Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 7


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Part 7:

Recap:arav’s b’day party.. saar’s romance..

The episode starts with sakshi and arav are lost in each other arms.. His intense touch made her loose herself, her body is fully shivering.. she clinched her dress tightly.. and tries to speak aaa.. aaraaav…

A:issshhhhhh… whispering in her ears “sakshi pleaseee na”
She felt lyk al her bones are breaking one by one because he made his hug, even more tighter.. she cant resist his touch and unknowingly a lit by litle she is accepting his touch and bearing the sweet pain.. he holds her hair and cleared her hair from her back..nd plant a wet kiss on her bare back
S:ar.. rav

Her heart is beating very fast as if it il blast like a valcano, gulping her throat, biting her lips.. the touch of his lips is killing her.. he careers her from hand to shoulder and he moves her sleeve a bit and kissed her shoulder, neck nd wid a bit wildly bites her ears.. but now she cant able to bear this tempting heart attack and turns towards him, now she is free from his cluth.. but still there are closer to each other, his front is facing her front, his chest is touching her bosom.. his hands are longing to touch her, his lips are waiting to make her forever… but he suddenly controls himself because of the pleading eyes of sakshi.. that are pleasing him to leav.. he turns his face, nd automatically moves one step back .. she can see his disappointment face, nd smiles.. moves forward,grasp his hand.. nd gives a tight hug to him(wid the action indicating of im al yours).. before he could react to her sudden hug, he is damn shocked of her next step.. she gives a deep kiss on his cheeks.. he is shel shocked bt smiles nd hug her even tighter, with his strong cared arms..

answers him widout opening her eyes

S:(shy way):hnmmmmmmmmm
Her face becomes pink to red, she dnt want to open her Dis tym he shouted
Wid a jerk, she open her eyes.. nd finds herself resting on sum1 shoulders.. she rubs her eyes to get the clear view.. nd hears some familiar vce
A:hlo.. ms.angry bird, if ur dreamzz got ovr.. can u plsss take ur fat head from my shoulders..
She pushes him nd bumbed into her seat, he is hiding his smile by keeping his right hand on his mouth.. thn clears his throat.. and asks

A:r u dreaming abt me??wat drm was tat, that makes u dis much blush nd notty ah?? And smirks at her
S:if u come in my drmz, thn it il be nightmare.. mr.dumbo that so?? I cant get one thng.. in nightmares ppl used to shout.. bt y r u making different types of sounddddddss???
By saying dis, he leans his head towards her, she closes her eyes wid fear.. nd pushes him.. he started laughing loudlyyyy..she holds her face nd it becomes al red.. she points her index finger towards him nd started shouting

S:why r u laughing ah?? .stupid cheapo.. i.. i.. i.. dnt make any sound.. samji
He imitates her bdy language

A:i dnt make any sound samjiiiii.. i just make ishhhh.. shhhhh ahhhhhhhh (and acts lyk blushing )
S:uuuuuu..uuu u.. u idiot n hits his leg nd comes out from the car.. nd went offf with angry face
Arav who is in the car, remembers her sleeping attair.. nd started smiling
A:OH MY GOD.. i dnt think, dis girl wil be.. dis much cute, she is a surprise package.. MS. SAKSHI BLUSHED.. no no, nobody il believe me, evn i cant believe my own eyes?..sakshi ur seriously upto something yaar.. wid a smile, he drives back

S:”sakshi.. are you mad?? Wat dream was that??? Y u slept in his shoulders??do u thnk ur a sleeping beauty” Aiiiishhhh.. she hits the ground nd makes crying face.. “mummy.. this boy is making me crazy.. U DUMBOOO i hateee u, i realyy reallllyyy hateeee uuuuuuuuuu”

She rings the real.. amma opens the door with angry face, before she taunts her, sakshi hugs her  tightly..amma says “oye drama queen, dis acting il nt workout on me k nd whose dis jacket ah?? “..she thought for a while and thinks it il be arav’s and says “amma.. im feeling realy realy tired, im gng to my room.. pls na dnt scold me” and makes a sad face n marched towards her room.. she throws herself on the bed(widout even changing) and hugs her teddy”do u know chinky (teddys name) dis was my first time, the very first time im feeling like this for someone.. that cheapo nowadays becomes toooooo handsome.. u knw?? I cant able get rid of his thoughts?.. even i cant able to take eyes from him.. he is damn caring chinky.. i knw he is a flirt.. bt why i cant find any fakeness in his eyes??.. he is not that bad chinky.. u can understand na, wat im trying to say?? ?” by saying dis she tried to sleep.. but feel restless nd wakes up frm the bed nd sees his jacket nd hugs her teddy tightly with sad face..

On the other hand.. arav is lying on the bed,  keeping his left hand on the back of his head and thinks about sakshi.. nd smiles “OH GOD..why she is damn cute, whenever i see her, she always made me smile, with her cuteness, her cuteness is increasing day by day OH MAN ufhh.. ” suddenly his smiles get vanished and tears rolled out from his eyes “aftr 2yrs, im thinking of one girl nd smiling.. i thought that their is no girl in this world, who can again make me laugh” he angrily wipes his tears and consoles himself saying “arav.. just chill.. past is past.. nd about sakshi, within a week she made a spl place in my heart”.. nd started smiling remembering their cute fights.. screen freezes on sakshi sad face and arav’s smiling face???


Precap: sakshi hides seeing someone.. ??

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  3. Aarav had a bitter past

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