometime.i came to know that laksh was sanskars bestfriend and that they are cousins too.

just then i saw anaya and raginii standing by the door and smiling. oh! so thats why anaya made me join music club.
i smiled and introduced them to sanskar and laksh nd after chatting for some time we went back.
i went to room nd was jumpig with happiness. both anaya and ragini looked at me and smiled. i ran to them and hugged both of them and thanked..just then anaya said “ no sorry and nothanks in friendship. forgot that?“
how can i forgt? that was sanskars dialog. he always used to sy that to his friends. i smiled unknowingly which was ofcousre noticed by my friends and they started teasing me..
time passed away nd though i could not talk to sanskar always we did talk once in a while.it was end of 9th standard for me. i miss sankars soo much.there was no reason for us to meet and so i couldnt be with him 🙁

it was valentines day, though i got many gifts i was not happy.i wanted sanskars gift . i was hoping each and every day that sanskar will have the same feelings for me as i have for him.nd soon he would says those three magical words to me….
i was in my thoughts when ragini came and called me. without any interest i asked her wat the matter was nd she pointed to someone coming. oh god! i was soo happy and yes! he was holding a rose. i ran up to him and stood smiling.he gave me the rose nd i happily took it but his next word s took all my happiness away…
“ its from a friend of mine” he smiled nd went away.
i was really brokendown. my expectations were soo high that when he said those i just couldnt believe.i was still in that schock when laksh came smiling nd he proposed me.
i was shellshocked but after a small talk(it is a muted conversation) i agreed to be his girlfriend.

since sanskar and laksh go everywhere together , to be with laksh means to be with my sanskar…………..

so how was todays update? if u all are bored pls do tell i will stop this as soon as possible.
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Credit to: arohi

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  1. its seems like a little thing cld lvu.. i m silent redr nd truth iz i dnt like your ff becoz u only used lucky as a side role .. U ask dts y i say.. I dnt hv ny intnsn to hurt u

    1. no i m not hurt nd thanks for sharing ur view.yea i have taken some scenes from that movie
      nd abt lucky i m sorry that u will not see more of himin swaras pov.
      but soon swaras pov will be over nd laksh will have a good role
      i m sorry but mainly this is swasan ff

    2. hey are u saying that u dont like this ff because laksh has a side role?????
      arey this is a swasan ff so swasan will have main roles ryt?
      nd that was not a good reason for not liking this ff.

    3. its not good to say that u dont lik a story just becauseur fav is not in main role

    1. thanks dear 🙂

  2. nice….

    1. tqqq….

  3. Crazy little thing called first love.

    1. yea one scene frm that
      i love that moviee a lotttt

  4. nice dear….
    so will it be same as crazy little thing called love?

    1. nope
      just a few scenes from that

  5. nice nd since i havent seen that movie i would love to read ur ff. keep writing dr

    1. thanks anii 🙂

  6. awesome yaar

    1. thankss

  7. hey is this crazy little thing called love????

    1. no dear the story is different
      just taking a few scenes nd dialogues

  8. i m a silent reader nd i luv your ff a lot
    pls do continue, i guess it will be different from the movie

    1. thanks gopi nd yea it will be different from the movie

  9. cool! cntinue

    1. thanks dr

  10. Nyc…
    Hey arohi u r same arohi naa who gives us the update of True love never dies on the behalf of neha

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