luv finds it way (Epi 3)


luv finds its way
next day in manohar nath a business get know he again loss his contract to ragini by knowing this he became mad in anger so he decide teach her a lesson so he given contract to attack ragini’s parents to a gangester of mumbai after sometime his manager comes and say
manager-today supreme court will reveal the lawyer who will stand for firoz baba murder case against jagan nath
manohar-so call our lawyer
after some tym their lawyer comes
manohar-you know na today supreme court will revel lawyer on the special request of chauwl and varios ngo’s
lawyer-yes i am completely prepared 3people are their who can compete me but they have fear of you and me buttt
manohar-but one is their who has no fear of you and me thats swara gadodiya you cant compete with her
manager-dont worry sir she is bussy with rape and murder case of a guy
manohar-hope so

in mumbai
rockey with her best friend double battery she call him by that name but his name is ronak
rockey-mai why you are going to jaipur
mai-for my relative daughter marriage and you dont dare to step into ring i will be back in two weak
mai goes then rockey and double battery
db-i want to ask u something
rocky-from when you started to take permission
db-why you call me double battery even though i have cool name ronak
rocky-when i said the name is bad but baby its not suits you have you seen your face it is similar to coal who will say you ronak
db-thats right then y you give your name rocky

rocky-battery when i was small their is no one their to give me name i was use to fill water to bottle in wrestling area at that tym their is a fighter name rockey i liked him his moves in match so i myself placed my name as rockey enough of your inquiry go and make tea for me
after sometime her one of the friend comes and inform that his sister was in love with a clg guy i have given him warning to but he avoid me so i want him to teach lesson
rockey-madhav are you mad you are saying we beat him in clg premises clg students make our bones from 206 into 412
bd-yeah we are not coming
madhav-plz you only stand their with us plz okay

in clg
students are practicing for any program they see this 5 people came to give warning madhav see the boy whom his sister luvs
madhav- rahul i have told you not to roam arround my sister he hold his ear
rahul- i am sorry i will not see her now plz leave my ear
these five moves out of room and shock to see rahul with entire clg boys
madhav-go back all of you i have gun
his frnd-madhav we forget to take it
madhav-what?? rockey come help me

other two-rockeyyyyy
madhav-turn and see rocky and db is not their
clg student start to hit them but they where running in diffrerent direction
our rockey and db stoles book from library and sites in btech class as by running madhav see rocky sitting in cls as student he say rocckkk but students catch him beats by saying your flirting with our clg girls mean while rockey and db escape
rockey-keep this specs and if any one ask tell them you are btech cs first year student new admission after 5mint come to parking area i will try to break the lock of any vehicle
db-be carefull
in parking
a car comes from car a boy steps out he is wearing black shirt and black pant he is looking cool and hunk
rockey arive and break the lock of a bike and db come but he collide with that boy they stand and say sorry to each other
rocky-sit sorry can be said later we have leave from here she see madhav running to them followed by students in such situation she unknowingly hold the hand of the boy and make him sit without seeing and start the bike and go

db-shouts rockeyy you have placed wrong person
rahul to db-who are you we have not seen u early here
db-hi i am ronak i am new admission btech cs branch 1year
madhav see him with open mouth and call his gang to come
rocky-db we have saved
boy-mam i am not db
rocky stops the bike and say who are you where is db
boy-i was standing in parking you hold my hand forcefully made me sit
rocky call db ask him about his safety db says what happen in parking say he was in btech cls when lunch time happen i will come dont worry rockey see clg student who were standing their seeing her and the boy
rocky-wear this helmet and sit in bike

rocky-they have seen u with me if you tell your student they dont listen to you so sit
boy sit ang rockey starts the bike in above 100km per speed and get outside the clg
rocky -its okay meanwhile madhav gang member comes and see the boy
rocky-oh god the gang member
boy think they have came to attack the girl so he fight with gang and over power them rocky wear the helmet so that they may not see her after fighting the boy comes to rocky
boy-dont fear i am hear na by the way i am karan maheshwari(role played by karan wahi and son of rp)
rocky-rockey and remove the helmet karan is mesmerised to see her and she goes to madhav’s house
madhav-ohho u have came leaving us to student and look bp also came your classes are over or not
rocky-i have already told u but you didnt listen
madha-tell about the contract of hitting shekhar and sumi they covince her and moves to kolkatta
in confrence
meeting is going on laksh is busy in seeing ragini and meeting finished and all congratulates ragini for new contract all other vacate dp said we also leave you three carry on
sanky-okay raglak you carry on
lucky-where are you going

sanky-for lunch with hitler
rags-you can join us
sanky-thnx you send sometime and know each other …….what should i do to spend sometime with swara
raglak-kill someone
laksh -as you know na my bhabhi is a criminal lawyer
sanky-shut up okay bye after lunch we have meeting with hittler
laksh-ragini your presentation is ausome
ragini-thnx and your ‘s is also good
they spent good tym after lunch meetin held and finished
dp-shekhar whats know

shekhar-nothing yrr ……..hey today declaration of lawyer of firoz baba murder case na
dp-who may be they have to face jagan nath
lucky-swara has chance
rags-i dont thin sdo she is already busy with high profile cases
sanky-lets see news
news supreme court has decide by the special request of janta and ngos the lawyer who will fight for justice against jagan nath is SWARA GADODIYA
janta and ngo’s where extremely happy but all mm gd and manohar jagan nath and their lawyer is in extreme shock
rags-dad swara should not take this case jagan nath is a ruthless man
sanlak-yes uncle he can go to any extended
dp-yes shekhar it may be dangerous for her life
shekhar-i agree with you all but rags you know her she never back off

in swara office
on phone
swara-hi whose this
jagan-jagan nath
swara-oh i was expecting your call yeah tell
jagan-leave this case other wise i will kill your family
swara-then you will one have one more case and i will faught free of cost
jagan -i will kill your sister
swara-dont try to get close to her she is black belt

jagan-then what about you
swara-hmmmm interesting
swara-see you in court and cut the call
jagan-i cant let you reach court
and call some one and to and say loo she can go to court but dont kill her
in evening
sanskar take swara out raglak also out shekhar sumi gone for movie
sanky-i have fear anything happen to u
swara-you are there for me na
sanky-always i promise when ever you need me i will be there
swara-i know
sanky-okay lets enjoy the moment and rain started swara trys to go but sanky hold her hand dance on song kabhi jo badal barse……its was sensual dance then sanskar goon comes to swara
swara-who are you what you want
goon-dont fear we only break your leg so that you can reach court swara start running goon catch her about to hit her in the nick of tym sanskar comes and hit them and goons run away
sanky-i told you na i am there for you
swara hugs him they moves back to gd mansion

rockey reached two-three goons and db and waiting for shekhars car and sometime his car comes goons attack shekhars car and bring him out sumi try to help shekhar but goons slaps her by seeing sumi shekhar hit goons
rockey-they were useless db give me monkey cap
db-go champ
rockey comes and hit shekhar and she overpower him and hit with steel rod sumi comes t save shekhar rocky push her about to hit sumi but seeing her face something stops her she was not able to hit her rocky throw the rod and leaves
goons-tell ragini not to come i manohar nath way

jaganath got to know about the fight of sanskar so he and some goons leave to find swara
in tea stall
db-what happen to u why u didnt hit that lady
rocky-i dont know
at that tym jaganath with 6 goons passing through tea stall and spots rocky and misunderstand her sent goons to attack the goon attack them db and their frnds were beaten up by jaganath goons rocky is drinking tea db calls her
rocky-let me finish tea

jagan nath comes and through the teaa slaps her
rocky-yeh ni krna chahiye tha and stands and beat the goon then hers friends beat them then rocky break jaganath hand and neck and leave to mumbai

recap-rocky and karan next meeting swasan raglak goes to police to complain again manohar and jagan nath

Credit to: niharika

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