Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 18 (links fr 1-17)

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Part 18:

The episode starts wid anath points his index finger towards somewhere.. nd sakshi gaze automatically catched that place.. her eyes s ful of excitement.. nd her puckish eyes are somewhere pleasing its view.. to show d aarav.. her excited expressions are now turning into some vague expression.. aftr seen  the view.. wow.. dere s bunch of kids whom are making 2rounds by holding roses nd hiding deir hands at d back.. wat could it il b?? N by d way who s dng dizz for me?? N wat deir r hidding behind dere back?? Oh godd.. im havng a vry smal brain.. now ur tsting it.. its nt fair.. dis s cheating..? she can’t predict wat s happening.. al she can see is ly.. their eyes which is sparking lyk a star.. their smile which s more mischievous.. by seeing their smile sakshi cant resist her smile.. nd smiled broadly nd turns her gaze towards anath by clicking her brows wid question mark.. nd anath who s admiring her smile.. just smiles back  n sakshi makes a wats happening face.. bt anath reamins silent while smiling.. nd dere light weight conversation r distracted by sum anomalous noise.. she cant predict where it s coming.. nd wid a jerk she looks at d kids..  who are coming towards sakshi as lyk a smal missile firing from d gun.. she bumbled into enthusiasm nd move a step backward becozz of d kids.. who hits her lyk an attack.. nd gives her bunch ful of roses wid so much love on their  eyes.. she hurriedly collects al d roses from d kids nd kissed them allllll.. the kids wid a abrupt jerk automatically wents to same place bt now they stand behind the 2nd row of kids…now she s vry much confused nd waits for..  wat next.. her eyes become exaggerated wid a fire of excitement.. she did not even slightly  move her eyelid in d aware of missing any glossy scenes.. nd suddenly she become more excited by hearing d same anomalous noise.. ya.. ya now she can predict the cage of d vce.. i got it.. its coming at d mid of d kids.. her eyes sparked wid curosity nd tried to see behind d kids.. wooowww.. she cant believe her own eyes.. she thinks her eyes s playing tricks wid her.. the kids r holding d psc of alphabets.. nd they came closer to each oder nd made a loop of string..hurray now the alphabets becomes words.. she cleared her blurr view nd focus on d psc of board..  “IM SORRY MY ANGRY BIRD”.. now her smile turns into instance of blushing one.. becoz now she may guess who it may b..

The kids.. made a way at d midd.. now she can see d prsn who s holding ears by standing on his knees wid a puppy face by holding the sry.. in his buttery lips.. ya it s aarav.. nd kids shouted at a unison “plzzzzz forgive bhaiiiii na.. sissyyyy”.. her heart skipped a beat nd smiling lyk hel..she s at d way of instance of fainting now she can felt how.. to b in cloud nine nd stared at aarav who looks damn cute.. tat she had none oder choice to forgive himm.. aarav stood up nd came near sakshi wid a puupy sad face nd gav d rose..

A:im.. soooo sryyyy my dear.. im so sorryy.. pls accept my rose na???
S (thinks):oh.. goddddd how cute.. he is?.. evryday im faling for him.. more than d lst time.. i felt lyk pulling his chicks nd placing a kissssss… dizz damn savage sensation.. shit man i cant control dizz.. no.. no i dnt want to control dizz.. i jst want to hug himm.. ya..come on sakshii hug.. d mst sensation nd passionate hug.. i want to give him..

She hugsss him wid ful of erotic way as lyk she want to experience d whole world by being in his arms.. aarav huged back.. nd smiled.. she made her grip of hug tighter nd smiles heavily showing her ful perfect teeth.. nd whispers in his ears “i luv you stupiddd.. i luv u so muchh” by sayng dizz she placed her petal lyk lips on his manly bull neck nd kissed him in an envious way.. aarav whisk sakshi away nd screams in a shrill filled noise

Aarav:wat d helllll.. sakshiii
S(cool):uffhoooo.. why r u ovr reacting ah??
A(angry):seriously sakshiii.. ovr reacting??? for u.. s dizz tat much easy??
S(attitude):oh.. my godd.. no way aarav.. loving u is nt at al easy.. its really really difficult task.. u knw???
A:im asking abt d kiss???
S(smiling):ohhh.. so tat means.. u dnt care abt my proposal.. r u okay wid it??
A:hav u gone mad???
S(wrinks):ya.. i think so.. il u treat me???
A:wat.. if dizz s a joke.. let me tel you.. im nt at al in d mood for hearing or cracking any joke.. really ur getting on my nerves sakshiii..
S(blushed):dnt wry.. soon i il get on ur heart.. my love
Aarav s angry to d core nd irked nd afraid of sakshi sudden change of behaviour nd by giving fierce angry gazes he went offf becoz no one il won her by debut…
S:wat god.. its nt fairr.. even when he s angry.. i found him more cute.. you hav made my aarav.. realy cutee?.. cuteness ovr loaded??? by saying dizz she turns her gaze towards anath who s widely open his jaws.. she closed his jaws wid her hands

S:ohh anath.. now pls dnt tel.. tat boy hav to propose first. nd a gal hav to b atleast a bit shy to propose to his man.. nd bla bla blaaa.. lyk rubbish thinks okay????
A:ya.. sakshiiii.. i mean.. wooowwww.. bt y al of sudden..?
S:becozz.. of him.. haan becoz of him only.. uffgghh im in lst stage of love.. u jst cant imagine anath.. wat i was thinking wen he said sorry.. if i can na?? I would hav eaten him… i jst need him badly anath.. whenever i see him.. my eyes automatically gives a categorical view of love.. day by day im becoming more infected wid an illness called aarav.. so for dizz.. i jst need him desperately to treat me nor he would hav killed me wid his cuteness.. so i did it wid helplessness??? Did i did anything wrong???? By saying dizz.. she makes a childish face as lyk she s d most innocent gal in dis whole world..?

A:r u sure.. u made the ryt decision?? By proposing him??? now
S:haray yaarr.. i dono abt tat.. al i knw is.. now i can love my mr.angry young man.. wid ful of freedom.. i dnt want to hide my feelings..? yipeee
S:ohhhh.. hooo anath pls na.. im vry hapyy today so dnt spoil my mood.. n take care of my rosses. n dont you dare to do anything to my rose.. ohh my childrens(roses).. did anath do anything na.. jst think of me.. i il come to ur rescue.. my love??
Anath thinks “children seriously”..?
A:where r u gng??
S(edible luks):planning to kill ur frnd buddy..  by saying dizz she runs behind d kids while tons of love in her eyes…

Anath(thinks):madd girl.. how could a gal propose a boy.. lyk diss?? She must hav a unique power of embarrassing oders?.. Ohh God wat u think while creating dizz unique psc.. u mst b in confused state.. i cant predict dizz anomalous creature..pls save my frnd aarav frm dizz madf gal.. by saying dizz he gives a broad smile while looking at sakshii..

Frustrated aarav.. reached home nd shut his door wid a ablaze force as lyk he s gng to squeeze off.. he removed his shirt nd started punching his punching bag.. he punched nd punched nd punched nd punched hardly… releasing his ful anger

Aftr a awhile he composes himself nd breaths heavily..n drinks a bottle ful of watr.. while leaning on d bed.. he felt somewhat reveled nd closes his eyes wid a name of peace.. he certainly stood up from d bed nd throwed d bottle hard tat it strike d wal wid ful of hatred..

A:DAMN.. MAN DAMNNNNN… wat happen to her?? S she gone mad??? Fantastic.. She.. ms.sakshi shekar.. who hates me d mst..? s now luving me?? Wat a crap joke mannnn.. dis is?? dizz luv.. relationship.. al r such tonzz of trash.. bullshit.. sucking of blood..  waste of tym..  i dnt want to fal for any crap of fake relationship.. i thought she would b footprint on my wayy nd walk along wid me.. i didn’t thought tat she il b jst a passing cloud who jst passes our lyf.. jst lyk tat.. i hate you sakshi.. i really hate you for giving a false hope..hate you for leaving my hand..hate you for coming in my lyf.. hate you sakshiii.. HATE YOU TO D CORE.. he screams.. shouts.. while a bit wet in his eyes..
The episode ends wid aaravs angry face nd sakshi envious face.. ??????

Precap: love chasing..

Some of dem r asking d links for d previous episodes.. so here s d linkk frndzz

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  11. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode, arav’s apology n sakshi’s confession…..wowwww. .now why this arav showing this much anger…sakshi dear go for your lovey dovey n make him realize that you truly love him…not a passing by cloud..but love of life…never ending..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug, happy belated Valentine’s Day

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