Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 6


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Part 6

The episode starts with when sakshi is about to shout at arav, he leaves her waist and introduce his frnd to sakshi and anath.. she suddenly felt some fluttering sensation al ovr her body and cups her face to see arav face and sees his eyes, she felt lyk drowning, his eyes are reacting like a magnet, tat she is automatically attracted towards his magnetic eyes.. the biting cold wind makes her fluttering sensation even more worst and her heart starts beating lyk a racing car bt she keepon staring his bettle browed eyes that are making her crazy as hel as possible..her condition is becoming now worst, she is quarreling with his thoughts in mind bt unknowingly she cant able take her eyes frm him, a litle by litle she is loosing herself to his caring eyes..  anath who is noticing her from the start wid a wide eyes makes a coughing sound.. nd finaly she comes to reality.. arav who is unaware of this excuse himself..

She felt like coming from a killing spel nd wid a jerk .. she just had a quick glance of what she had been thinking.. and give herself a tight slap  to the both of her cheeks and sprinkles water.. to get rid of frm his thoughts bt its al go in vain.. anath says “heyy stupid thn he jerks becoz of Sakshi’s weird luk?(she is luk lyk a zombie) and started laughing”..

A:ohhh hoo ms.nautanki.. wats dis ah??? Are u trying to scare me?? Let me tel u,Dis s realy scary yaar..
She is searching for the wrds.. wat to say.. if she lies, tat can be easily caught by oders..
S(frightening vce):wat wat dis.. wat r u talking abt.. u dumbo
By saying dis, she turn to the oder side, to avoid his eyes.. bt he comes infront of her, takes the lollypop frm his pocket n starts licking wid a smirking smile ..
A:so u dono wat im talking abt ah??
S:(blabering):wat talking, whyy, wat talking.. i il nt understand, i mean i dont understand.. ?
A:(low vce):tel me yaar, he is tat much hot ah.. that u keepon staring him as like he is ur mrng breakfast ms. Sakshi by saying dis he wrinkles at her
S(angry tone):cut this crap anath.. i dnt lyk dis type of jokes, are u a mental case ah??? u knw wat anath, im leaving.. bye

Before anath could say anythng, sakshi leav there without even waving a proper bye..

A:(thinks):i was just kidding, y she become this much serious?.. wait wait anath, whether it is real?..i mean my cutie pie is faling for my luv mr.charm arav.. no no it cant be hapen.. kya yaar, so much confusion.. tats y im nt using my brain at al (crazy smile).. by saying this, he starts licking his lollipop..

Scen 2:

She came out from the party and waits outside for the cab.. she takes a deep breath, consoles herself nd stands like a kid who lost her way.. she cant hold herself thinking of arav, she cant able to think anythng, else than arav, she tries to control herself but its al go in vain.. “kya yaar sakshi, wat hapen to u..  Your such a strong girl, but now why are you keepon thinking of that cheapo it his touch make you, think this much, is this is a flm that heroin fals in hero’s charms in first look, you dumbo.. bullshit sakshi. ” but again she lost in his thoughts “no hiiiis hi.. his..his  bettle browed eyes, smile.. d way he touched me, i jst feel secure, his arms are the most warmth, i hav evr felt.. lyk my dad’s.. dis made me lyk dis.” saying this she automatically closes her eyes and thinks of arav’s smile and smiles unknowingly..

Scen 2:

Arav is searching for sakshi..
Arav:heyy watzzup guyzz.. did you see sakshi.. i cant find her(sad face)
Anath:ha someone is desperately wants to see someone ah
Arav:no.. im dying to see her..(folding his hands) il you please save me from dying anath baba??..
Anath:dnt wry beata.. your soul jst went..
further anath could say anythng, arav cuts him in the mid nd says
Arav:i have to go guyzzz
He runs while taking his jacket.. anath keeps his hand on nikhil’s shoulders
Anath:wat a world yaar, deir is no one.. who can
Before anath s completing his sentence, nik takes his hand smoothly
N:sryy dude.. i dnt hav much tym to hear u.. i have to go
By saying dis he went off.. anath thinks “deir s no space for a pure soul in this cruel world” by saying dis he makes a puppy face nd started to lick his lollipop.. 

Arav comes down and search for sakshi everywhere.. and he saw something weird tat catches his attention..
Arav:wat she is doing.. is she is dreaming???
Pagal ladiki.. he stops nd smiles while seeing her weird behaviour..
Sakshi.. who is fully lost in arav thoughts and smile like a crazy girl.. suddenly she comes to her senses.. and shouts “wat the hel”…its al because of horn, she makes sad faces thinking about her dreams gets broken..
Man:heyy babs.. did u need lift??
Sakshi:are u running any social service centre??
Man:oh beauty wid attritute ah..??
He smiles nd starts staring at her from head to toe and came out from the car..
Sakshi:wat now.. do u want to come wid me??
Man:if u say yes.. i can come with u to hel also.. he he
She dont want anything to spoil her mood so she just ignored him wid a disgusting luk..and waits for taxi.. she felt  somewhat strange secure feel near her, she turns nd shocked seeing that person, it was arav.. who grasp her hand tightly and gives a side hug.. his anxious eyes, warmth shoulders, loving touch of his hand made her even more crazy.. she felt like she was in the mid of the missle attack, tat al directions are surround by guns.. he pulls her even closer and stares the man with a cold look
Arav:heyy.. bro whatsup??
Man:is she is ur gf??
Arav:did u have any problem???
Man:chill man.. i was just asking is she need any help??? Tats it..( he stares her at a different way.. but sakshi didn’t care abt anything.. she just lost in her own world.. )
Arav:us sab kahilyea.. main hoon na.. thu chal chal.. she is mine by saying this he made his grip.. even tighter.
The man leaves and arav frees her from his grip.. he turns his gaze towards her.. and started shouting

Arav:r u mad?? Wat are you dreaming at the road?? Have u lost it??
Sakshi:she remains silent.. she did utter a single word.. she just look into his caring anxious eyes..
Arav:sakshi… by saying this he held her shoulders tightly.. she comes to her senses but bumbled in a akward way and looks away..
Wid a buzz caring voice
Arav:are you alright na sakshi??? are you sick??
He try to touch her forehead.. but she stops him by holding his hand.. and started shouting
S:(angry)why you came here?wat do you think.. i cant manage myself.. do u thnk ur a suprman?? Did i ask u to help me??? Cheapo.. hlo mr. Arav arora for ur kind information, i can manage myself.. she says dis in a single breath..
A:(cool)hmm.. k i knw ms.angry bird jst chil.. nd take a deep breath nd  come with me, i il drop u miss with a wicked smile..
S:i thnk ur hearing senses are gone, mr. Arav cant u hear.. I IL NT COME WITH U, NEVER EVER.. samji by saying this she turns her face
A:k.. then, if you are not ready to come with me.. i have oly 1option left..
She holds her head, and thinks “whats hapening to me, y my body is burning like a fierce fire, OH GOD SAVE ME NAHH”..she again felt some strange sensation, she felt lyk flying in the air and saw arav who is holding her in his strong arms..
S:are you mad dumbo?? Leav me down.. NOW(by shaking her legs)
A:sry babs.. it was ur decision..
S:(shouted)leav me stupid..leav
A:if u dont stop ur irritated talking..  then i ill…..
S:you il,wat idiot?? No i il not stop and started shouting AWWWWW..
He leans his head towards her and says with a wicked smile”k..then i il kiss you” i think ur sweet lips need my hot lip service ms.teki mirchi?..
She is dumbstuck to hear this words from him, she dono wat to say and dont want to take any risk so she simply obeys him while nodding yes nd remains silent.. he makes her sit on his car and started driving.. she did not utter a single word and he felt somewhat strange and saw sakshi who is sleeping in a uncomfortable way and thinks”why she is always messy??” With a smile.. he makes her head lie on his shoulders, covered her with his jacket and started driving..

They reach home.. he opens the door and bow his head while forwarding his hand towards her “comeon princess” she knows he is kidding bt she felt real care, luv in his eyes and she dont want to reject his sweet proposal so she holds his hand by staring his eyes nd came out frm the car and says thanks wid a shy smile
A:sif thanks..
S:thn what you want?? Mr. Arav arora
He came close to her wid a romantic smile
A:watever i ask.. il u able to give that to me??
she guesses what he is trying to say and notices her hand is stil in his hand.. she tries to get free from his grip but failed.. he made her even closer by holding her waist wid his left hand nd pins her at the car, she strongly gulping her throat nd her heart started beating fastly.. she frees herself frm him and went off, but she felt a sudden grasp in her hand it was arav who hold her hand tightly.. he walk towards her and give a tempting back hug.. his front is  touching his back, his head is resting in her shoulders his cheeks are careers her neck.. his intense touch made her loose herself, her body is fully shivering, her body becomes freeze, there is not a single inch gap between them, she hold her dress tightly.. and tries to speak aaa.. arr aaraaav…
She felt al her bones are breaking one by one because he made his hug, even tighter..


Hi.. sry frndzz for making u to wait for tooooo long.. so sorry yaar.. actualy my xams gets started, evnthough i used to ly stared at books nd pretend to studying.. my parents hav to believe na.. so i could nt able to write my ff frndzzz..  i hope.. u understand me.. n keep on supporting me.. dnt wry frndzz, hereaftr i post my ff regularly buddies.. ???

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