Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 5


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Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) intro
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Part 5:

Al r complimenting n admires sakshi.. sakshi feels realy embraced either shy n rubs her necks rape wid hesitation.. her chicks r geting more n more redish.. tat makes her luk evn prettier.. sheela n hary came.. sheels hugs her tightly n says “ur damn hot today my swt hrt” she replies “kya faida, bt i cant compete wid sheela na” n raised her eyebrows towards hary.. den the both gets shy.. hary tries to compliment sakshi “u luk realy damnnn….”den he realizes cold breeze in d air, n suddenly luks sheela who s staring at him.. and gulps his wrds n tels tat “u luk cool, bt nt as my jaan he he”.. sakshi observes dis n holds hary hand.. and lie her head on hary’s shoulder “ur soo cute hary, n pinches his chicks” hary blushes hard n says tat”kuch jalnayke bathbo arrahi hay?? Kya(is sumthng s burning ah sum bad smel s cumng)” she raised her brows towards shela wid a wicked smile.. sheela speaks wid his eyes wid hary”beata, ur gone?”arav notices his frndzz bt he doesn’t c sakshi n waves hi at a lng distance.. sakshi turns towards arav.. he s sudenly blank out wid a jerk.. n walks towards sakshi.. he s staring her eyes, her lips,  her dress.. he s literally staring her frm head to toe at a lng dstnce, n cumes towards his frndzz.. he greets evry1 and turns towards sakshi n says “sum1 s luking lyk………….. lack of fashion,luks lyk fattu(wicked smile)” al were lyk.. “wat???” He points his finger towards her handbag “it doesn’t suits ur luks”.. she gves a cold luk n says “watevr..meri mersi, my bag, my dress, my fashion, my wish, my foot, i cant go widout dis bag n turns back”.. sakshi s nt angry bt she s a bit disappointment towards his actions?, as if she s
Dieing to hear sumthng diffrnt frm arav?.. sheela interrupts deir cold conversation n says “bt u were, vry causal yaar, wat hapen” “im always luks cool sheelsss nt as lyk sum1.. raising his eyebrows towards sakshi he he”.. al were lyk ohhh..

Musiq starts

Sum gal s dancing, wearing saree bt her face is closed by gunghat.. her back s towards dem.. no1sees her face.. sng starts

I Know You Want It
But You Never Gonna Get It
Tere Haath Kabhi Na Aani
Maane Na Maane Koi Duniya
Yeh Saari, Mere Ishq Ki Hai Deewani..
She turns like a see waves, her face is  towards dem bt her face is stil closed.. al were lyk “who il b dis cracker yaar” She throws the gunghat.. each n evry gal n boy were lyk AWWWWWW,  deir eyes, mouth r wide open ..they cant able to shut, evry1 were unblinkingly stares at her..  can u guess, who is she??? .. it was ANANTH..

Hey Hey,
I Know You Want It But You Never Gonna Get It
Tere Haath Kabhi Na Aani
Maane Na Maane Koi Duniya Yeh Saari
Mere Ishq Ki Hai Deewani
Ab Dil Karta Hai Haule Haule Se
Main Toh Khud Ko Gale Lagaun
Kisi Aur Ki Mujhko Zaroorat Kya
Main Toh Khud Se Pyaar Jataun

Anath s dancing lyk hel.. thn suddenly arav n nikhil joins wid him n started dancing.. 3of dem were shaking n rotationg deir hips, legs n heads in a graceful maner n shakes deir bumps lyks crazy n tats makes deir dancing evn mre funny n s*** in a hilariously funny way..

What’s My Name
What’s My Name
What’s My Name

Now sakshi joins wid dem n.. pointed her finger towards dem n say.. my name s shelia.. n al started dancing lyk crazy.. al boys mouth were  waterflowing, she s already hot.. nw she s dancing in a hot sng.. tat makes al were lyk.. iiishhh

My Name Is Sheila
Sheila Ki Jawani
I’m too s*xy For You
Main Tere Haath Na Aani
Na Na Na Sheila
Sheila Ki Jawani
I’m too s*xy For You
Main Tere Haath Na Aani
Take It On
Take It On
Take It On
Take It On

Now evry1 in d hal.. started dancing n njying lyk hel

Ain’t Nobody Got Body Like Sheila
Everybody Want Body Like Sheila
Drive Me Crazy Coz My Name Is Sheila
Ain’t Nobody Got Body Like Sheila
Everybody Want Body Like Sheila
Drive Me Crazy Coz My Name Is Sheila
Ain’t Nobody Got Body Like Sheila..

Musiq stops.. evry1 s posing diff pose.. al were hapily clapping.. n cheering themselves.. arav s too hapy.. anath n nikhil luks at each oder wid a smirked smile, both raised deir eyebrows towards arav n tear his shirt saying”abi toh party shuru uyi hai(party just nw begins dude)”.. both were screaming..  sakshi sees arav, wid a jerk she keeps her hand on her eyes n turns back.. arav hugs anath n nikhil tightly n kiss dem.. on deir chicks.. n he cums towards sakshi, thn he realizes n back off wid a cute smile on his face.. evry1 eyes s filed of tears wid njyment..

Scen 2:

Lit musiq plays.. arav s litle bc, roaming here n dere n atending al his frnds.. sakshi s standng at balcny, cing d stars.. anath came n say “hi beauty” sakshi hugs him tightly wid a wide big smile n says “u realy made my day buddy, is dis for arav??” “Ya.. u knw wat sakshi,he s vry gud in his heart,he always hide his tears wid his smile, pagal ladka”.. n “u can do anythng, for ur frnd to smile, am i ryt anath??”.. “yes baby, shal i ask one thng, dnt hate arav yaar, i feel realy bad”..
S:did i say, i hate arav??
Anat:bt u always, used to fight wid him na
S:buthu.. by hiting his head “im jst playng wid him.. stupid”..
He hugs her tightly n says.. “u luk realy hot n wat dance was tat”she remembers her dance n rubs her necks nape n aches her hair wid embarrassment” actualy i cant resist myself,wen a fast music plays n u 3 were dancing lyk hel.. how can i missed it he he”..”so naughty ur sakshi, d sakshi used to beat boys.. s realy a naughty gal in real lyf.. cha cha sakshi…” she cant resit her smile n starts blushing, it s seen al ovr her face.. she ignored his eyes becoz if he notice tat im blushing.. thn he il defiantly pulls my leg n sees down n says “anath pls dnt pul my leg na in a shy way”.. he leans towards her face, bt she keeps avoiding his eyes n luk at oder sides..”if u want to stop frm pulling ur leg, u hav to say i luv u to me, wat say(funny way)”.. “ya.. i luv u  sheila ki jawani(n pose his step) n collapse his hair..”?”kya,sakshi u broke my heart n gives a puppy face(he puts his hand on his chest n acts lyk dieing).. both were laughing he he.. wen anath n sakshi eventualy havng a gud tym..  a man cumes “hi, ms. Beautiful.. can i hav ur hand for dancing” before anath n sakshi.. abt to speak sumthng..

Arav comes n hold her waist tightly n says “bro, she s nt ur type” he leans his head towards her, he uttered his eyebrows at sakshi and asks”am i ryt sakshi”.. anath eyes r big opened in shock.. becoz both were literally lost in each oder eyes and thinks “sumthng s cookng b/w
dem”.. (naughty smile)?

Precap: sum1 tries to misbehave wid sakshi.. arav sees dem n rushes to deir while running..

Hope.. u njyed it frndzz.. if u lyk it comment frndzzz.. sry for d hindi errors.. i already said im bad at hindi bt i luv it so tolerate it.. luv u frndzz.. keep smiling n makes evry1 smile.. ?

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  1. Sakshi u r cute yaar

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  2. Supr episode.. I think they started to feel for each other… Living their cute moments… Update soon…

    1. without twist.. dere s no luv stry na.. anaya.. so jst wait dr

  3. Lovely episode

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