luv finds it way (Epi 4)

hi frnd i thinkk you are not liking my ff
recap-fight with jagan nath
while returning to mumbai rocky decide to purchase something to mai so she went to mall their she encounter with dadi

dadi-look how shameless you are your dad is in hospital and your shopping here
rocky avoided her and thought she is mad but dadi followed and pass comments to rocky know rocky’s tollerence level is over so she taken dadi to washroom and pin her to wall and taken her gun out and placed it in dadi’s mouth
rockey-bht derse teri chaapad chapad sun rhi hu bujurg h socchke kuch ni bolrhi toh baaje brhi h aabki bar muh khola na and take the gun and put in back
dadi-i have no fear of you u should behave like this because your blood is like that na
rocky fumes in anger-takes out her knife and give cut to daadi’s hand put knife in her neck and slowly daadi’s neck started bleeding

rocky-busss bhudiya bht hgya abhi khrhi thi na tera beta hospital m h kahi ause apni maa ka antiyam sanskar kliye ladkhadte hue anaa na padee aab apni 10 guj laambi jban chalai toh khichke bhahar nikalke and tere hi gaale m dalke fanda banake yahi ltka dugi goes from their and daadi is extremly terified with sudden change in swara
police station
swaragsanlak comes and inform police about the deed of jagan &manohar nath to inspector
inspector-we will take actio against manohar nath dont worry
laksh-what about jagan nath

insp-u dont know yesterday someone beated jagan nath his hands were fractured and one leg is broken and neck bones and nerves was hitted so he has gone to coma
four of them became shocked went to gd and seen shekhar he was okay know as they were sitting daadi comes and see swara a fear come to her mind and she run away all were confused by her behaviour sanlak inform swarag to get ready for date to night
in gd
swara-in will wear blue gown that i purchase from goa
ragini-no way i have purchased it

swara-so i will wear it today is myfirst date
ragini-excuse me meri bhi phli date hai
swara-shut up okay i will wear it
they both fight holding dress and they fall indifferent direction and the dress is tord and both fumes and laugh
then ragini choose red colour gown for swara and swara choose pink own for ragini both make each other ready
ragini-how we are looking
swara-and me

sumi-both are looking like cinderalla
shekher & dada ji-your the best darlings
dadi-ragini your beautiful
swara-and me
dadi shiver-you too sona
all shocked-what????? you call
dada ji-accident in temple shifted her brain to right place
sanlak came
sanskar-shall we move ragini
lucky-what are you waiting for swara
sumi-wait what are you saying beta
dada ji-ha beta
sanskar moves to swara and say i like ragini whom i meet first tym and lucky say i like swara who doesnt know different btw kid or child labour law
they depart swasan moves to a resort
swara was blind fold -sanskar how much tym
sankar wait baby and he bring her to beach ad remove blind fold it is beautifully decorated as swara moving flower is showering on her she reached to table some one is holding her hand from back so she turn and see a girl gives her a rose and a gift swara give her a peek on girl cheek and open the gift which contain chocolate and swara jump in joy and staet eatin it and see a note she read it

swara baby by seeing chocolate dont forget you came here for date!!!!!!!
swara start blusing and place the box in corner and call sanskar then suddenly light of and spot light on swara and other one on sanskar who is on his knee in proposing style
sanskar–ragini com swara i am madly in love with you in every face of life i will be their to protect you will you marry me
swara-laksh com sanskar i will marry you if you doesnt fulfill your promise i will sue you
sanky start singing manchala and hold swara waist pull her toward him by this they lost balance they fall sanky on swara they have eye contact their eye contact was break by rain they run in resort (it is completely booked by sanky)

sanky-swara i think we must stay her at night and turn to see swara who bussy in drying her hair sanky was mesmrised by seeing her he moved toward her turn her they have an lock and their lips were moving to each other and they finally met they have passionate kiss after 1mint they break the kiss swara turn to window sanky huges her from back and place her hair to front and kissing her back and turn her and removed her earing and kissed her ears then braslet and kissed her hand then pendent from her neck and kissed her neck and swara is blushing he undress her and picked her in arm and place her in bed and undress himself and lay above swara and kissed her lips and she was holding his hair softly and then he kissed neck then they made love

rag-where are you taking me
lak-have patience
rag-hey its a jungle na
lak-ha but know its a park dont worry
rags-if any animal comes then
lak-their no animal
recap-lucky forgot the ring they were arrested by police rags punch laksh in jail and they have cat fight in jail….swara in effect of rum she want that sankar to became pragnent

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