Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 17

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Part 17:

The episode starts wid when everyone s searching for aarav n sakshi.. they cant even find in their room evn nt eithr in the yarn nor at beach..evn though they knw sakshii s brave enough to protect herself.. they become litle tensed… Becoz dis s her first tym.. she doesn’t know abt the place very wel..

Nikhil:where did they went yaar..?? Its already 6.40..
Hary:ya.. v hav to reach clg.. atleast before break.. else hitler il fire us..?
Shela:shame on u.. guyzz instead of being worry abt our frndzz.. ur worrying abt punishment..
Anath:hee heee.. pls sheela.. v hav to worry abt d prsn.. who il b wid both.. they il squeeze nd suck dat prsns blood.. tats for sure..
By saying dizz he smiles n gives hifis to each oder
Shela:ha ah.. vry funny ah.. stop ur baseless jokes nd think.. where would be the both..
Hary:v hav searched al places bt
A flash of spark appeared on everyone face n looked at each oder.. nd wid a unison.. “balcony”

They runs nd reach the balcony nd shocked to see both… al eyes were exaggerated n luks at eachoder in a way of “wats happening”..

Sakshi n aarav s in each oder arms as lyk in a way away from d world.. she placed her head at his left hand nd aaravs right hand s on sakshi waist.. The cast of sunlight s flashing on sakshi face that are disturbing her glossy sleep nd she hides her face while placing her face at his chest to escape from the grasping sunlight by clutching his shirt.. he s at d way of  consciousness bt feeling her touch.. he reciprocate with a hug by wrapping his arms around her waist.. nd made her even closer in a way of sensing each oder aromatic vague feelings.. nd enclosed her by forming a smal external barrier.. they both are just drowning in eachoder arms..

Hary opens his jaws widely n says “even i didn’t hug sheela..lyk dis erotic way” n luks at sheela.. whose eyes are firing as lyk rifle that are hiting him hard nd gulps his words.. sheela screams nd tries to wakes them up bt al go in vain.. in each n evry try of sheela they r getting even more closer..that they become literally inseparable.. suddenly nikhil grasps an idea n pour bucket ful of water on them.. both shouts nd stands rigid as lyk a drenched statue nd shouts at unison “wat d hellllll”

They can see a blank reaction on everyone face..both can clearly sense the breeze of cold wind which grudges the blaze coming from everyone eyes.. she clicked her brows wid a question mark on al ovr her face n says wid a cool tone

S:watsup guyzz.. y ur staring us??? As lyk v hav done any sin????
Al while crossing their arms wid sum anomalous expressions gives their mbl n says
Shela:nothing.. just come down
Hary:ya.. come down fast
Nikhil:ya.. Ya comw down fast by saying dizz one by one al went off..

Arav n sakshi r confused nd gives a what expressions on their faces.. thn suddenly their phone started to beep wid a message of anath.. they opened nd shocked to see the msg.. its d pic of them (their hugging pic)(actually anath takes the pic when everyone s bc in watching arav n sakshi romantic hug).. their jaws r wide open.. their eyes become exaggerated.. they blinked their eyes continuously.. they cant believe their own eyes nd saw eachoder at weird way nd at a unison “YOUUUUUUUUUU”

S:wat me..???? Wat was dizz mistr??
A:helo.. miss can’t u hav eyes???  see tat pic clearly.. u hav put strained on my respect.. how il i face my frndzz?? Chaiii shit yaar
S:ohh… strain my foot..luk who s talking abt respect.. ha ah vry funny  dnt crack a joke okay???
A:oyeee hlow.. dnt twist my words.. nd say why u sleep wid me diss.. close ah??? R u trying to.!!? oh goddddd..
by saying dizz he crossed his arms on his chest.. n makea a fake frightening face as if she s going to do something?.. sakshi s irked of his behaviour nd cant control her anger her eyes r becoming red.. her hands r waiting to give him a tight slap.. her lips r longing to give him a nice answer.. bt her damn throat s stuck at d mid.. nd her voice s nt coming out..becoz of tat she gets even more irritated nd grinded her teeth wid ablaze look.. nd came forward.. nd jumped in casting..  caution to the result of being close wid
aarav.. nd clutched his shirt firmly n says “ya.. ya im going to strain ur respect.. wat ur gng to do ah ah?”.. by saying dizz she firmly held aaravs shirt nd unlock his button wid ful wrestling power..nd warped her hand around his bull manly neck nd tried to pull him hard so that he il get close to her.. bt he s resisting so tat she pulled him hard wid a firm grip.. n says wid a wicked voice”now wat ur going to do.. mr.victim..” bt she feels sudden breathlessness due to his abrupt touch on her waist.. nd wid the jerk she comes to sense.. bt she gets really embarrassed becoz now she know.. wat she had done due to her damn uncontrollable anger.. nd closes her eyes hardly so tat she can avoid his mischievous eyes tat are questioning her wid a bunch of expressions..

Arrav leans his head nd whispers in her ears
A:ohhh.. ms.wild cat..ufffggghhh i knw ur desperate.. bt dont u think.. dis s too muchh fast????
Sakshi pushes him nd rolled her eyes acts as if she doesn’t care abt wat had jst happened b/w them. nd thinks to get out from dizz awkward situvation n says
S:ohh god.. wat il anath il think about me now??? Shit man.. i hav to make him clear..!! Else he il misunderstand
A(anger tone):watt??? Y u hav to clear him???
S:its none of ur business
A:ohhh.. realy
S:ya.. ofcourse
A:jst say it na.. u like him.. so tat u don’t want him to be misunderstood the situvation.. why r u giving a bl***y reasons ah???
She s shel shocked towards his hurting words bt she cant believe wat.. she s hearing just now
S:watt.. wat did u say..?? Pardon
A:dnt acts lyk.. ur deaf ms.sakshi
S:woooooowww.. how brilliant ur mr.aarav.. im impressed seriously yaar.. wat a grasping power u hav???!!woowww woooooowwww Commendable aarav.. realy commendable?.. u caught me yaar.. i like him soooo muchhh.. no.. no no.. not ly like da.. i really luv him sooooooo muchhhhh..
Aarav s shel shocked towards her answer nd wrings her hand tightly
A:wat do u mean sakshii..
S:ur jst beyond disgusting aarav..?
By saying dizz.. she frees herself from his grip n went offf..

Aftr an hour:

No one s talking to one another becoz everyone s angry on aarav n sakshi wid some reasons.. nd went off from there

At clg:

Sakshi s angry eithr felt grief towards aarv’s bitter words.. nd didn’t spoke to anyone.. even she didn’t give explanations to her frnds.. who s angry on her nd sits besides wid anath.. anath s talking continuously bt sakshi didn’t utter a single word.. nd lost in her own psc of thoughts.. sheela s realy burning inside due to sakshi behaviour becoz.. sakshi don’t even giving damn unrelisitic  explanations to her.. aarav came there nd gav her a cold expressions towards sakshi.. who s sitting near anath.. salshi saw aarav nd reciprocal him wid a disgusting vague expressions.. nd aarav sat besides wid harry.. tym passes bt in d whole time aarav s jst staring at sakshi in a edible way as if he s going to eat her in a single gulp..

Lunch break:

Everyone went off for lunch.. except sakshi who s left al alone in the clas room.. she s fully broken down.. she cant able to bear aaravs hatred words towards her.. bt she.. even dont want to clear the misunderstanding..she keep on thinks abt aarav nd automatically a pair of tears were rolled down from her eyes n caress her chicks in a slowly manner.. bt wid a abrupt she wipes her tears.. n cups her face to see the shadow man.. it was anath.. ya anath.. who s holding lollipop in his hands..

Anath:basically i dnt share my lollip to anyone.. bt ur spl na?? u can hav it..? by saying dizz he forwards his hand.. bt she ignored it nd turns her face.. anath wid a smile sat near her by placing his hands on her shoulders..
Anath:okay.. now tel me.. wat aarav hav did???
Sakshii s broken down nd anath caring vce broked her into tears.. nd started to cry vigorously by leaning her head on his shoulders.. n says while sobbing..
S:ananth.. anath did u think.. tat i can love anyone else than aarav ah da???
She s crying as lyk hel.. tat anath can see her tearfilled eyes wid pain nd make her to face him by holding her chin up.. nd wipes her tears..
Anath:shhhh.. plss stop crying na!!? nd say wat happen???

Sakshi told evrythng tat hapen b/w aarav nd her bt again ends up wid crying wid loud gasps..

S:whyy anath?? Whyy?? Cant he see love in my eyes when im wid him?? Cant he see the desperate feeling in my eyes to get hold him.. on each n evey sec?? Cant he hear my racing heart beat when he s wid me??? Dis pain s realy killing me anath.. the pain of one side luv.. i knw anath my luv il b lyk a castle in the air.. its impossible to happen.. bt dizz i don’t expect from him da?.. how can he think tat im luving someone ah???
Anath:sakshi.. if u dnt mind.. can i say something??? U il nt beat me na??
Sakshi nodes him no..
A(sad face):u lukkk realy realy realy ugly wen ur crying yaar?just trust me.. i swear tat nose.. tat eyes.. yawkkk sakshiiii.. chaiiii
Sakshi smiles nd beats him lightly on his shoulder..
A:oh godd.. finally my princess smiled
By saying dizz he gives the lollipop nd she accepts it wid smile..

Both starts licking their lollipops nd leaves from there while smiling.. nd when they abt to leav they collided wid aarav.. aarav avoids sakshi’s eyes becoz he knows that sakshi s hurt.. bt he don’t want to either to compromise her nor to say sorry.. so he keeps on avoids sakshi.. as if she does not exist in tat place.. sakshi s boiling due to his cheapo behaviour nd takes her ink pen out from her bag.. nd deliberately splits on aarav shirt.. its makes an art in his white shirt
S:oops… im nt at al sryyy mr. cheapo disgusting fellow
By saying dizz she angrily went off.. aarav s just looking at the path tat she went off.. nd gets sadd

Anath:watsup broo
Aarav:wat hapen?? Did she alright??
Ana:i thought tat.. u il b more concern abt ur spoiled shirt.. bt ur thinking abt sakshii.. who spoiled ur shirt..? interesting ah..!!
Aar:no.. yaar im perfectly alright.. jst tel me.. is she okay??
Ana:no.. she s nt.. my prince
Aarav becomes sad.. becoz he knows the reason behind her sadness s him.. who spilled her wid his harsh coward words
Ana:sakshi told evrythng
Aarav dont reply anything nd jst replied hmm.. by lowers his eyes
Ana:do u realy think.. me n sakshi.. i mean.. u understand naa???
Aarav didn’t say anything becoz he don’t hav the guts to eithr face him nor answer him.. anath pats arav’s back n says “chilll.. brooo y r u.. keeping ur face lyk u hav done a sin.. u had a doubt so.. u wnt to asked her.. tats it.. bt let me say one thing yaar.. i love her.. ya i love her company..her smile..her cuteness.. her caring nature.. al.. bt i dnt luv her like tat.. so u dnt wry” by saying dizz he smirks at aaav..

Aarav could feel his fishy expressions nd tries to leav from there.. bt anath holds him n says “where r u gng broo”
Aarav:to clas.. where else yaar..
Anath:do u realy want to die in tat devil hands???
Aarav:bt how can i ask her sry yaar..
Anath:trust me brooo.. its going to b realy a tough job.. al d bst yaar.. by saying dizz anath hugs aarav n went from there

Day went off.. sakshi cant find aarav d whole half dayyy.. her eyes r desperate to look him bt she show off as if she doesn’t care.. when sakshi s abt to leav anath drags sakshi n.. ask her to come wid him.. sakshi opposed bt anath insist.. so she went off wid him

Aftr a while.. the car stops at orphanage.. sakshi s shocked n looks at anath wid confused face.. becozz she didn’t share abt thiss place to anath.. anath came out from the car nd looks at sakshi who s giving a vague expression al ovr ger face..
Anath:im i looking as lyk aarav.. why r u staring at me lyk dizz yaar jst come out..
Sakshi came out from the car n hapily smiles.. becozz dis place s realy close to her heart.. n wenevr she s upset.. she used to come in dizz place.. nd njyes her tym wid kids n grannies… she s soo hapy n gives anath a side hug n sayss “tq so muchhh yaar.. u realy understands me.. very wel” anath frees from d hug n says wid a wicked smile “nt.. me my princess.. someone” by saying dizz he points his finger towards someone..

Precap: keep guessing frndzz

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