luv finds it way (Epi 2)


love finds its way
in gd mansion
shekhar-sumi pandit ji has send two rishta for swaragini boys were good and well settled son of dp and ap
dada ji-your talking about sanskar and laksh
dadi-my ragini hazaro mai ek hai but swara is always with police and criminal so you should find some theif or criminal for her
ragini shouts-daadi mind your words and criminals are more better than you
sumi-shut up ragini behaviour self she is your dadi
dadi-its all effect of swara
dada ji-shut up parvati and shekhar make all arrengment for welcoming mm and sumi prepare all arrangement of snacks etc and parvati and ragini control your anger if tomorrow anything happen anything wrong i will no spare you both and were is my sona
shekhar-dad today is a hearing in court

in mumbai chawl
rockey-mai you come so early
mai-yes i was not feeling well and why your face having swealing
rockey-woh wo..i…me…ha i fallen from stair
mai-you again step in ring na why rockey god has gifted you very good sound why can you find a job
rockey-not again mai
mai-rockey please stop this steal and fighting with people plz find a job
rockey-i have tried mai i also didnt want to became theif were ever i go they as what was my mom dad name whats my ful name which i dont know by saying she vacate the house

in mm
all are having lunch
dp-rp cancell your meeting of tomorrow we have to go to gadodiya house and lucky plz tomorrow be on time
lucky-they to be ready because we are going to see them the two upcoming business mans of kolkatta
sanky-yeah dad what are they doing and drink juice
uttra-they are upto my bhais standard or no
lucky-i guess they dads choice so they must be teacher or employee of some company waise dad whats might wife name what she do
dp-its okay ap ….. your would be wife name is ragini gadodia the business tycon and owner of the leading industrialist of india
laksh with open mouth see dp sanky close his mouth and say your lucky i think her sister may be is m.d of her sis company
rp-no sanky your might be wife swara gadodiya is the famous criminal lawyer of india who recently won the most sensational case of dev malhotra murder case
sanky also with open mouth this tym lucky close his mouth
dp be ready tomorrow dont createv a seen their i will not tollerate it

in evening
swara comes and inform everyone that she won the case all became happy but dadi taunt her so dida say you have many contact so please give supari to any everyone laugh dadi and dida nokjhok starts

next day
mm arive at gd all were happy for the relationship so they called swaragini as they came with tray of sweats and other item sanlak were mismerised to see them and swaragini to attracted to them so elder send them out to know about eachother
sanskar-lucky you go with swara and know about her as she is a layer she is clear and you are best in breaking secreat na
lucky-yeah bhai and you with ragini she is business mind very sharp you can manage na
ragini-laksh is very strange i dont think he will eassy open up or i can understand him his smart plzz you help me na you r lawyer na u can eassily catch his lie
swara-okay so you managev that sanskar okay
outside gd mansion
lucky-hi beautifulls i am sanskar maheshwari you can call me sanky
ragini to swara-monkey is better suits him
lucky-did you said something
ragini-no bye the way i am swara gadodiya
swara-and i am raini gadodiya
sanskar- i am laksh gadodiya so lets go
they reach at park
lucky-swara let go to that corner and bhai you go their
swara start going with lucky then ragini-ragini he is sanskar lucky is their go with him
swara-oh sorry
sanky-so your the leading industrialist so you are going to submit tender of gk group
swara-yeah think so
sanskar-what were your expectation
swara to herself-oh god save me if he is like this then sanskar oh god help me
sanky-where are you lost
swara-actually i have not decided
sanky-ohh your going to take part i upcoming confrence na
swara-kill me……… i dont now about it
sanky to himself-she is really business tycon oh my lucky
swara to herself-god if i stand with him he will definitely kill me with his questions swara think to escape and see kids playing she run to them and started playing with them swara invite sanky but he say no but she forcefully made him play football sanky play with them and enjoy as playing swara fall on sanky they have an eye lock swara’s hair falls on sanky he place them back by the tym kids disturb them
sanky take them to have ice cream sanky see swara eating ice cream in childish way he mesmerised to see her after having ice cream kids go back know swasan left swara spots cream on sanky lower lips side she says to him but he unable to clean it so swara clean it while sanky is seeing her lovingly

rags-so whats your upcoming project
lucky-i have no project i am on enjoyment leave
rags-then who handle your project
rags to herself-oh god he is really businessman sanksar maheshwari poor swara
lucky-accha swara what was clause no453
rags-woh oh ni ha woh kid labour
lucky-what i have heard about child labour whats this kid labour and section 449
rags to herself -oh god help
rags -i forgot
lucky-what(my poor bro)acha if i want to spent sometime with you then what should i do
rags-kill someone
rags-yes i am criminal lawyer then we spent more time
they also spent good tym they 4 meet at somepoint they were sad because they think the whom they like they were the partners of their sibbling and sanlak goes to take car
swarag were alone
swara-oh god yrr i think today he will kill me with his questions but he is good person
ragini-sanky is duffer i dont know how he manage the company but he also good yrr lets leave
in park
lucky-sanky i dont know who made swara the famous lawyer she doesnt remember any clause yrr but she is smart cute and good yrr
sanky-same with ragini she doesnt know abc of business but she is also good yrr
swarag reach and they sit in car 4 of them were silent and said they reach outside gd then they saw a manager
manager-ragini mam we want signature on the paper and stand in front of ragini
sanlak stand in shock and they were happy to at that tym uttra come and give paper to sanskar know four of them true identity is reveled 4 of them stand still and then laugh and goes inside and gives their answer in yes

plz someone opposite for rockey
recap;swara get high profile case against jagan nath a power ful man and give warning to her to leave the case .he sent his goons to kill swara but instead they attack rockey……rockey get contract to beat shekhar and sumi

Credit to: niharika

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