Luv Doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 4


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Part 4:

Scen 1:

Arav were lyk”wat the hel s hapening here” his face is ful of ques mark, he feels d cool breeze, he dono wat to talk n wher to start.. he s literally stunt..suddenly her dad burst into laughter, he was laughing lyk hel tat he canot able to resist n he bend downward to comfort his clenching stomach.. tears were roled down frm his eyes slowly..
S(notty smile):wat shekhar, tum bhi na..u ruined my plan.. den she starts laughing wid him giving,hifis to each oder..
Apa:ur vry bad sakshi.. seriously,c his face na… he s abt to cry man.. arav luk around n asks “wat was dis, r u making fun of me?, is it a joke”.. thn appa says “chill my dr” n sakshi introduces her dad to arav.. arav was gng to take d blessing.. bt sakshi pulled his hand.. n stand on d place of sekhar.. wen arav bends down, he sees heels.. he luks up and sees sakshi(raising her hand lyk babaji) and says “aasir vath toh regiyea beata”.. he was abt to scream.. den he sees her dad n controled his anger.. n again both dad n beati starts laughing..
A(angry):y u caled me????
S:chil mr.bander.. she excuse herself frm dere n went inside to orphanage..he was caling her continuously bt she ignores him n went off..arav is in a awkward situation, he dono wats to do.. n he literally staring his mbl, as if its his gf.. thn finaly silent brokes
Appa:so ur mr.romeo, ryt???
A(shocked):n…. oo noo uncle, no..
Apa:oh cumon dude, he wraps his arms around his neck n gives a punch on his stomach in a frndly way.. “dis is d age to flirt man, dnt be shy???he clicked his brows towards him n asks how many tymes, u got beat frm my princess?? ”
A:its nt lyk tat uncle.. can u pls tel me.. wats hapening here.. becoz i.. i
Apa:k buddy..i can understand.. she s nt playing a prank.. so jst,take a chil pil na

Fb shows:

Apa:give a rsn?? She gets up and hugs her dad and says “i jst want to go to orphanage, n donate some thngs dad.. tats it”
Amma:bt he s already sponsoring.. tat orphanage n ur frequently gng thre n spnding tym na.. thn sudenly dis much mny.. y??
S:i knw mom.. actualy i wnt to celebrate, 1spoit butt b’day dad.. he s d no.1 flirt, u knw.. he doesn’t hav common sense also, idiot.. he thnks tat givng mny is enough, hapines il cum.. such a stupid dad he is.. i jst want to show him d real hapines..
Ankith: OH MY GOD.. Do u luk him ms. Devil..?? He must be a brave man ha ah.. he started laughing..
S:(angry) ha ah do i look lyk a fool..?? crazy,bt nt tat much crazy to luv a flirt.. betr evry1 understand..
Appa:bt princess
S:dad n mom.. no mre ques.. do u trust me ryt???
Appa:cool.. bt one condition
Fb ends

Arav is literally shocked nor hapy “dnt say me uncle, did she realy came here to celebrate my b’day? mmmyyyy b’day” “dnt be so shocked dube, no one knws wats in her mind”.. he s smiling as hel, he cant control his smile and keeps his finger on his lips, he dono y.. bt his legs cant stay stil,it is roaming here n thre, he cant resist his smile n certainly hugs her dad says “tq.. tq tq so much uncle.. bt, if u dnt mind, can u tel d amount tat u spend for, today sponser (hesitation)” n takes his wallet frm his pocket.. wen her dad s abt to speak.. sakshi cums behind n hits at the head of arav strongly.. he is like “wat d hel” n she wend to his dad n says “i told u na dad,  he s such a spolitbutt jerk.. “n pointed her finger towards him n said “oye, ur mom can b a member of NGO,ur dad can sponsor d big orphanage,ur dad might be a BIG BUSINESSMAN,u might also be rich, bt u cant buy anythng by ur money mr.. my dad s also a big business man..dnt show ur attritute towards me n my dad.. samji” and at a low vce”dad how cheepo ur, i agreed to ur condition na,u can reduce it my pocket mny nu.. thn y ur asking mny frm him.. shameless dad, realy shameless??”when dad n arav trying to speak, she stops both of dem..sakshi drags arav by holding his hands.. n went from there.. shekhar excuse himself becoz of d imprtnt cal

Scen 2:

The room s too dark n al were started singing wen arav came “hapy b’day 2 arav,hapy b’day 2 arav…”lights r on, he can see so many kids cuming towards him, by holding rose.. the room s ful of decorations wid balons,flowers n smal smal thngs evry where, its luks cute evrywhre…evnthough its luks lyk a kids b’day party, arav likes al..he surprisingly see sakshi.. n thinks”wats happening here”.. thn he takes d rose, given by d kids.. n in a low vce “wats dizz, rose?? Am i a girl??” “Bt, im a girl na, i can ly thnk of girl point of view..anyway, rose r luved by evry1 dumbo(angry)” n turns her face.. arav asks sakshi(funny way)”do u lyk me?? Is dis ur proposal, u notty, u can say me straight na, y dis”??n she says”am i a fool, cant u hav eyes, did i gav u d rose??? Arav were lyk watever n turns while smiling.. arav s realy hapy, his face s ful of excitement n  smiling al ovr his face.. he cant stop cing at sakshi.. he distributes the gifts, dance wid the kids,cuts the cake n gives d cake to sakshi’s dad n his eventualy eyes search for sakshi everywhere bt she s bc wid grannies(arav sad)

Aftr sum tym

Appa s playing chess wid sum ppl, sakshi s playing 7stones wid kids.. n arav s playing cricket.. he s njying it.. he hit sixer n jumps in joy n c sakshi,  she s laughing loudly n jumping up n down lyk a kid, he s literaly seeing eithr staring her “is she is trying to be cute or she s already dis cute” thn evry1 luks at him at a consain says”BHAIIIIII, ur already out”.. he realizes wat he s done, he went off frm here by aching his hair n biting his lips wid embarrassment…arav goes to her dad n says”uncle, i hav to go, im getting late”..
Apa:k my son n advance hapy b’day.. sry beata..
Arav(shocked):wat.. i mean y uncle??
Apa:i knw vry much abt my princess.. she definitely tortured u, ryt?? Bt she s nt tat bad..he luks at her”actualy, she changed 3skuls n 1clg, now she is in ur clg.. god ly knws wat she s upto”
Arav: 3skul.. y wat hapen..?? Any problm uncle
Apa:harray beata, dnt joke..”wherevr she goes to sum place, dat place il b in d prblm becoz of her, she used to beat sum boys.. n got suspended.. n her mom randomly change her skul.. she act to b hard”.. bt says in husky vce “she doesn’t evn knw, how to drive also, evn she doesn’t knw how to ride bicycle also…” both starts laughing “lyk realy” and give hifis to each oder.. appa says”dnt u mind beata, can u make a prmse for me..” “sure uncle”.. “i dono, much abt her frnds in ur clg, il u take care of my princess behalf of me.. she s jst lyk a kid.. dnt take her action seriously” appa eyes r wet bt proud in his face.. arav thinks abt her, luk at sakshi n says “sure uncle” n leavs frm dere


He cumes to sakshi,his face s ful of teeth n says “im leaving”.. “am i luk lyk a joker, y r u showing ur teeth??” “K im leaving(angry), cum to d tomorrow’s party” wen he is abt to leav..
S:oye,she luks at oder side n says “advance hapy b’day”
A:ohhh hooo.. starts smiling.. n started walking backwards while luking at sakshi and went off
S:conform.. 100% mental case


S:wowww.. ms.shella harshad arora s calng me ah..  wat a surprise
Shela(shy):ha ah vry funny
S:woh toh main hoon.. he he
Shela:wel.. ms. Sakshi il u stop pulling my leg.. thn say wat ur gng to wear on arav’s party
S:lyk always.. jean or sumthng.. tat feels mre comfortable to me
Sh:kya yaar,sakshi.. its nt fair.. al il luk lyk dashing.. bt ur gng to cum,  as usual lyk.. jean,kurta, legging or watevr wid light makeup.. pls no
S:bt wats so spl.. b’day party oly na.. u knw abt me ryt???
Sh:bt dis s our first party aftr a lng tym wid frnds ryt??
S:aiishhh.. ur wrds r sounds lyk a typical boy frnd yaar.. watevr k babha.. happy??
Sh:k jaan jann.. my slave s calng bye
S:ur too much.. bye bye
Omg.. now wat i il wear now

Nxt day eve:

Arav’s party:

The party is heading at top of one of d luxurious building.. arav was wearing white transparent shirt n dark blue pants, he s luking se** as wel as cool,though he s wearing a casual.. ther were ly sum frnds, no business man.. no parents.. ly his clse frnds are at d party.. sakshi came here wid  red sleev top,her eyes r specified by kajal,her pinkish lips is now red,her long ear ring, her bareback r closed by her free hair.. al together she s totally damn hot n s*xy, in ordinary wrds she s looks lyk a wet rose.. whoooooww.. kaira cums dere, her mouth n eyes r wide open,bt she cant say evn a single word.. sakshi frndzz ar started staring at her lyk sumthng.. she literally feels embarrassed eithr shy n rubs her necks rape… arav admires her beauty n cums towards her..

Precap: aravs party.. arav, nikhil n ananth’s bromance dance.. ???

Tq so much frnds.. to al for liking my stry n for al ur luvable comments.. do u feel lyk my stry s too lng to read.. pls share frnds.. i il make it short.. dnt hesitate.. sry for d hindi errors.. i dont knw hindi yaar.. so excuse n keep smiling n make evry1 smile frndzz..

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