Luv never dies n so does ishqbaazi (os)

it has been a while since i wrote something..had been quite busy n totally unwell since a longtime.n i cud have updated my ff bt i felt i spoiled it in last parttt…this time thought that it is 100th episode n fro me it was not as special as i expected..n moreover shivika’s story is going to be sidelined for a while…..n i will feel bad since i m biased, back from the first day i started to watch ib i have felt luv for them..

here is an os(one shot) just to celebrate 100 episodes from my side n to satisfy the sudden urge to write this thing as i had this in my mind from quite a long time…

though this has no connection with the show presently n will never have since show don’t work like this..this is rather an OS which is based on them being in real reality not reel reality……..

i hope u like this..fingers crossed


“it all started with the blessing of god” …shivaay spoke n got an immediate answer “oh really!blessing of god (i thought it was punishment by god​..she thought​ ​)​?n i thought it all started with u breaking the line n i giving back to u in most khidkitodh manner ” ..anika said

shi: “anika ,this is a way to create interest of them in the story.​..n if i didnt go to mandir the starting wont have been so farratedaar..​.n ​dare u say it punishment again​..

ani:not again…why do u always capture my thoughts…

shi:why r u always so loud? ani:i m not!

guys stop…tell us more…they said…

ani: i will tell this scene…..he came shifting kids here n there broke the line n went to mandir without any wait,like a khadoos… toh i also got angry n started fighting with them….inme itni himmat nhi thi ki merse ladh paaye…

shi:ohho! then who gave u the money lappad… ani:aah ur ego..n then i gave u back by breaking the car glass… before shivaay could reply, one voice uttered, this voice was of shivika who said promptly “thts not car glass,mom”

ani:bilkul aapki beti hai yeh..dinn bhar mom its not this! not that! …n i ll say it car glass only-get tht…so i broke his car glass with a bat..yeh lagai zor ki…n then slapped him bak with his money…vaise toh badhi tadhi maarte hai naa bt tab unka mooh ek dumm manmohan singhjaisa bund ho gya… shi:tumne mujhe manmohan singh kaha? ani:haa toh… toh ladhai-ladhai maaf kro gandhiji ko yaad kro,sahil came inside n added…

aree sahil tum aa gaye..both anika n shivaay asked….. s

sahil:haa fokat raja part 12 dekhkr aa raha hoo

shivaay:fokat raja…vo icchadari naagin waali? anika:u still remember

shi:how cn i frgt?tht nagain saved our deal n reputation….how would have been the CD case solved without the cheetah waala dimaag of sahil … n mera? frowned ani..

shi: u could have done bettr..remember how we went on search for tht lady..n a budhiya hit me with the stick u gave..its all bcuz of u…n then if i hadnt called police then she would have run away…btw u looked cute eating buddi ke baal…

which case r u talking abt?…asked another interested voice of reyaan..

shi:there was gayatri who falsely blamed us n planted a jhooti CD in our locker..due to which we were suspected..not we but ur grandfathers were suspected of the reason why the girl had sucided…n then the day police took them to police station…..

n this was the first time shivaay bhaiya told anika bhabhi as family….added saumya who enterd from door…

n u know what reyaan, ur dad was going to marry reiki kapoor bcuz of the case to save the fam,socho agr shaadi ho jaati toh …ru said walking in

reyaan: toh we woud all have been reiki saints n lived in jungle…michmichi ho rhi hai…

shivika:shut up reyaan…u shouldnt say anything like this for ny1..though u r right..(n then they all were laughing)

ru:nhi toh phir toh paraaya dhan ho jaate naa bhaiya…naa bhabhi unpr gobar paani ka attack krti aur naa yeh hone jaane waala anarth ruk paata…

shivika:now what is gobar.. reyaan:bullsh.. shivika:ik tht reyu bt i was asking abt tht incident

ani: i found them n road…n he was again marofying tadhi (shivika:mom! no tadhi its flaunting)..tadhi!tadhi!tadhi! billu ji ki bacchi chup hoja warna meri champa se pitaayi krunngi… shi:not billu again..n please champa meri favorite nhi hai,chameli se peetna,class hai usme

ani:i believe sabse pehle aapko peetna padhega..what class-class laga rakha abhi baad mein i ll take ur class.. toh we were at bullshi* ..(they all looked at her)..aree gobar…baggad billa compared me with gobar..n then kya hona tha..i got mad n thre gobar on him…

aur inke beech mein tashan ka silsila bhi bahut hua hai baccho…janvi came…sometimes with gobar ,else their famous paani tales,​n yeh sab nhi toh then their tadiya..n never ending ladhaaiya..kabhi iska toh kabhi uska war..specially ty n sorry war..tej added..

reyaan:then did mumma never did anything for dad other then their paani fights n all..

shi:kiya naa…Stone SO,Jwalamukhi So,kanji aakh waala bagad bila n aur kya kuch nhi yeh naam diye hai isne merko (shi said sarcastically)

​chup kr billu….daad i came n added(she is like 100 yrs)…she contd..anika has always saved us wheter it is our name,my billus life, our our family..i remener how she saved us risking our life in janmashtmi..n i remeber how tensed shivaay was…mujhe dekhte sar pata chal gya tha ishqbaazi hogi takkar ki..

ani:apne merpe paani feka! shi:kya? ani:uss din gas leak par..

shi:tht was to take badla , u always threw water on me….n i saved u!!

ani:u could have done tht by other means also …. shi:panika! i could havebt i enjoyed it(he said smirking) ani:kanji aakho waala baggad billa..pant fatne waali baat batau inko…

u guys should meditate for sometime..atleast aaj ke dinn toh matt ladho..u r so old n still fight like kids…om came n preached

ani-shi:we r not fighting like kids!

om: oh​ continue ur tale..then how shivaay went to jail n then acp rathore flirted with anika making shi jealous to core..

shi: i wasnt jealoused..(All look at him giving him a look)..ohk fine i was

ani:vaise i still feel bad i took him out of jail n i put the biggest trouble named sso on my head..i enjoyed seeing him in jail…aakhir do baar inki vajah se jail gayi hoo na mai..

shi:how many times will i says sorry for tht?!

ani:see thts why i call him trouble…

mere bete ko trouble matt kaho…added pinky who came from behing..kaho toofaan singh oberoi.. she added..all laughed..

shi:u all take her side only..i m leaving..! ani:abhi naa jaao chhod kr ke dil abhi bhara nahi.. shi:yehi kahogi galti krke tum sada,ke dil abhi bhara nhi ani:jo shuru hokr khatm hua yeh aisa silsila nhi.. everone laughed seeing them..

reyu-shivi:mom dad tell us how did u propose each other…

this thing toh i will tell…ishaana came n added…actually what happened was ki anika bhabhi had left the work…leaving our majnuji sad,then after session of debates at oberoi mansion n omru explaining him tht hw anika had saved him always…reiki kapoor breaking up the marriage…n finally bullet hitting anika..made billu bhaiya realise ke he loved her…

rey:shi:tht is why they say falling in luv is more bful then luv itself??bt how did dad he went on hiss knees n..?

​naah..someone again was prinku..only my best frnd has the guts to do this task n not ur bhaiya..after debates sessions bhaiya had finally come out of his 60s era thinking..he was in mall buying flowers for anika..anika came n saw him bt her eye went to a person targeting bhaiya…n anu jumped n save bhaiya..bass fir bhaiya paani paani ho gye..n unko realise hua ki voh pyaar krte hai anu se..​though i doubt anika ko kab pyaar hua ..anika tujhe hua bhi ya bass emotions me beh gyi..

ani showed her tht tujhme toh bada dimaag hai waala sign…n said sacchi bolu toh mujhe toh uske kaafi late hua hai.. :p sorry billuji…par ho gya..aakhir yeh the hi aise..inse kisi ko bhi pyaar ho sakta hai pr tnc yeh usse pyaar kre toh…

reyu:ooh bt mumma how did u propose..

she proposed in a simple way…divyansh,prinku husband added…. he was in hospital worrying abt bhabhi who was fighting with death…after a few days he gathered courage n tried to speak bt bhabhi understood him without him speaking a word n proposed him saying a long speech..bcuz bhabhi knew ty sorry bola nhi jaata ily toh hone se nhi raha…

om n u:though we had already told bhabhi abt bhaiyas luv…

shi:haww yeh merko toh pata hi nhi tha…tht means anika didnt propose me usne toh bass uhi…u guys r a big lyers

shivika:daddy bt how did ur thinking abt the class thing changed..

​flashback came in shivaays mind n…

voh aise hua ki…shakti came n continued….just b4 shivaay went to jail he had fired anika insulting her to the core…toh humaare sherni chup kaise rehti n she spanked him in the best possible way..uske baad laga nhi tha ki yeh dinn kabhi aaega..

reyaan:so dad thinking was chaged so easily..

ani:he was stone singh oberoi..ek baal nhi hilta asaani se inka…

janvi: fir he went to jail anika helped,tia broke up,she helped gayatri toh shivaay finally realised ki insaan ki personality banaati hai class naaki surname

ooh….rumya,omru,reyshi said with a deep insight….

n how did u get married,yeh nahi bataoge aap log..bua of anika came…

they all went to flashback of their wedding..

n omru said “nahiii! thek kept hand on their head” actually they kept on fighting with each other throughout their wedding n in their room as well…when omru peeped they saw shivika were noching each others baal..

ani:we got married as tia released the video of vo raat jo hum bhool chuke now it rememberable event..

rey:aisa kya kiya tha aapne…?​

ru:lovey-dovey bane hue the.. shivika:kya???? she got excited

shi:we were drunk n we danced n we spoke to each toher politely..

mallika came n said politely? ani:ohk fine like we were deep into each other..

shivika:n then? malike:phir kya tha band baaja baraat baja inka jab headlines mein yeh video aaya…n tab inhone instantly shaadi krli joki yeh krna nhi chahte the propose krne ke bawajood…i m very angry with them bcuz of this..

ru:suna aapne propose krne ke bawajood aisa kyu kiya aapne?

bcuz they wanted to spend more time with each other n SSOO wanted to samjhaofy shivaay singh oberoi the gr8..svr added…

n after marriage…reyansh n shivika asked…

​ShivIka got red…remencising..their first dinner date,their kiss,dance,rain confession,hugging,possessiveness,then all the other incidents abt shivaay capturing her thoughts,she doing things b4 it came in shivaay head n what not..n their intense romantic moments..

ru:bass bass bhibaiya(bhaiya+bhabhi) yaha toh matt shuru ho….ab toh contrl krlo..

actually shivaay had suddenly got their hand gripped n were staring at each other…

all chuckled n they were embarrased…

shi-ani:chalo chalo! ab when everyone is here then let us eat dinner….

mom dad lets go to terrace we have set everything up there…they all nodded

shi-ani:ohk fine..we will eat with all keedhas​..suddenly lights went off n anika got scared n hugged shivaay tightly…light came n everyone they decided not to wait a min n go by them selves…

when they reached up they were surprised to see such a bful arrangement..all shouted”happy 25th marriage anniversary” they all ate dinner,cut cake n remencised all their moments while they danced romantically looking in each others eyes n loosing themselves till eternity…n then shivaay knelt down n proposed anika once again…

anika saw refleection of everyone in the pool..n said yes….

​daadi was happy to see all his grandsons n sons being ishqbaaz just like his husband….as she saw​ all of them teasing or doing something wid each other…pinky n shakti were narrating each other some bhakti related things while janvi n tej were discussing some money realted topics…divyaansh n prinku eating in the candle light dinner looking lovably in each other eyes…rumya running here n there just not to be caught by each other…while ishkara were quietly watching at stars holding each others hand n being very near to each other..keeping head on each other…while shivika dancing n fighting badly with each other n their voice slowly increasing..

n finally disrupting everyoe’s respective momrnts…they heaard them fighting n anika saying “billu buddha hoga,billu laathi pakdega,billu ke safed baal honge..billu!billu!billu!billu! ..shi:mai iss ladhki ko kabhi propose nhi krung n propose toh chhode isko mai kabhi dekhoonga bhi nahi..panika kahiki..

(though neither shi nor ani meant to say this bt they r like this only)

everyone:stop it the kids added we love?? oberois! n everone chanted we love oberois!we love oberois!we luv oberois!

while the night faded their ishqbaazis didnt n daadi waited for their great grand children shivika n reyansh, aanya n arshya, aarav n kabir to start n take new turns…

shivika hugged each other n said ily n all did the same n then went to the camera room to take selfies..n a family picture… they all gave a group hug…

n this is how it went on….n they framed the pic with the subtitle we luv oberois..n continued to live happily every after…nazar naa lage..

n daadi samjhaofy children “hairs might get white,problm might occur,u might get distanced,u might be able to not walk properly, u might ge a wrinkled sking but this dosent end the luv…

n the person jo tumhe sabse zyda challenge kre vohi tumhaare saath takkar ki ishqbaazi kr paaegi…toh tum dhyan rakhna…n not be like your dads n moms who were ghochu n understood their importance n their bond very late…. ”

n luv never dies..tabhi toh dekho aaj kaise sab ek duje ki aakho mein ddobe hue hai…par tabhi bhi agr ek chhadi pakda toh peetne pe aa jaaenge…toh yeh ishqbaazi hui naa…ab apne chachu sahil se bolo shaadi krle ….aur mai tab tak kahaani likhti hoo


rest to all reikis…

i hope u all liked this

tried my best …will be glad to recieve comments…n i had to make it short bcuz of fever…ty! luv u all! cheers to 100 shivika,omrushi,om n lead,rumya n everyone else..cheers to us as well..cheers to life

​n i hope u like it​

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    Kashi di it was awesome. I loved it the way everyone was telling shivika’s love ❤️ story.

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    It’s awesome nice…loved it…

  6. Fabulous….. marvelous…… lovely…… awesome…….. or simply KHIDKITOD OS in Annika’s language!!!!!!!!!

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    it was jus..super…luvd it thoroughly…the way u potrayed everything was jsut super…

  8. Thanku everyone…I feel so happy 🙂 ! Wanted to write more n create more in this os BT more did I wanted something like when they have white hairs, n wanted to write something that gives a significance that no matter how old u become,love bounds every relationship n luv n romance always grow younger day by day….
    Thanku for liking it!
    N BTW its kashika..

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  10. It was superb, fantastic mind blowing. The most funny part was billu buddha hoga… I liked it very much. Keep writing.

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    1. For your ‘missing’ thing..tysm..n I have alredy read ur ff n commenced on it as well….if I be quite honest..then my honesty says…plz don’t mind BT I really don’t like it…I luv it…specially the first episode was too gud…I still remember

  12. Thanku everyone for ur precious comments everyone…they mean spot to me…glad u liked it…I m so happy

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