Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 9


Hi.. frndzzz i hav one doubt.. if u think my story is too long n boring to read.. kindly pls share frndzz.. because i dono.. how you are feeling dears.. ??? if u thnk my story s long, from nxt episode.. i il make it short?

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Part 9:

At clg:

The episode starts with sakshi s in dilemma dono how to get ride of dis awkward situation n stares at anath  who s responsible for dis.. anath s continuously laughing cant control his laugher n bends downward to comfort his clenching stomach..
S:anath stop it..
Anat:how can ii.. n started laughing evn mre louder
S:now im nt gng to leav u.. buffalo stay stil.. anath gets up n runs frm there making fun faces to sakshi n sakshi runs behind him saying tat “stop buffalo stop u il b dead meat in my hands stop”
Arav stil in embarrassment thinking abt his closeness towards sakshi n continuously rubbing his necks nape.. sheela s angry n upset towards arav
Shel:arav.. wat s d necessity of dis prank??? Harry notices sheela is upset
Harry:cumon sweet heart.. it was jst a prank, dere s no rules for prank.. u knw na?? By saying dis he smirks at her n holds her hand in d sign of “evrythng is alright face”
N:rats r rolling in my stomach yaar.. i thnk my rats r giving signal??? ?
Arav:haann.. hann we knw before ur babys comes out of ur stomach.. lets hav lunch.. comeon.. by saying dis they went off

Harry holds sheela shoulders n make her sit on the chair n holds her hand wid his left hand n keeps his right hand on her right chicks..
Harry:wat hapen meri jaan.. y my jaan is upset??
Sheela breaks down n hugs hary.. he patches her back “its k sheela.. its k”
Shel:”i dont like it harry.. i realy dont like it at al” by saying dis she made her grip even tighter.. he frees her frm his hug n make her chin up n holds her chicks wid his both hands
Hary:wat u dnt lyk it sweet heart..
Shela:arav n sakshi closeness
Hary:wat… i mean whyyyyy?? ?
Shela:becoz i knw both of dem hary.. dey r nt meant for eachoder.. n sakshi she believes in lfe lng relationship n you knw wat hary??.. she tried to b strong bt in inner she s d most sensitive prsn i evr seen harry..
Hary:so wat sheela.. shela gets angry due to his ridiculous question n composes herself from his grip
Shela:u r asking so wat hary??? Realy so wat?? Unbelievable.. u knw arav na hary, he doesn’t believe dis kind of relationship n i dnt want my frnd to get hurt.. n u il nt understand me hary.. so jst leav it.. im leavng.. she tried to move bt hary hold her hand..
Shela:wat now hary?? Jst leav me

Hary:who said tat i dnt understand you??.. i realy understand u my sweet heart.. jst think in this view, if supose it was jst ur imagination n nothing s gng between dem means!! ?.. k now jst think lyk dis.. if sakshi realy luvs arav, n her true luv change arav character means?? N wat if arav also believes in luv ..?? Just thnk shella, think.. another luv pairs in our rocking marandozz group? n our old arav s also back.. ?
Hary:oh my sweetu.. first of al, dey r nt in luv wid each oder n i think sakshi s nt a type of girl, who fals for some random guyzz.. ryt??by saying dis he came close to her n trickled her
Shela:ha ha stop it hary stop it na.. bt he continuously trickles her.. she s gng to fal bt hary hold her in his arms.. “i can bear anythng for u, fight for u bt i cant bear sumthing bothers you n makes u sad.. ur my life shella… ”

At canteen:

Sakshi chasing anath.. “i give up.. stop now looser”.. both are breathing heavily
Anth:tats gud.. my dear
S(bossy way):now im vry hungry.. buy me sumthng.. dnt waste my tym
Anth:hlw.. madam, im nt ur servant.. tel to ur arav.. he il bring it for u
Sakshi s realy hapy by hearing d wrd “my arav” n smiles
S(kidding way):anath bt wat can i do da.. he s nt here na?? So sad
Anath:dnt wry dear jst close ur eyes.. ur arav il b on ur side
S:oh realy.. n holds anath ears.. u become too senseless anath.. realy, i thnk ur watching too many movies..
Anth:k jst leav my ears n close ur eyes.. princess
Sakshi closes her eyes n think “wil he come??? ?no budhu no.. if he doesn’t come, make a pulstop to dis arav character.. n wait wait sakshi, what if he comes,chaiii chaii sakshi tat il never happen.. aftr al dis s reality budhu” n opens her eyes.. n her eyes n mouth r wide open.. she cant believe her own eyes n rubs her eyes to get the clear view..

Sakshi(murmers):”oh my god ARAV HERE,god?dont u even hav a bit petty on me ah” anath laughing at her childish behaviour “oh man, she s suprb cute, evry1 knws dis s lunch tym n ofcourse al il cum to canteen on dis tym.. bt see dis stupid girl face she is believing al my words.. oh sakshi, my frnd s suprb lucky?
ur a package of entertainment..” he cant control his smile n keeps his left hand on his mouth to hide his smile..

Arav n nikhil comes towards sakshi.. whose mouth s stil widely open.. arav came close to her n closes her mouth wid his hands..
arav:10mosquitos r already went n made a family inside of ur mouth.. 
She lowered her eyes n didn’t utter a single word.. evryone is shocked except anath.. “oh god, why r u always testing my patience arav.. dizzz anath s realy killing me of his baseless ideas.. n dizz arav always smiling heeeee heee as lyk im dieing to watch his smile, when il i get ride of dis arav virus.. dis virus s spreading into my body as lyk a slow poison?.”thinks sakshi n arav waves his hand.. n she cumes to sense
Arav:y r u always daydreaming??
S(teasing way):im a big fan of abdul kalam.. wat he said. did u knw ah..??  “dream man dream,thn ly ur drmzz cumes true on one day” so im working on it.. did u hav any problem???
Anath(kidding double meaning manner):so sakshi wat ur saying is.. u luv to dream.. i mean,u luv ur dream.. n you wish ur drmzz cum true on 1day.. am i ryt??
S:ANANTTHHHHH.. bewakoffff kaiyuka.. anath starts laughing n says “k k cool princess”..
Arav:wat u both r talking about??

Anath:its a secret btw me n sakshi prince.. n winks at her “wat say sakshhh”..
S:secret my foot… ?
Nikhil:k guyzz if ur nok joke is ovr.. can we eat na?? ?
Al were seated arav s opposite to sakshi.. n nikhil n arav r seated near arav n sakshi.. mean while shela n hary came there.. dey had a lots of fun.. anath continuously teasing sakshi.. n lyk always sakshi s both angry n embarrassed of anath jokes.. arav s bit surprised nor jealous because dis s d 1st tym.. anath s dis much close to a gal.. tat too in a vry less tym

Sum how clases went off.. n sakshi manages her feelings.. every1 waves bye to each oder n went off.. sakshi is waiting for cab.. n hears sum irritating sound n thinks “cyco of clg.. god save me”
S:wat noww… cyco
Anth:chill babs.. actualy i want to discuss wid u abt 1 important matter..
S:sry i hate wasting my tym
Anth:sakshi pls na.. his eyes r drown wid sadness.. his face s so sober.. sakshi thnks tat, “wat hapen to him, why he s so sad.. ”
S:k.. bt i need 6ice creams.. wid french fries.. deal
Anath:wat combo was dizz
S:questions ovr rule✋
Anth:k my lord.. cum.. by saying dis he turns n evily smiles

At canteen:

Anath says “Sakshi i want to say sumthng to u.. n sry sakshi, today i made fun of you.. im realy sory.. i doesn’t mean to hurt you sakshi.. ”
S:k u need my forgiveness ryt?? Thn come on, on ur knees ask me sry??Fast i dont hav much tym..
Anath (thinks):oh man trapping dis girl is realy tough.. n bends down n rubs his eyes now his eyes r wet.. now he s on his knees n says “sry sakshi”.. by bowing his head..
S:k.. now get up.. i hav a big heart so i forgive u chal chal fattu kaiyuka..
Anath:wait sakshi.. i il bring ur fav icecream wid french fries.. by saying dis he leaves
S:(thnks):wat s he s dng??? I cant trust him.. becoz his eyes r saying different story to me..?bt his words r so sensible, now a days my fate s getting worst.. now wat can i do???
Anath(thnks):oh my princess, today i il definitely get d answer frm u.. my cutie pie.. dnt wry
He came n gives her fav butterscoth ice cream n french fries.. she has 2 ice creams on each hand.. she starts licking vigorously
Anth:sakshi.. actualy… i.. i.. i…….
S:(icecream in her mouth):wat iiii ah?? Jst speak it out
Anath thinks ‘seriously yawwwk dis girl.. arav im realy sry yaar.. ur fate s nt tat gud” and says “i want to say sumthng to u sakshi”
S:r u a repaired tape recorder?? ur saying dis for past half an hour.. jst say it na?
Anath:arav s in luv.. i mean arav s luving a grl.. sakshi s shel shocked of anath wrds n started coughing heavily.. “sakshi needs water ah”says anath..
S:”no no… need, bt y r u saying dis to me??”(Inside she s fully broken out, bt she dnt want to show tat to anath bt in her face, written tat she s upset)
Anth:jst lyk tat sakshi.. i thought tat u lyk arav.. bt now im clear tat u dnt luv him or lyk him.. tats y now im saying dis to u???
Sakshi eyes r al wet hearing of anath words, she can’t control her tears becozz she some where knws tat she luves arav vry much.. tears were rolled down from her chicks n it wets her ice cream.. now her icecream s melting as lyk sakshii.. anath could clearly see her tears.. bt he need some more confirmation from her
Anth:actualy sakshi.. u also saw tat gal.. 2day mrng.. arav hold a girl hand, did u see?? .. u also hidely watched dem.. remember???
S:hmmm(her voice s al break down, tears were rolling al ovr her face bt hide it wid her icecream n continuously wiping it..)

Anath:ohh my god, she s damn hotla  sakshi.. her name s nisha.. arav luves her lyk crazy.. anath continuously praising nisha.. n teling d arav story.. a lit by little sakshi s loosing her control.. “u knw sakshi, deir 1st kiss” when anath s gng to complete his sentence bt cuts at d midd.. becoz sakshi stands up.. n giving him a cold look, her face s al tired, her eyes shows so much pain, he can clearly understand tat she luvs him alot.. n smiles seeing sakshi attire for arav..
S:ur smiling..did i crack any joke???
Wen anath could say anythng.. sakshi applies the icecream al ovr his face wid her 2hands.. n puts french fries on his head.. n spils the water n sauce on his shirt.. (now he realy luks lyk a disgusting non maintained dustin) sakshi s breathing heavily her eyes s al swollen n in addition of dis, running nose.. she wipes her tears n nose n started pulling anth hairs n says “i dnt care I REALY DNT CARE SAMJIIIIIIIIII r u blind?? cant u see im crying HATE YOUUUU ALLLL” by saying dis she leaves..

While leaving from d canteen sakshi sees arav, who s waiting for someone n think tat “it il be nisha” n come close to him, gathers al her anger n punched his nose..
Arav:oh damn… r u crazyy.. his nose starts breading..
S:i reallyyyy hate u arrav……. hate u.  to d core.. by saying dis she went off..
Arav(shouts):now listen to my words also.. i hate uuuuu tooo ms. Sakshi hate u toooo..
Sakshi s realy break down from his words n runs away.. arav thinks tat “wats her problem i knw she hates me, bt wats d necessity of saying everytime..”n keeps his hand on his nose
Arav:oouch.. wat she s eating?? She realy broked my nose..
Anath came out from d canteen wid d same dustbin attire wid reactionless face.. n arav s standing lyk a joker whose nose r al red.. dey both started laughting seeing eachoder attire… nt realizing deir own.. screen freezes on aranth funny face n sakshi crying face..

Recap: when u luv some one, try hard to get ur love.. bt dont force or snatch from oders..


Hi frndzz.. how r u???? Im realy hapy, becoz im getting beautiful feedback from u al.. tq so much frndzzz.. tqs alot.. n pls pls comment frndzz if u lyk my ff it means alot to me dears.. n lyk always suggestions n negative comments r welcome.. luv u loadsss frndzz.. hope today u liked my ff.. ??????n share if u think my ff s too big to read???

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  1. wow fantastic dear i like lengthy episode so don’t make short pls

    1. tq so much swara dear.. i il make it long episode da.. dnt worry dear..

    2. tq so much swara dear.. i il make long episode da.. dnt worry dear..

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  4. It was funny and cute episode.. Loved it.. Update nxt part soon and also long parts…

    1. tq so much ananya.. i il update my nxt part as soon as possible dear.. take care da

  5. hi priya wow lovely episode dear and pls pls dont make short updates dear i realy like long updates

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    1. i il try to update as soon as possible dr.. n thanks alot for ur beautiful words.. its means alot dear..

  7. Awesome episode, very funny, ananth so hilarious, sakshi very hurt…poor arav..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. tq so much roma.. u always motivate me with ur lovable comments da.. tq so much dear… luv u tooooooo..

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