Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 16

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Part 16:

At mrng @ 6:

The episode starts wid sakshi s admiring d beauty of the nature.. the cascade blossoms of flowers are faling while making a rhythm along wid the wind.. the cold breeze are caressing al over her gaze.. her dark hairs are playing wid the caressing wind nd slowly closed her eyes nd thinks about aaravvvv.. she literally looks more beautiful even in dat clumpsy attair on above wid the beauty of d nature..

suddenly her peace break becoz of the loud sound coming at the back “sakkshiiiiiiiiiiii”.. she turns wid a jerk nd thinks “ohhh godd..i think in my dictionary there s no words for peace.. ”

Sakshi(shouts):WATTT NOW..
By saying dizz.. she gives a cold luk.. ya it was anath.. who is coming towards sakshi while running.. he stops near sakshi.. nd breaths heavily.. she keeps her hand on her head n closes her eyes in a way of feed upping..

S:wat.. anath.. wat now yaarrr
Anath:heyyy.. sakshi.. did u know one thing????
S:no.. i dono anything.. say
Anath:u luk..
Sakshi takes her hand from her head n cups her face towards ananth..
S:wat i luk???
Anath:u luk.. u lukk.. u lukk.. moreee ugly in early sunlight.. u know
Sakshi s unable to control her anger.. she grilled her teeth while closing her mouth.. nd wid a exaggerated face wid a buzz vce
S:tq.. tq so so muchhhh.. mr.handsome.. for ur lovely comments its means.. alot u knw?? ..
By saying dizz sakshi turns her face nd anath smiles heavily by hiding his smile wid his fingers thn sat besides her nd keep his hand on her shoulders

Anath:oh my dr ugly princess.. wat r u thinking ah???
She takes his hand wid a jerk nd wid fake smile
S:its none of ur business mr. Handsome
A:bt.. i know wat ur thinking!! ?
S:oh realyyyyyy
A:ya.. do u want to hear
S:ya ofcourse.. pls proceed my lord?
A:ur thinking abt the kiss wid aarav na???
By saying dizz he smirks at sakshi..
her eyes become more exaggerated in a way of anger..
A:why r u giving an innocent expressions ah?? Oh pls.. i knw everything.. so just stop ur ovr acting okay?? ?.. u must hav too much braveness to take a first step to kiss a boy ah??? Wowwww brilliant sakshi.. im impressed
By saying this he claps n sakshi s more irked n thinks “blabbering mouth.. shit dis aarav s beyond disgusting”

S:watt.. watt kiss ah??? Bullshit anath.. me sakshi shekhar kissed sum.. random playboy.. who kissed so many girls?? Am i look tat stupid to u???
A:watttt??? So many girls?? U mean to say aarav kissed so many girls???
By saying dizz anath laugh loudly n says “joke of d day ms. Sakshi”.. nd continued to laugh.. sakshi s more confused as wel as angry n thinks “he s supr dubr stupid”
S:did i crack a joke??? Why r u keep on.. showing ur teeth ah???
A(smiling):becozz.. its nt less than a joke my dr princess
S:pls.. dnt irritate me anath.. im leaving
By saying dizz sakshi started to leav.. bt anath hold her hand n says wid a consoling voice
A:okay meri maa.. im sryy
S:no need anath.. in ur eyes also.. im looking lyk a joker na?? Let it be..  Ya.. im became joker becoz of tat stupid idiotic aarav.. i cant.. i cant able to control my feelings.. wen im wid tat stupid.. tats y.. ur making fun of me na?? Okay.. laugh as much u want.. by saying dizz unknowingly tears were rolled down from her eyes.. nd started caressing her chicks..

By seeing sakshi’s grief filled eyes.. anath felt lyk broke down from his heart nd his heart started aching thinking tat he s responsible for her tears..
A:im really really sorry sakshi.. i didn’t mean to hurt u yaar.. pls princess stop crying na..
By saying dizz he moves forward  tries to wipe her tears but sakshi pushed him hard n wipes her tears hardly saying tat
S:shiiitt man.. dis aarav made me a crying baby.. oh GAWWWWDDD.. okay anath.. im leaving
A:bt sakshi..why r u angry at me??  wat i did?? U ly did it na??
S:excuse me..
A(crying baby face):ya.. u ly did said.. that aaav kissed so many girls.. dis al ur mistake!!
S:so wat..
A:wat.. so wat stupid.. becoz he don’t even kissed riya.. thn how come he kissed sum random girls.. idiot..?

Sakshi s hel shocked nor she s hapy tat her happiness cannot b express in words.. she cant believe wat she s hearing now.. her ears r longing to hear the same word for once again.. her lips are waiting to smile.. n wid a excited vce
S:wat.. realy i mean.. he doesn’t kissed any girl???
Sakshi s hapy as lyk hel.. she feels lyk in a cloud nine.. she keepon smiling.. nd huged anath tightly n says “ur d bst anath.. ur d bst” by saying dizz.. she jumped on happiness n went from her..

Anath s confused nd dono wats s happening wid him.. n thinks “wat happened to her.. a min ago she s sad as like some1 had snatched her fav doll.. n now she s hapy as lyk she got her freedom aftr a long tym.. uffghhh god.. pls give me a diff brain to understand thiz girl.. by saying dizz he started to licking his lollipop.. thn suddenly he hits his head strongly “ohh anath.. ur realy stupid.. now i understand… y she s so hapy.. ” by saying dizz he devilishly smiles…

Aftr sum tym..

At dinning table.:

Every1 s chit chating at random things.. bt sakshi s just staring at aarav who s smiling whole heartly..

S(thinks):god.. wat a eyesssss..??.. ufffgghhhh his bettle brown brows s just.. made for his eyes.. shittt man.. wat a luk u hav da??? Whenever u see me.. ur just draining my heart nd taking my soul stupid.. how come riya.. missed u aarav??? U dont even cheat.. wen she s nt wid u.. wat a man.. aarav your??? By saying dizz she smiless crazily by not taking her eyes from aarav

Nikhil:heyyy guyzz.. vry boring yaar.. lets go out na???..
Sakshi who s staring at aarav came to her sense
Anath:heyy.. wat abt beach buddies
S:wowwww.. blast idea
Arav:no.. yaar im nt coming
Anath:oh prince.. i knw, ur afraid of waves.. bt jst come n stand stil na???
By saying dizz she started laughing loudly..
S(while laughing):wat wat come again… ur afraid of waves?? Varay vaaa? Wat a man.. ur aarav.. ohhh my dr chottaiiii.. ur so cutee yaaarr.. by saying dizz.. she laughed even louder.. nd collages aaravs hair
Arav:how many tymes.. i hav to tel u that.. dnt cal me as chottai..?? Nd wats their to laugh??
S:seriously aarav.. ur asking.. wats deir to laugh????as if u dono..
Arav:guyzz.. lets move.. we r getting late
Anath:bt where???
By saying dizz he gives a cold luk towards sakshi.. bt sakshi s continuously smiling.. n thinks “i luv so muchhh aarav.. ur more cute than i think stupid.. day by day im falling for u as lyk it was my first day of luv”.. thn al went offf


Aftr reaching d beach widout thinking even for a min.. boys took off their shirts n jumps in water n sheela.. joins them.. aarav s jst standing apart nd watches them.. nd sakshi stands besides aarav nd observing him

Aarav without turning his face
Sakshi s smiling continuously as lyk crazy nd even did nt respond to his question.. aarav turns his face towards sakshi nd wid a angry tone
A:why r u standing wid me?? U dont want to enjoy???
S:ya.. i want..?? Bt nt alone
A:wat.. bt ur nt alone stupid.. al were there only na??
She gently hits his head
S:oh.. stupid i mean.. i want to njy wid u?? Can u accompany me plssss???
Arav s surprised as wel as a bit hapy.. bt he doesn’t show in his face..
Aarav:bt y?? U always scold me.. make fun of me.. nd now u want to b wid me??.. im very wel knw.. tat it was ur prank to.. make me embrace na?? For ur kind info ms. Sakshi.. im nt going to come wid u.. samjii..?
S:ohh god aarav.. ur thinking too much chottaiiii.. by saying dizz she held his hand tightly nd drags him near the waves.. aarav stops.. n screams.. LEAV ME SAKSHIIII..
S:no.. i wont leav u.. jst come wid me.. its jst a wave aarav.. its touches us nd il pass as lyk our past.. if v stand stil wid the grip of our luved one could..  get successful to make us.. to fel in ground aarav.. just trust me aarav pleasseeeeeeee.. by saying dizz she looks into his eyes deeply in a way of “im wid u” nd slowly makes him to stand near d waves.. nd pushed him hard.. aarav wid a jerk fel on d water nd d waves hits aarav wid force thn he screams

sakshi runs bt aarav hold her nd pushed her on the watr.. both started playing.. nd aarav tickles her, to make her to fel.. bt sakshi clutched his shirt tightly nd laughing heavily due to his adorable tickling.. nd wen she begins to fal.. aarav grasp her hand nd wrapped his hand around her waist.. thn make her to stand close to him.. both breathing heavily..
Aarav keeps his index finger on her lips..
Aarav:ishhhhhh..plssssss sakshi.. dnt utter a single wrd.. just stay stil.. for some time.. plsss
By saying dizz he gives a pleasing smile nd sakshi nodes in s.. wid ful nervousness..

Aarav(thinks):whooo.. r u sakshi?? Who r u?? U make me smile!! Angry!! Mad!! Crazy!!.. wat ur doing to me..?? Sometimes ur act lyk.. u hate me to d core?? Sumtymes ur accompanying me.. nd caressing me as lyk.. im ur little born child..!! Wat ur sakshi?? Dis feeling… dis feeling s im experiencing in a vry first tym.. by thinking dizz.. he made his grip even tight on her waist.. sakshi bumped into a awkward way n dono wat to do.. thn slowly closes her eyes.. aarav s jst admiring sakshi nd leans his head towards her lips.. his forehead s touching her forehead.. arav could feels her aroma.. bt suddenly both fel..

Aarav:wat the
Anath:ha ah.. u both out.. by saying dizz anath smiles
Aarav n sakshi stood up.. sakshi feels a litle shivering n embarrassed becoz.. her cloth s fully wet nd she feels uncomfortable.. nd tried to move.. befre aarav could help her.. anath wraps his skirt around her nd says
Anath:oh my ugly princess.. s luking evn more ugly now.. by saying dizz he runs while saying “u can’t catch me ms. dnt evn try”.. “tat was ur misunderstanding anath” by saying dizz she runs behind him.. nd both went off

Aarav(thinks):anath s more than me..  to sakshi.. before i could think.. he always protect her.. they made a gud pair.. by saying dizz automatically a sacrificing hard smile came on his face..

At n8:

Al were having a fun tym.. playing n dancing.. tym passes.. nd every1  looks tired nd sleepy.. aftr sum tym every1 went to their respective rooms..

Aarant room:

Aarav could not able to sleep.. he dono y.. bt something s just bumbling into his head nd make him feeling restless.. nd suffocated.. suddenly he feels angry towards himself nd went from there..

At balcony:

Wid unknown anger aarav reached at balcony nd sees sakshi.. who s staring at the moon..
Aarav:no.. aarav jst go from here.. by saying dizz he begins to leav
S:heyyy aaarav…
By saying dizz she runs nd came infront of aarav wid exciting face..
S:ur also.. nt getting sleep ah???
Aarav:no.. im realy sleepy..nd im going to sleep.. bye
S:oh come on aaravvv.. plsss give company na?? Pleasse
A(murmuring):if u keep caling me.. lyk dis.. how can i say no.. sakshi
S:speak in loud na?? I cant hear anything
A:jst leav..
S:shal v watch mve???
Sakshi holds his hand n said
S:wat bt chottaiii.. mve mve mve mve pleasseee mve na.. aaaravv pleasseee
Aarav sees his hand nd looks at sakshi nd smiles
A:okay.. bt for tat.. u hav to leav my hand na??
She takes of her hand nd turns her face due to embarrassment.. aarav smiles n says “wait for me.. i il jst came widin an min.. ” by saying dizz he went offf

Aftr some tym:

Aarav reaches balcony wid laptop on his one hand n bed on his oder hand n sees at sakshi.. who s shel shocked nd stares him..  aarav shouts
A:oyee.. ms.queen r u jst going to stare at me?? Or ur going to help me???
Sakshi runs nd grasps d laptop from his hand nd aarav place d bed on d floor.. n sits.. sakshi s dono wat is happening.. n stands still besides aarav.. nd jst obeying aaravs words
A:did i want to give an invitation to u.. to sit?? Mam
Sakshi in a robotic way sits besides him.. nd wraps d laptop around her bosom?.. nd gives a frightening luk towards aarav.. aarav notices dis n smiles seeing her crazy behaviour
Aarav:uffggghhh ms.sakshi.. ur jst ovr thinking okay.. i hav btr taste in girls.. i jst take dis bed to lie.. becoz dis place s too dusky.. so i thought to bring it.. if u dont need.. i il keep it aside wat say???
By saying dizz.. he smirks at her
S:ohhh… mr. Chootaaiii.. i knw btr than u.. abt urself.. u dnt hav tat much.. guts okay..
Aarav:oh realy
he leans towards her
by saying dizz she closes aarav face by laptop n said “dnt waste my tym.. i want to watch mve”

Aarav smiles seeing her embarrassment face nd plays some action mves.. he s njying the movie nd fully drown in d mve.. at d same tym.. sakshi s realy getting bored becoz she hate action mves.. bt watching d mve oly for d sake of aarav.. who s fully immersed in the mve nd njying it..

Aftr a while… aarav felt somewhat strange.. n turns towards sakshi.. nd smiles seeing her clumsy attair.. she s lying in d bed as lyk baby by holding her legs bt she felt a bit uncomfortable becoz of d biting cold wind that are caressing her gaze.. aarav removes his jacket nd enclosed her like covering a baby..

Thn he stood up nd tried to move.. n thinks “how can i leav her alone?? Wat if she got afraid..?? I cant carry her!! If she knows tat.. i carry her towards her room.. she il definitely kill me.. thn wat can i do?? By saying dizz.. he turns towards sakshi nd luks at her.. nd lyed on d bed a bit away for her.. nd started admiring her beauty

Aarav:ur look.. more mooree beautiful nd cute sakshi.. i wish.. i can see ur dizz attire on every night.. before seeing u.. i felt restless suffocated n some anomalous reactions.. bt now.. oh godd.. i cant able to express this feel sakshi.. al i know was.. i jst want to be wid you.. il you allow me???
Sakshi.. while murmuring in her dreams
Aarav smiles heavily as lyk she gave d permission in real n aftr some tym.. he doze offf

At mrng:

Al werr searching both aarav nd sakshi.. bt they cant find them.. the both dnt even carry deir mbl.. al become tensed nd decided to check at balcony.. every1 became shocked. N luks at eachoder.. wid angry luks

Precap: aarav misunderstands sakshi nd anath.. ????

Hi.. frndzz how r u al?? I hope u dnt forget my ff.. n realy sry yaar.. to compensate 3days.. i wrote quit a big updates.. so sry yaar for nt updating for 3days.. bt i swear dears.. in dizz Valentine week.. i il update daily frndzz.. i hope u understand my situvation.. how s my today ff?? If u lyk it.. pls comment dears.. luv u loadzz frndz??????

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