Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 15

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Part 15:

The episode starts wid both were embarrassed n turns their face to oder side to avoid each other gaze.. sakshi s just thinking about the kiss..  the fierce temperature of his body.. nd the closeness.. nd closed her eyes n started cursing herself.. Meanwhile  aarav exaggerated his eyes.. in a way of confused n awkward state

Aarav(thinks):oh mann.. wat r u dng yaar.. just break this silence nd speak up aarav.. speak up.. by saying dizz he turn towards sakshi n tried to speak.. bt he feels some anomalous irritation on his throat.. n his voice r nt coming out from his throat.. he feels lyk.. his voice s hiding behind his throat to avoid the exaggerated embarrassment… n clears his throat nd urge himself wid grt effort n says”sa……………….. ” n turns his face n curses himself “oh idiot aarav.. wat r u dng???? You sounds lyk a girl.. just delete the kiss icon from ur screensaver.. n try to b cool.. aftr al.. ur the Romeo of the clg.. aarav..uffghhhhhh “by saying dizz he turns n urge himself by taking a deep breath nd says wid full boldness

Sakshi turns slowly n looked into aaravs eyes deeply as lyk she s trying to drown in his eyes.. n came towards aarav in a closure way wid a seducing smile on her lips.. n pulls aarav close to her by holding his collar nd whispers in his ears wid under the breath.. in a very quite light heart breaking voice..
S:gameee.. s nt yet.. over mr.aarav..?
By saying dizz she pushed him hard nd runs away.. aarav smiles heavily n runs behind her.. sakshi reached the yard n hides behind anath who came in search of both..

Aarav:sakshiii.. better u surrender urself or……………..
S:or wat mr. Chotttaiiiiii..
Nd made funny faces towards him n again hides..
Aarav:uuuu… by saying dizz he tries to hold her hand.. bt anath stops him..
Anath:”heyy brooo… wats happening yaar”
Aarav:ask ur frnd..
Anath looked at sakshi
S:dnt look at me.. ask ur frnd aarav.. becoz he oly started first..
Aarav:oh realyy
S:ya.. ofcourse by saying dizz she smirks at him.. aarav s staring at her n smiling thinking about her childish behaviour..
Anath(teasing way):hlow… if ur both.. eye catching game s ovr!! ..nd if u both give permission.. can v move on ah??? ..
Sakshi rolled her eyes n beats anath on his shoulders n went off..

Sheela s literally sad either angry towards herself.. n thinks “il aarav b alright???” Nd looked at the entrance n waiting for aarav wid a sad puppy she s shocked to see aaav.. who s giving a broad smile towards them.. sheela opens her jaws widely.. n luks at aarav while widening her eyes
Nikhil:r u fyn buddy?? ?
Aarav(smiling):no.. im nt.. oh buddy luk at me na.. im more than fyn..
Al r shocked becozz they think that it was strange bt as wel as they are happy for aarav..
Sheela:oyee.. hlow wats s happening ah??? N luks wid attitude towards sakshi n gives ” something s fishy face” n said “sakshi.. wat u did to him ah??? Dont u dare to lie to me.. okay” by saying dizz sheela come forward towards sakshi..
Sakshi s dumbstruck as her kiss s continuously flashing over her head.. n started collecting the words to give damn excuses.. bt aarav s smiling hardly as he knows wat had happened.. n he s realy Hapy as wel as njoying to see sakshi’s struggling face..

S:actually… iiiiii.. i mean aarav.. meee
Anath:oh sheela, why r u teasing my princess ah??? She must hav done something tat.. can not mention able in public.. am i ryt sakshi???
By saying dizz he uttered his eyebrows towards sakshi wid a wicked smile.. aarav s shocked  becozz he knows very wel about anath.. even he has the magical power to read his mind..suddenly aarav started sweating heavily n continuously he rubbed his chicks hardly so tat anath could not find any mark on his chicks.. anath looks aarav at a diff way bt aarav hides his chicks behind his hand

Anath:heyyy.. brooo y r u hiding ur face ah?? .. as lyk u got a kiss????
Aarav wid a jerk take his hand.. from his chicks n started stammering “i.. i was i was just… “. al luked at eachoder n started laughing loudly..

Sakshi through her gestures
S:wat r u dng..?? Idiot
Aarav:wat i did?? .. u oly did it na??
S:wattt.. uuuuuu
Both shared cold eyelock..
Anath through his gestures signs “everyone to leav”

Sheela:guyzzz.. im really…….
Hary:feeling sleepy na???
Sheela:ya.. da ryt.. n smirks at anath
Nikhil(by raising his hands):me tooooo
Anath:guyzz.. hawwww(fake yawn) lets go.. or else i il dozee off at here itself.. by saying dizz al went inside hurriedly while smiling..

Sakshi is about to leav bt aarav holds her wrist.. she looks him as lyk she s going to fire him wid her eyes..
S:watttt???? ?
Aarav:y r u.. giving me cold looks ah?? As lyk i did anything wrong..
S:oh.. plss dnt act as innocent.. okay
Aarav:wat ur.. saying?? Say it clearly na.. 
S:becoz.. of u that anath il.. think something.. its al becoz.. of u..?? R u a fool???
Aarav:waattt??? Excuse actually.. that something s already happened between us na???
S:oh.. really?? U acts lyk.. as if it was ur first tym?? ?
Aarav:you sounds lyk.. u did it on many times???
S:watever.. its none of ur business..
Aarav:bingooo..(ryt!! )
By saying dizz both turns their face n went to their respective rooms..

At sakla room:

Sakshi s restless n anxious thinking about aarav.. nd started rolling here n there on the bed becoz of the flowing thoughts about aarav then finally she give up nd get up nd sat on her bed.. n thinks “oh god.. wat fluttering sensation im felting in my stomach!! .. he always made me tempt wid his actions..his touch s lyk a piano..tat whenever he touch me.. it always made a beautiful musiq in my heart..oh god.. his eyes?.. its just lyk a Bobby trap tat.. whenever i see that.. its just explode me into pieces.. now above al tat..  oh man..tat kiss!! .. tat was my first kiss.. i dono aarav.. everytime WHENEVER I SEE U NA.. AGAIN ND AGAIN IM FALLING IN LUV WITH U..u made me really crazy aarav..  by saying dizz she smiled nd doze offf

Precap: keep guessingg dears?????

Hi frndz… how r u ??? Actually my clg s a jail yaar.. so i cant get tym to even breadth also dear.. thats why im posting it in a alternative days dears.. i hope u dnt mind.. n keep supporting my storyy… sorry alot frndzz? pls pls forgive me dears.. if u lyk my todays ff?? Pls pls pls comment dears.. ???.. love you loadzz frndzz.. ??????? keep smiling. Sry for d errors

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  1. Awesome story priya but I didn’t find other episodes of this story can u plz send a link 4 this ff

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    1. ha ah.. definitely dear.. i il bring riya soon aditi.. thank you so much for missing my ff dear.. nd i want to share onething to u dear.. becoz of you oly.. im writing this wel dear.. ur 1st negative comment realy motivate write a gud romance part dear.. thanks alot darling.. love you loadzz da

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