Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 14

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Part 14:

The episode starts wid arav hugging sakshi n sakshi s caressing aravs hair while hugging.. n wid a smile she realise her position n said..
He frees himself from the hug.. n wid a fake anger
Arav:dnt cal me.. chottaiii.. its just irritating sakshiii..
S(thinks):ohhhhhhh god.. how cutee he.. is?? whenever he s angry?..?? N control her smile n said.. “heyyy c ur height yaar.. ur jst.. jst ly 4inch is greater than me.. so watzz d big deal.. of calling u as chotaaiiiii??? .. ”

Arav:ohh plss.. before talking abt heights..first c urself na..? funny girl..
S:whatever lets go.. anath il b wait for us.. ?
While leaving aarav holds sakshi  hands n she turns
S(smiling):wat.. u dnt want to go va???
Arav:u.. dnt want to know.. y im upset???
S: how can i ask u?? .. mr. Arora arora.. ur nt even my frnd na??? .. n makes a fake sad face..
Arav:i really don’t mean it sakshiii
She laughs loudly n said
S:i was jst kidding my budhuuu..ohhhhh hooo dnt cry na..
Arav:so u r nt angry on me.. ryt???
S:shhhaabhhha… i hav to go.. everyone il b waiting for us.. shal v go?? Mr. Chottaiii
Arav:ya.. v can go.. before tat i want to share something to u.. can i??
She smiles n signs him to continue..

Arav:actually i.. i… i.. i(aarav closed his eyes) want to say about my love riya.. she s……..the very first gal.. i fel in luv wid.. when i was in +1.. i hav al buttery sensation when.. i was used to stay wid her.. i try to control my feelings bt al go in vain.. bt finally i gather al my courage n proposed her.. she rejected me.. but haannn becozz of my frndzz support, i finally get my love.. though my luv s unconditional bt her love s always conditional.. she puts so many rules n conditions lyk.. she wont allow me to talk to gals?? When she s calling.. whatever the situvation may b.. i hav to attend her cal..!!  even im nt allowed.. to hav any gal bst frndzz.. other than sheela n kaira.. i thought tat she s ovr possessive.. nd on one day.. she il change..  bt

Fb shows:

(Aarav s in party.. enjoying the party bt widout drinks.. becozz riya ordered him.. nt to touch the drinks.. bt he s njoying alot wid frndzz..

Aftr a while al doze offf n murmuring.. becozz of drinks.. someon hugs aarav from back.. he moves n see the face.. it s naira(one of his frnd.. bt she s in luv wid aarav)
Aarav:naira.. uuuuuuuu
Naira s nt in her right mind.. to talk n even she s nt able to stand stil.. she s fully drunken
Naira:haaaann.. aravv me.. me naira.. nt ur luv riya ha ha
Aarav:oh god.. y u drunk dis much..??  where s karthi n suji..???
Naira:karthiiiii.. heee hee.. he s become flat there.. n sujjjjj sujii already went? by saying dizz she fel.. bt aarav holds her
Aarav:oh man.. wat can i do now..?? How can i send her home, in this state??? Wat il her parents think?? I cant leav her.. here also!! She s d ly gal.. wat if.. something hapens..??? Oh god.. wat a situvation s dizzz..
He tries to wake up her.. bt she s jst murmuring..
Aarav(thinks):ya my home.. ya.. it il b gud.. my mom n sis s there na?? They il take care of her.. wow aarav ur.. super intelligent by saying dizz he caries her n make her to sit on the carr..

Aarav reach home.. n make her to lie on bed.. n asks maya(sister) to take care of her.. he came out
Aarav:oh godd.. i forgot to inform to riya.. she il b afraid..
He cals her.. bt no response..
Aarav:may b.. she il b sleeping
He dozed off in sofa.. ?

Mrng :

Someone wakes up aarav..
Aarav:mom.. let me sleep up.. na??
Aftr some time he wakes up n sees riya.. who is standing infront of him by holding hands.. he cant able to believe his own eyes n rubs his eyes
Aarav:riya.. uuuu
Riya:ya me.. y r u so shocked.. r u nt Hapy ah???
Aarav:ya.. i mean.. so hapy.. bt dis early??? Wat hapen.. any probs??
Riya:ya.. ur my probs.. aarav
Before aarav could say anything.. riya slaps him hard.. aarav s shocked as hel.. bt don’t utter a single word n caress his chicks while.. luking at riya..
Maya see dizz.. n shouts
Maya:how dare u.. raise hands against my bhaiiiii.. u wi****
Aarav signs her through gestures to “keep quit”
Maya:bt bhaiii
Aarav:maya.. u go inside dear.. i il take care of dizz.. riya lets go outside n talk.. by saying dizz he holds her hand bt she pushed him hard…

Riya:y.. u want to go outside?? .. r u afraid.. tat truth il come out
Aarav:wat truth.. wat rubbish r u talking about riya..??
Maya:ohhhh.. u dono anything.. ryt?? Let me make it clear.. im talking u n naira sharing the bed..
Arav(shouts):RIYAAAAA… mind ur tongue before talking?.. maya s smal gal.. ur splitting nonsense infront of her?? R u nt ashamed of urself???
Riya:wat.. ha ah vry funny.. ur nt ashamed of sleeping wid a gal.. infront of ur sis.. bt now ur ashamed of talking infront of her

Suddenly naira came out of the room becozz of deir loud conversation..
Riya:see.. i was ryt..
Maya:u stupid.. gal, she stayed wid me?
Naira:ya riya.. i was in dizz room.. im sry yesterday i loose myself n fel unconscious becoz of my heavy drinks habits.. sry to trouble u guyzz.. by saying dizz she tried to move bt riya hold her wrist tightly
Riya:wow.. wat a acting naira… u should deserve a oscar.. secret affair n at al ah??.. vry interesting naira.. woowwww
Maya closes her ears n went to her roomm.. n locked the door.. aarav screams
Aarav:STOP IT RIYA.. JUST STOP IT.. by saying dizz he drags her.. n make her out..n screams “JUST GO RIYA”
riya:ya.. im leaving aarav.. im leaving gud bye.. while leaving she turns n said “dis il b our last meeting.. dnt u dare to even.. try to show up ur face..n if u try also, u il nt find me!!.. “by saying dizz tears rolled down.. from her eyes..

Aarav could nt stop himself from following her.. he goes behind riya n shouts “RIYA.. RIYA WAIT.. ” riya starts the car n went off.. he followed her while running n shouting.. he screams in pain.. bt riya couldn’t hear anything.. n went off from there.. aftr awhile he stops.. bt some car kicked him “bannggggg”..)

Fb ends…

Aarav:she s gone.. she s gone widout even.. luking at me at once sakshii.. how can someone be.. dizz cruel..??? By saying dizz tears were rollled down from his chicks.. his eyes clearly shows his pain n angry towards riya..

Sakshi(thinks with tears in her eyes):is she s madd..?? How can she left just like tat??? I dono aarav.. bt i feel, lyk.. U stil loves her.. bt don’t worry da.. i il make ur innocence to prove to ur riya.. N if u want.. i il make u two as one.. aarav.. DONT WORRY AARAV i il vanish ur pain n spread happiness.. I can do anything for u.. anything….

She hugs him tightly so tat he could forgot al his worries.. aarav eyes r al wet n hug her even tighter in a way of “thanks”.. sakshi could feel his worries.. unknowingly her eyes become wet.. sakshi wipes it wid his one hand while hugging so tat aarav could nt find it.. n urge herself n says at a funny tone
S:tats y.. u dnt believe in relationship wid gals ah???
Arav:i dono.. may be.. ?
S(kidding double meaning way):so tats y.. u lyk boys more than gals ah??? Heee heee
Arav:yaaa…? thn he realises wat she actually meant.. n breaks d hug nd said wid anger “wat?????”
She moves backward while facing him.. n at a far distance she cals him
S:ARRAAAV.. i meant wat i said. ?? ur a gay na???
Aarav:UUUUUIUUUUUIUU.. stay stil.. by saying dizz.. he runs.. she made funny faces towards him n runs away…
Arav:wait ms.terki mirchiii.. he tries to catch her.. both reached at hal.. sakshi stops near sofa.. aarav stops seeing sakshi.. both breathing heavily..
Aarav:if u ask me sry.. in a pleasing way.. i il try to forgive u.. chall
S:ha ah.. sry my foot..? i said only truth na??? .. by saying dizz she smirks at him n tries to run.. bt her leg gets caught on d carpet n it twisted her leg.. when arav tries to hold her bt.. sakshi pulls aarav shirt.. arav too slips n aarav fel above sakshi..

They are not even a single inch gap b/w them.. both can hear each oder heart beat.. feels their aroma.. feels the hotnes of eachoder body.. aarav s literally squeezing sakshi’s whole body.. wid his fierce fire rays of his body.. his face s caressing her face.. his arms covers her back nd forms like a smal external barrier.. his brad are touching over face.. she try to avoid his slighest breath bt al go in vain.. n slowly sakshi closes her eyes while gulping her throat heavily..

He slowly takes his face from hers n try to get free from her.. bt his hands are locked at her back.. while he s trying to frees his hand from her.. sakshi s lost in his touch.. his sense of touch are bordered on impossible.. n it certainly attacks her nervous system n damaging al her nerves one by one… she s trying her bst to control her eeric sensation bt in her every moment.. it s clearly shown tat.. sakshi s fully lost either she s clean bold in his touch .. she urge herself n tried to speak.. while closing her eyes tightly
S(irritating tone):stupid.. get up from me.. ur killing me
Aarav:idiot.. my hand s struck at ur back.. ur squeezing my hand.. u 1st get up
S:stupid.. ur above me.. how can i get up?? Jst get up aarav.. ur………….
Aarav:wat im…???
S:jst leav it na.. pls try to get up..
Aarav:bt.. dis sofa s too smal.. n there s no support to hold.. how can i get up?? Okay.. first u.. slightly move ur back..thn i il try to take my hand.. n wid sum grip.. i il get up.. okay?

Aarav(thinks):y.. she s closing her eyes.. ?
Sakshi moves a bit n he gets successful in releasing his hands.. he placed his right hand on the upper of the sofa bt he dono where to keep his left hand.. bt somehow tried to get up by clutching the upperlids of sofa.. bt again wid a force he fel.. bt dis tym both gets shocked n both sakshi n aarav eyes r wide open.. sakshi lips s touching aarav chicks jst a bit apart from his lips.. wid a jerk aarav get up.. bt again he fel.. sakshi hardly closes her eyes.. his touch s just killing her

S:aaravvvv… hold my waist n get up da..
S:oh.. pls stop ur ovr acting.. n jst get up from me..
Aarav suddenly feel somewhat strange bt grudged her waist tightly .. his sense of touch in her waist.. s jst squeezing off sakshi.. he manages to get up.. n forward his hand bt she ignored.. when sakshi feels aarav aroma s nt around a hurry sakshi opened her eyes.. n wake up abruptly.. bt slips n fel on d floor while a bit twist on her legs.. bt widin a sec.. she gets up by herself.. n turns.. n started adjusting her dress n hair hurriedly.. aarav in the most awkward mood.. he dono wat to say..?? N How to start talking???  He stands still turning his face.. he feels sudden breathless n waves his hand to get some air n thinks “wats happening  to me”.. ??????

Hi frndzz…how r u????  Im so so soo so so soooooo sorryyyy.. frndzz actualy becoz of my tight schedule of studies.. i cant able to update from past 2days… so sorry frndzz.. bt i promise.. i il try to update regularly so sry.. ?.. dnt hate me n my ff? pls forgive me yaar.. if u lyf my today ff?? Pls pls pleaseee comment my dears.. luv u loadzzzz my dears.. ????????

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