Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 8

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Part 8:

Nxt day mrng:(clg)

The episode starts with sakshi thinks about the last night n closes her eyes n talks to herself..
Sakshi: “sakshi.. dr just take a chill pill na.. its just a infatuation yaar, ur just attracted towards him tats it..otherwise u nd tat arav.. shit disgusting.. yawkkk, he s nt at al ur type my dr.. so jst smile my swt heart”.. by saying this she patches herself on her shoulders n enter into the clg with smile.. while entering she saw arav n makes a angry disgusting face n hides behind the wal..

S:chaiii.. wal d hell yawkk.. always flirting with girls, tat too by holding hands???? idiot.. stupid cheapo kaiyuka i hatee u stupid i hate uuuuu.. by saying dis she turns
S:(shocked wid a jerk):amma
Anath:he heeeee
S:stupid.. u scared me..
Anth:see ur face, tat s much mre scary..
S:ha ha vry funny?
Ant(kidding way):k 1st tel me.. wat r you dng by hiding here??? Checking out my frnd ah?? Vry badd sakshi.. (evily smiles)
S:checking out my foot?.. me sakshi gupta is staring at some random flirt guyzzz..uffghhh?let me tel u.. i hav a gud taste in boyzzz n wats ur prblm, r u his lover??.. baday aaya judge karnay wala..
Anath(teasing):oh is tat so.. thn my 7th sense is telng tat ur playing hide n seek wid him… am i ryt???
S:luk who s talking abt sense..
He uttered his eyebrows n makes “evrythng i knw face”.. she bursts into anger, n holds anath hand n walk towards arav.. she leaves anath hand.. n kept her right hand on aravs right chest wid a push n makes him facing towards her.. he was lyk”wat she is doing.. oh my god another drama”she stares him from head to toe.. n started laughing loudly.. both of dem r confused.. n suddenly sakshi pulls arav collar with her right hand
S(atitude):oyeee.. mr.monkey u knw na, i hate u toooooo d core.. so u better understand n make ur frnd to understand… samjiii
She leaves his collar nd acts like clearing dust frm his shirt.. he grasp her hand tightly
Arav:can u pls tel me wat the hel is dis.. ms.Ovr acting
S:ohhh.. you dnt understand wat im saying.. wait i il clear al ur doubts babs by saying dis she kicks below his knees
S:dnt u dare to again hold my hand.. cheapo kaiyuka.. n gives a angry luk to anath n angry jealousy luk to tat girl and went off
Ar:heyyyy cyco.. wait wait
Anath:waste of tym dude.. she il never turn(she is in d mood of jealousy meri bhaii)
Girl:wats dizz arav, whose tat cyco girl???
Before anath could utter a wrd
Ar:dnt u dare nisha.. dnt u dare.. thn i il realy forgot tat ur a grl..
Grl:bt i didn’t tel, anythng wrng.. she s nt less than a cyclo arav
Anath:oyeee.. ms.queen Elizabeth.. she is our frnd n she s alot better than u.. so u better control ur  tongue before talking about her..  n jst leav
Girl stared arav with anger but he doesn’t care abt her anger n gives a uninterested look.. she started leaving.. anath puts the hand on his shoulders nd patches his shoulders..
Anath:cool, y r u so tensed
Ar:u see tat crazyy grl na.. wat she said(imitating)i hate u arav…cheapo kaiyuka i hate u bla bla.. wat she s thinking, tat i luv i mad?? To luv mental case.. nautanki (his eyes s burning like a volcano)

Anath(thnks):oh my.. god, instead of being anger, he s upset towards sakshi.. tat she said “hate u” to him.. is it my dream. No no.. im damn sure.. n thinks sumthng.. n evily smiles.. “now the game starts meri bhaii”

Anth:chill yaar..cum lets go to our cls.. if we are late, thn hitter il definitely kill us.. hee hee
Both headed towards class room.. anath luks around n thinks sumthning n hurriedly sit wid nikhil.. sakshi catched arav eyes n both shared hatred eyelock.. both ignore each oder, he is searching for the seat unfortunately al seats r booked.. except the seat near sakshi.. he unwillingly wid an ignored look, he seated nxt to her.. bt both turns towards oder side
Anath(murmurs):i promise u arav.. if u both feels towards each oder, i il make sure.. to make u both as one.. n i prmse u yaar, i il nt let anyone to hurt u buddy.. anyone..  by saying dis unknowingly tears were rolled down from his chicks
Nikhil:anath, did u see d both na.. Realy yaar, deir r fighting as lyk a married couple..
Anath:they il realy make a pair of “king n queens of devils” brooo… both smile n give hifis to each other.. sheela is upset seeing both closeness.. clas started but both arav n sakshi stil r nt facing towards oder side..
Teach:sakshi n arav..
Both gets irritated n luks at staff wid a uninterested look..
Teach:(pleasing way):is my lectures r tat boring dears.. tat u r facing on window side n admiring d nature.. both were gng to talk bt cut in d mid “u both empty minded ppl, im givng my soul to gve my bst lecture bt ur giving an uninterested looks.. idiots waste of tym to talking wid u both”says teac wid anger
Arav:(murmurs)bt v r giving our soul to listen ur baseless lectures oh man and says “actualy devs”
Teac:wat im ur gf?? Al were laughing n staf gve them last warning n make dem sit.. now dey r facing towards board n r close to each other

S:(murmurs):oh god dis damn heart bhi na, nt listening me at al..wen im wid him dis always beats dakk dakk dakk dakk as lyk a express train.. ruk nay ka naam bhi nahi diknahi hai.. n dis hottness of my body.. jst feels lyk a crap yaar.. dis arav s realy getng on my nerves.. shitttt man shit” n keeps both of her hands at her hair n holds tightly.. arav notices sakshi, n cant control his smile bt he controls himself becoz he remembers tat he is stil angry on her n keeps a puppy face n turns.. sakshi aftr a while turns her face n stares at arav.. he is in a dizzy mood, n keeps his left hand on his left chicks n sleeps.. she found himself supr buber cute n started staring at him.. aftr a while, he came out frm d dizziness bt sakshi s stil in the aravs world.. arav sees sakshi who is staring at him n waves his hand.. she comes to sense n acts like she s adjusting hair.. n makes “ufffgghhh” noise

Low vce conversation
S:wat panthar.. (monkey)
A:y r u looking at me sry staring at me piggy
S:actually i admiring ur brain donkey.. how can sumone be dis cheapo.. n brainless.. n im trying to get ans frm ur eyes babs
A:dnt evn try.. becoz u dnt understand..
S:whatever.. n turns her face
A:heyy wats ur prblm ah?? Wat.?? Wat???
S:ur my prblm.. idiot dnt u hav any oder place?? Just go na.. its irritating..

Finaly cls got ovr.. aftr a 3hrs of cls.. finaly break.. uffghh
A:ms.angry bird, u hav talked too much.. jst wait now its my turn
When sakshi.. s get up frm her seat n while gng to sit.. he pulls her chair.. she fel down wid a sound of Awww..
Arav started laughing.. n turns his face as if he doesn’t even see her
S:u.. idiot aiyooooo amma
She gets up.. n shouts “u deliberately did dis ryt?? ”
A:(keeps a baby face):if i say no means.. il u believe me.. no na.. jst go n y r u wasting my precious tym?? 
S:uuuuuu.. she turns n tried to take something to beat him
Anat:there.. sakshi ur leg AWWW
by saying dis she tried to go backwards.. bt slips n sits on d aravs lap.. n keeps her leg on him n hugs him tightly by wrapping her hand around his neck n closed her eyes due to fear.. and says “take tat take tat pleaseeeeee”
Through gestures
Ar:watzz happening yaar
Anat:jst a prank dude
Ar:k lets make it more fun

S:arav.. is tat gone???
Oh my god.. for the 1st tym.. im hearing my name in d sweeter way, frm dis angry bird.. how can i waste dis golden opportunity..
Ar:take tat cockroach anath, oh for god sake dnt cum near sakshi.. wid tat n signs him
Anath understands his signal.. n acts lyk he has a cockroach on his hands
S:anath u dumbo, put tat down.. arav make him out na.. by saying dis she tightens her grip, her ovr closeness s now disturbing arav n tries to get free frm d situation
Ar:ms.angry bird, i knw tat ur afraid of cockroach bt i dono.. tat u like hugging me..???
She opens n roled her eyes wid embarrassment n fastly composes herself frm d hug.. n luks around.. al were luking both in a different way n started laughing.. sakshi s in dilemma wat to do, becozz her face s full red due to shy.. n arav who s trying to b cool, infront of his frndzz.. bt actualy he s mre embarrassed n tries to hide behind his smile.. screen freezes on  both embarrassed face n anath smiling face.. n shella afraid face..

Recap:when you luv sumone, dnt try to run from the reality .. just accept ur luv towards your spl one.. ?

sakshi realised her feelings towards aravv

Hi… frndzz i hope u liked my ff.. if u like it pls pls pls pls comment.. n do u want to suggest sumthng.. plessseee feel free.. luv u al my frndzzz.. luv u loadzzz????

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