Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) part1


Tq so much frndzzz… 4r al ur kind comments n also the silent readers for reading my stry.. i hope i il nt disappoint u.. my dears..

Part 1:

Sakshi house:

Amma: whre s sakshi, sekhar(sakshi dad)??  its already 7.45
Appa: baby.. chil na,  she wnt for jogging
Amma: oh god..pls try to speak truth, for atleast once sekhar
Ankth:(youngr brother):mom i knw i knw
Appa:(signs) no no no wid big eyes
Amma:(staring at him)sekhar.. il u stop ur ovr actng.. dnt tel me she went to meet tat batameez
Appa:(silently)sakshi pls cum na, or else i il die in ur moms hand.. ?

Scen 2:

A boy was standing on the park, sudenly he hears sum noise n turns back..(wooowww he s damn handsome,  n his luks kils the gals wait frndz he s nt our hero).. (attitude) and says “oh u came”.. wid d smile on d face,  lite makeup wid jogging shoes and her face is shown(its none oder than our sakshi).. and says “ya buddy”
Boy:ok start
Sakshi:(smile)wat start???
Boy: u came to ask me sry,  ryt??  I dont lyk to waste my tym.. so cntnue
Sakshi:(laugh out loudly)in ur drmzz babs
Boy:(angry)ur mvng frm our clg,  becoz ur afraid of me…so il u pls stop ur actng.. its jst irritating
S:(luking into her hands)oops.. i thnk u forget d taste of my punch.. whch i gave u wid luv babs
B: uuuuuu…
S: i came to warn u..if u dare to harm any of my frndz in d absence of me.. u il b dead meat in my hands.. samji mr
B:oh ho so u came to warn me.. wat a joke
S:do u nt hav brain..(atitude)cant u knw d difernce b\w threat n joke.. oh my
B:staring wid angry
S:leav tat..lets be frnds..n forward her hands
B:i dont want to(turns back)
Then she puts her hand on his shoulders(friendly) and says “cumon yaar,its nt fair, lets b frndz na,n forgot al k”suddenly he angrily removes her hand 4m his shoulder n said”i dont want to”she smiles n say”k bhaba,bt ur my frnd nowonwards n if u try to harm my frnds, i il forget ur my frnd”..i il miss u al mr. Attitude.. and waves bye to him wid smile and went of” he says(wicked smle)i il defiantly take revenge frm u ms. Sakshi

Scen 3:

Some gals r gossiping in the park..
Girl1:did u c him
G3:heyy babs.. our dark eyes wala handsome senior??
G2:oh.. he? wat abt him now??
G1:in gym.. haiii raba.. he luks damn hot while shirtless yaar
G2:bt.. he s no.1 flirt babs
G3:so wat my dr..aftral he s also man
G2:oh hoo.. sum1 s blushing ah
G1:kash, he flirts wid me??
G2:heyy.. here he came yaar
G1, 3:where?????

While walking,a gal s abt to slip n she clses her eyes wid fear..n feels lyk sum strng arm s holding her waist.. she suddenly opens her eyes..his eyes are staring at her eyes,  his hot breadth s touchig her face lyk a calm wind.. she literaly mesmerized by his charm..(he s none oder than our arav)
Arav:r u k angel(smile)
Gal:(comes to reality n stand stil)ya.. im fyn (blushing)tq
A:no tq..
Gal:(quenstions on her face)
A:(smile)actualy.. its our pleasure to hold a angel.. at once
She s blushing realy hard n luk into his eyes..n he gives a plastic red rose n say”i can give u real rose,bt wen dat rose c u, it feels bad tat sum1 is mre beautiful than tat n it feels bad na.. tats y dese plastic rose” il u acept it angel.. she takes tat rose(blushing) n try to talk bt sudenly sum1 put hands around his neck..
Nikhil:(clse frnd of arav):aacha beata
Arav:(he waves bye 2 tat gal)oh my luv.. u came
N:stop!now ur flirting wid me.. im a boy da.. kuch toh sharam karo
A:bt ur jst my type jaan(naughty)n runs frm dere n nik folows behind him
Gals are says in consain(sadly) “kash.. main us nikhil hothi” ?

Scen 4:

Amma:becoz of u ly..she s out of control sekhar..appa n ankith luks at amma angry face n says”oh god pls save my princess” n suddenly a vce came from behind..amma: cum cum ms.jhansi rani,v r waiting 4r u ly..
Sakshi:oh mom.. u missed me.. oh so cute,she cums n hugs her mom
M:drambaaz..wat tym s dis??ankth, appa n sakthi luks at eachoder n says at coinsain”take a chil pil beauty” n evry1 laughs n give hifi to each oder..  thn appa notices amma,angry face n tel her 2 go n get ready(smiling)..
S:yes.. soldier(attention)

Aftr sum tym
M:did sheela s cumng ah sekhar??
Sudenly sum1 hugs her at d back.. it s none oder than sheela(sakshi clse frnd)
M:beata.. u came??how r u??evry1 s fyn in ur house??
Shela:haan mom.. evrythng s fyn.. wher s sakshi..?? Is she s nt ready yet??
M:u knw her btr than me,ryt??? Dey both started laughting..
Sakshi:(sad baby face):its nt fair mom.. gossiping at my back.. vry bad.. dis wat ur mom teach u mrs. Shekar
Shela:goes n give her a tight hug.. “ur gng to join in my clg,im too hapy babs”
Sakshi:hlo.. cut dis senti yaar.. whispering at her ears(smirked smile) “now im gng 2 clsely watch ur romance wid ur bf”
Sheela:her cheeks r al pink.. (blushing)stop it sakshi
M:shella,u hav to tolerate her for 1yr..  “i knw it is a hard job bt u il do it na”
Sakshi:ah ha.. vry funy (angry luk)
M:try to behave atleast now lyk a grl.. understand
Shela:dnt wry mom.. i il tc of her?
Dey both leav to clg

Precap:arav pulls sakshi towards him,  n gently caresses her hair while blowing her hair wid his hot breath.. n again pulls her, evn clser.. n keep his hand on her waist gently.. she clses her eyes and takes a deep breadth.. evry1 luks on

Wat il hapen now?? Did sakshi fel in luv wid arav at her first sight?? Il they both are attracted towards each oder???

       Just wait n watch frndzz?

Once again tq so much frndzz.. for ur support.. hope u il suport me further,  if dere s any errors sry yaar.. n pls post ur opinion.. on d comments box.. tat means alot to me frndzz.. keep smiling??

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