Luv story of SANGINI which will be ‘ALWAYS & FOREVER’-OS

A big company is shown which is named as MAHESHWARI COMPANY.A benz car comes and stops infront of ithe company.A handsome boy wearing black suit and glasses comes out of the car.he enters inside the company.all the employees stand when he come and greet him.he enters a cabin which is named as chairman.on the table a name plate is written as SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI. yes the boy is sanskaar,chairman of maheshwari companies.
An employee enters the cabin
employee:sir,can u plz give me an leave tommorrow
sanskar:leave..but y?
employee: sir.actually….tommorrow is my wife’s bday, so…………..
sanskaar:bday….u can wish her at 12 and can cum to offce at morning.
employee:but hw can i sir?i want to spend sumtym with my wife tommorrow
sanskaar:then u can resign ur job and can spend ur whole life with her
employee(shocked):sir no sir,i will…cum to compny tommorrow sir, i dont need any leave
sanskaar:yaa dats better,now u can leave
SANSKAAR-A rude and arrogant bussinessman.doesn’t believe in god.always angry.but people like him for some reason
One day when sanskaar was in car,a beggar comes and beg him for money
beggar;sir plz give me 10rs . i have not eaten anything frm 3 days.i fell like i’m gonna die.plzz sir
sanskaar:then go n die.y shud i care about u?
saying this sanky leave from there,
beggar:u r such a kindless fellow.god is seeing u.he will surely punish the persons lyk u.
suddenly a person comes and shouts’shut up’
beggar: papa the person who shouted is beggar’s dad
papa:hw dare u to scold hm?do u know who is he
beggar:yaa,the grt sanskaar maheshwari,chairman of maheshwari companies
papa ; u know him just lyk dat, but do u know he is also the owner of SANGINI oundations
beggar (shocked) ; what??
3-5 persons who r passing by listens sangini name and joins them
beggar: i heard that sangini owner is very kind hearted but he is rude.
a person:yaa now he is rude but once he was a person who was rich frm heart
2 persn; his LUV made him to change like this.
many people who r passing from der stops and joins them in their conversation
papa : this total kolkata know about his love story ‘sangini; luvstory
person: ‘sanskaar aur ragini ki luv story’
by saying this they started telling their luvstory

sanskaar maheshwari was a kind hearted person.he helps every person he is not pamered fom childhood.his paents live in foreign and they kept an aaya for sanky
sanskaar always wished for love & affection.sanky first loved a girl but later he realized that she cheate him. at that time a girl joined his company as his PA,her name is ragini.she
was also a kind hearted person.ragini used to do her works with determination.she used to do her works sincerely and at crct tym.sanskaar was very much impressed by her work.
slowly he started to fall for day he decided to propose her.he was confident that first tym he did a mistake by luving a wrong girl,but his second luv is he proposed her.fagini too accepted him.they both used to be together always.slowly..slowly….thrir luv became strong.sanskaar luved her more than his life.

one day
ragini: sanskaar,can i ask u something?
sanskaar: yaa,ofcourse.
ragini : u know what,i saw many people suffering around me..for education…for medicalp help…etc. so i wanted u to start orphanages,hospitals with free medical help,schools with no feez and…and etc
sanskaar(smiling) ofcourse y not.but what shud v name those foundations.
ragin ; SANGINI-sanskaar aur ragini.
sanskaar feels hpy for her kind heart. he started sangini foundations.all the people of kolkata felt vry hpy for this.many poor people started to believe sanky n rags as their deity.
sanskaar n ragini bcame vry day decided to marry in a temple in presence of thier close relatives.
sanskaar was feeling vry finally he is going to achieve the love of hi life.the one whom he love more than anything in this world.
all present in temple but still ragini’s family hasn’t arrived.the tym for marriage was near,but still she didn’t came.after sumtym a boy came and gave a letter to sanskaar which was written by ragini.sanskaar read dat letter and was shocked.all his happiness had broken.his second luv also cheated him.ragini left to foreign as she doesn’t want to marry.she got a job ,so she wanted to achieve her goal.sanskaar was shattered by reading that letter.once again he was cheated.his wish for luv has broken.with anger he closed sangini foundations. he bcame rude from dat day.

all the people became sad.the beggar felt sad for what he said to sanskaar.
ragini :if dat ragini didnt cheat him den sangini wud be der.
all of dem nods and leaves frm der.
Time has day some people camt to sanskaar and made a deal with him.they wanted to break all the sangini buildings and cnstruct some malls in dat place.sanky also accepted dat. people in kolkata were shocked by this news.they all have a hope dat 1 day sanskaar will re-start sangini but no…………..most of the kolkata people came nd stood infront of maheshwari company.sanskaar came out and was shocked to see them.with anger he was about to sign those deal papers but suddenly a girl frm crowd shouts’ NOOO ‘
sanskaar was shocked to see her. she is swara-ragini’sister
swara:no u shud not sign those papers.u shud once again start sangini.many people will be profitable by this.
sanskaar: i will….i dnt want any of the ragini’s memory to be with me.i dont want those foundations wich were started by that cheap girl
swara:shut up!!hw dare u to call my sister as cheap. hw can u call a DEAD person as cheap
sanskaar and all the kolkata people were shokced by listening this.
sanskaar: dead……ragini was dead….
swara(crying) :yaa my sister has died on the day of ur marriage.when she was crossing a road,a lorry came nd hit her.
sanskaar was totally shattered by listening this.he was unable to believe his ears.his luv has died
swara:but she dont want u to know that she was dead so she made us to write dat wrong letter.she know dat if u cum across her dead news,then u will collapse.u will be unable to live.but today i cant stop myself because she also wished that sangini shud always remain forever.
sanskaar has break down and started crying vigorously.he shouted RAGINIII
swara:see this video,listen to the last words of my ragini
in video ragini on hospital bed was shown
ragini: my last wish before death was i want sangini foundations to be continued.i also want my sanskaar to be cheerful and help others.i am not dead sanskaar,i know i will always live in ur happiness lie in ur smile.i will be always beside u .swara,tell my sanskaar to not to cry,as i will cry by seeing him crying and swara ,u too plzz dont cry naa cr of mum n dad.

all the people started crying by seeing that video.
sanskaar stopped crying and took those deal papers and tore it.all the people bcame hpy by seeing this.suddenly sum persun frm crowd said
person: i know….i know dat SANGINI luv story wi be like ALWAYS& FOREVER.their love story will remain eternan ever kolkata will never forget their love
all the people clapped by listening his words. sanskar also has a proud smile on his face,

From dat day sanskaar bcame old sanky who always helps other.he always has a smile on his face bcoz he know his ragini will be always with him.

***************************************************************THE END**********************************************************************************************

so hw is my OS guyss.plzz say ur opinion in ur comments.plzz comment guys as they will give strength to me.

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  1. Gr8 nithya….i dnt kno if I shd call u di or not….but plzz can u write a swasan os….it’s my humble request….btw….i luvd ur writing skills!!

    1. tanq sooo much laddoo dear.yaa i will try to write a swasan os.

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  3. Its awesome.nithya loved each word of your os

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    plz do write more on ragsan aka sangini

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