Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) intro


Hi.. guyzz dis s priya,  its my first stry.. i dono much abt writing .. bt i try my best to wrte a nyc stry with mre interesting parts.. n i hope i wil nt waste ur precious time yaar?.. if dere s any mistake in my stry, feel free to share frndzz..

This is a simple luv stry between a boy and gal wid diffetent priorities.. let me 1st introduce our heroin sakshi(21) is bold, crazy, caring,  angry,  childish and fun loving girl.. njyes her each and evry moment of lyf n luves her family n frndz lyk crazy tat she can do anythng n evrythng for dem.. she always tries to make evry1 hapy and always deals wid the problm wid the smile on her face.. n our heroin changes 3 school n 1clg.. the reason for dis is i il tel in my stry so wait wid patience .. bt our heroin jst hates hates ly the two thngs in the whole wrld the most most most..  1) lies 2) flirts.. now its tym for our hero introduction arav (21) he s dashing,   handsome, a litle head weight and fun luving guy.. he always tries to make evry1 hapy wid his bakwass jokes.. n d main specialty of him is he is the romeo of his clg,  no no no.. tats nt give the crt meang actualy, he is the no.1 flirt in his clg.. he has a brown deep attractive hot eyes wooowww tat each and evry gal wants to fel into his eyes n tries to makes him deir property n wants to dates wid him.. bt our hero is not lyk oder guys frndzz in his dictionary there s no place for luv n truth.. and doesnt believe any lyf long relationship…

Wat hapens when dis two meet?? Did their luv stry starts?? Did sakshi alow a flirt in her lyf?? Did arav feel in luv wid sakshi?? Il sakshi make a place in arav heart?? Did he believe in lyflong relationship??? Did he change for her??
        Lets wait and watch frndzzz?

Merry Christmas guyzzzz…
Hope u il lyk the stry frndzz.. pls comend.. if any negative comments, i il improve my stry line.. n if any positive comments it il motive me.. tq so much 4r reading yaar..

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  1. it is interesting

    1. tq so much yaar

  2. Ohhh lot of questions na

  3. interesting… priya

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