Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 3


Tq so much to al d frnds.. for ur luvly comments n reading my stry.. n aditi i il try my bst to write d romance part btr.. yaar

Part 3:

Scen 1:clg

Arav n sakshi r cls to each oder.. his hand in her waist, she can hear his heart beat, feels his aroma.. deir nose r touching each oders, his hot breadth touches al ovr her face.. she slowly clses her eyes, n moves her leg(heels) slowly n place it on arav shoes wid ful force.. arav:CRAZY GAL, REMOVE UR LEG FRM MY LEG.. n pushes her, he screams by holding d leg.. she uttered her brows raised at arav, cmes nearer n pulls his back hair n says DO U THNK TAT IM A EASY GOAL MY DR.. he gets furious n holds her hair.. dey both started fighting by holdng each oder hairs lyk crazy.. sudenly d frndzz comes b/w n try to stop dem.. kaira cums in d midle,n try to stop dem, bt she gets stuck at d middle,cant able to mve, either of deir sides.. dey both pulls her hair n kick her of dem were fed up.. n scream at consain AWWWWW STOP IT.. both were heavily beathing.. n leav eachoder hairs n gave a cold luk to each oder

Aftr sum tym

Al of dem luking at eachoder n started laughing.. nikhil says”haray yaar..u both r seriously, rock d stage man”..
Nikhil:i thnk both r gng 2 kiss.. wat hapen sakshi??(smile)
Sakshi:ah ha ya.. bt he dnt brush na.. so i cant bear his i hit him wid my heels..(wicked smile) actualy NOW HOW R U FEELING MR. Idiotic bandar
Arav(screaming):oh.. pls smel,  actualy u were lst in my aroma, so jst stop ur actng..n how dare u step on my legs ms. Angry bird n cumes forward
S:(screaming):wat a joke ha ah.. how dare u cum closer 2 me.. mr.idiotioc bacha?she cumes forward n hit him wid head to head
Nikhil: ahhhh.. dis place s getng hoter n hoter, i cant able to breathe here.. thn he separates both..
Anath:kya yaar, tum bi na.. guyzz  cumon.. im waiting i need mre sort of emotions.. cumonn cumon(eatng lollipop).. al luk at anath and says at consn STUP UP ANATH n evry1 went off.. sudenly shela pulls hary to d corner n pins him on d wal, she keeps her hand around his neck, he keeps his hand around her waist

H:oh naughty.. r u gng 2 kiss me ah
Sh:how can i kiss my slave my dr.. he suddenly remembers his deal
H:(smile):cumon jaan, it was a joke ryt??
Sh:she nodes no.. she careles his face wid her index finger..she gets more closer n closer(hary thinks, it il b deir first kiss? n clses his eyes)she whispers in his ears TAKE MY BAG ND CUM DOWN SLAVE.. she turns back(smiling)n went of.. aiiishhh tat was a vry close to kiss said by hary.. ??

Scen 2:(sh)

Sakshi punches her teddy bear in anger.. batameez?u il defiantly,  dead meat in my hands one day.. mark my wrds bandarrrrrrr… (screaming)

Nxt mrng clg

It was a usual day.. hapy, sad bt today no masthi becoz both r nt talkng, d whole day.. dey r oly staring at each oder..wen al are ready to go home,  arav invites his frndz to b’day party, including sakshi.. arav thinks in mind,”cum angry bird.. i il cut al ur feathers in my party.. wait n watch my dr devil (smile)”
S:seriously..his b’day is 2morow???
Nik:ya ma.. whn arav abt to leav.. thn suddenly sakshi caled him as CHOTAI.. evry1 laughs
A:excuse me.. am i luk chotai to u.. how dare u
S:(playing wid d hair)watevr.. she keeps her hand around her shoulder n says “y,r u wasting ur mony on throwing a party, instead u can help needy na.. aftr al it il reduce ur chances of gng to hel”.. wat say
A:excuse me.. my mom s in d part of NGO n dad s d sponsor of 1of d big orphanage.. so take ur hands n lectures.. wid urself

S:(smile):removes her hand frm his shoulders n says”tat means,ur ly the useles one in ur house ha ah.. i knew it”.. chuuuchu chu (lizard nse)
A:”how dare she.. arav cool buddy cool, she hav to cum to dat party,den ly my revenge stry il complete so stay col(mind)”
S:watevr.. i try to cum mr.idiotic choti se bandar
Anath:seriously guyzz.. dey both r suprb.. n he kisses arav at his chicks..he pushes him away,  al of dem were lyk yaaawwhhh..

Scen 2 (sh):

Sakshi.. thnking of arav n tel to herself tat.. i hav to do it.. she cumes downstairs n hugs her amma,tightly at d back.. and says”mom u luv me na”
A:did i hav any oder option
S:mom..pls be serious na.. ?
A:luv so much beata..k tel wat u want now
S(smile):ur too smart mom.. actualy its nt a big deallll………… i.. i actualyyyy want jst jst jst 30,000 mom
Am:ankith take tat broomstick n cum
S:maaaaa.. u cant do dis much to me, pls pls pls ma
Appa:wats gng on here my princess She bends in her kness, n says dad u luv me ryt, dis property n business al r mine la papa.. cant u jst give 30,000 to ur princes(childish face)
Ankith(murmuring):how filmy she is?? Wt she thnks of herself.. seriously cant bearable..mental case
S:(cute)papa.. pls na wid plesing blinking luk
Apa(now wat she s upto god):k thn tel  a valuable reason..
(Silent mode)………..


Scen 3:

Sakshi cals arav
S:heyy.. stupid
S:ya me chooottai..
A(shouting):im nt chottai.. cant u hav eyes..r u blind??blind kaiyukay
S:watevr.. dnt waste my tym, i il txt u d adres.. cum to tat place.. k
A:y.. iam i ur slave nor ur bf?? .. tat u ordered me, thn i hav to cum to tat widin the mins.. 
S:k say, i want to cum to ur party or nt?? Decide
A:he thnks of his revenge “she definitely hav to cum”..(smile)ya u hav to cum sakshi..
S:den cum to dat addres.. n dnt u dare to cum late… understand.. she cuts d cal.. arav thnks tat”is she s planing any prank on me,dis gal is dancing on my head”,i hav to be careful

Scen 4:

Arav cumes dere n cals sakshi, wher d hel, r u..sakshi says chil babs.. im on d way.. she cumes out of car, she luks at oder side of the car,it was her dad, both r staring n gives a cold luk to arav..arav totaly confused “wat nw, he is sakshi dad i used to c.. bt y,he s staring at me??? Did she told anythng?? Did she complain to him???he clicked his brows wid ques??.. (flmy way)she leans her back n sit on d front of d car,thn adjust her sunglas, litle down n staras arav wid attritute.. arav thnks “WAT THE HEL IS HAPPENING HERE, IS SHE CRAZY??”screen freezes on both.. 

Precap: keep guessing..

Tq so much frnds for liking my stry n reading.. if,i bored u..dnt hesitate.. feel free to share.. tat makes my stry evn better frndzz.. ur comments means alot to me frndzz

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  4. Hey Priya ur story is good. What is going to happen. No idea… Update soon..

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