Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 13


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Part 13:

The episode starts with al r planning for the trip except arav n sakshi n everyone is wel as some kind of unknown fear on their face.. sheela s litle over worried for arav.. n looks him.. with fearful eyes..but arav s too hapy.. she cant find anything abnormal in his feelings.. bt her heart s not accepting it..

Sheela(serious face):anath.. did u think dis plan il workout na??? Wat if.. if diz plan backfired?? .. and wat if.. dizz arav go away from us anath??by saying dizz automatically a drop of tears came out from her eyes n it careers her chicks.. anath stood up immediately n gives sheela a tight “everything il alright hug” n she hugs him even tighter.. n anath makes her face him n said “no.. it il nt happen.. dizz tym v il get our arav back.. the arav who doesn’t know how to give.. fake smile .. the arav who believes in every relationship s made of trust..n the arav who doesn’t runs from d reality by hiding his face..!! v il get our cool dude arav back.. sheela so dnt cry na!! U look really really  ugly?” sheela smiles.. by saying dizz anath caress her chicks n firmly wipes her tears.. when arav s about to look at anath n sheela.. both nikhil n hary stoop up n acts lyk dere r having a group hug..
Hary(low vce):oyee drama queen.. pls stop it.. yaar.. dnt start ur waterfalls pleasseee..
She wipes her tears angrily.. n said

Shela:me.. drama queen… uuuuuuuuu hary…
Before shela could finish her words.. arav while giggling
Arav:oh hooo grp hug n at al ah???  tat too… without me n sakshi.. ??? Vry bad guyzz.. by saying dizz he drags sakshi hands.. n made her to hug… n they al had a grp hug.. n sakshi exaggerated her eyes towards arav wid cold look..

Sakshi(thinks):idiot.. monkey.. buffalo.. stupid..heartless idiot.. how can he do dis to me?? Cheapo kaiyuka.. nd hits her head hardly.. “sakshi.. ur cursing him as lyk, he cheated on u.. tat was too much yaar .. stop ur over acting okay.. “by saying dizz she takes a deep breadth.. n try to control her anger bt can’t n shouts
S:HOWWWW CAN HE KISS SUM RANDOM GIRLSSS… IDIOT due to her crazy loud sound..  al were luking at her.. with question mark faces

Anath:who kissed who??
Arav:wat kiss??
S:(thinks)OH god.. i thought tat im talking to my brain.. bt how come i shouted.. n says “serial.. ”
Shela:serial!! ?
S:haaann hannn serial..(saying in one breadth)actualy today na.. when i was watching serial.. in tat serial.. tat girl’s hubby s kissing some random girls.. suddenly i reminisces it ah.. so i jst split it out.. tats al by saying dizz finally she breathes
Shela:bt sakshi.. u dnt watch serials na??
S(thinks):uffhoo dizz sheela bin na?? Is.. she s my frnd or my enemy?? N said “wat.. did i said me?? Oh noo.. noo.. not me.. my mom was watching ah.. when i was crossed by..i watched mistakenly.. ya ya dis only true.. ya ya
Anath:bt v didn’t ask.. whether it s true or not!!!
S:uffhoo.. bt wat sheels jst chill.. na already im getting late babs. So im leaving.. by saying dizz she hurriedly went off.. thn al went off happily thinking of their trip

At friday mrng:

Everyone reached arav’s farmhouse.. sakshi s shocked to see his farmhouse.. it looked so so beautiful.. the place s al surrounded by beautiful flowers.. the aroma of the place that touches their face.. s like experiencing a sweet kiss on their d addition of tat.. the cold wind that are caressing them because of d beach near the  farmhouse.. dey al closed the eyes n feels the place n aftr a min.. al looked at each oder n started running n went inside.. lots of memories r flashing one another.. they r so hapyyy.. there gaze automatically went to a couch n see eachoder n smirks at cough evilly.. n then.. they hurriedly sat on that cough.. al were pushing eachoder to get more space.. becoz dere s only smal space
S:(baby face):its nt fair.. al were seated.. bt where s my place ah???
Anath:u can seat.. wherever u want na.. so leav chal chal?
S:(fake anger) so mean anath.. im leaving by saying dizz she hits his leg firmly n when she s about to leav. Suddenly arav pulls her towards him n wid a jerk she sat on aravs lap.. everyone eyes were wide opened while sakshi closes her eyes..arav smiles seeing her.. aftr a min she realized her position n tried to get up.. bt he hold her waist wid his both hands.. n make her to sit.. now she sat at a very uncomfortable position where his hot breathe s caressing her hair.. n where she can clearly hear his heart beat.. that makes her loosing her control along wid his heart beat..
S(thinks):OH god.. im already crazily madly deeplyyyyyyyyyy.. in luv wid him.. now he s making al this.. now who il save me.. GOD PLS SAVE ME NA.. n turns her gaze towards him
Arav:wat!! ?.. come again.. come again
S:wat.. leav me na.. i need to go..!
Arav:haiiiiiii haiiiiiii.. if u keep calling me.. lyk dis.. sweet na.. then my heart as wel as my hand.. il nt.. allow to leav u..
S:(fake anger):arav just leav me.. n gives a angry look.. bt he tightened his grip on her waist n she automatically fals on him.. sakshi heart s skip a bit because of his sudden tooooooo closeness n feeling breathlessness as if there s no air to breathe.. n started to breathe heavily..

Nik, ananth, hary n shels al r looking at eachoder wid a confused face like “wat they r dng?? “.. becoz the both forgot.. their frndzz s also wid them n watching at them.. bt they just lost in deir eachoders world.. anath signs them through gestures “lets leav silently yaar”.. by smiling al went off.. by leaving them wid that state..

Sakshi gulps her throat heavily becozz arav s killing her wid his intense touch.. his hands are making a hole in artistic way tat every gal.. il accept without any neglection.. n she s afraid that.. “if.. i stay like this for some more time.. surely i il confess to him or i il surely do some lovable mistake.. so before tat.. i hav to go”.. n wid a pleasing look she says
S:please na….
Arav slowly frees her from his intense grip.. n smiles.. sakshi wid a jerk stood up.. n starts adjusting her hair wid embarrassment.. n looks around
S (shocked):where r oders??
Arav looks around n thinks “oh man.. they il definitely now.. takes this in a diff way.. now wat to do?? ”
S:hlow.. n waves her hand
Arav:its al because of u..
S:wat..?? Me???
A:ya.. ofcourse you.. ?? sakshi came forward n said
S(attitude anger):ya.. ofcouse me.. because i ly said u to make me.. sit on ur lap na!! N haan.. i oly told u.. to hold my waist.. n ofcourse.. i oly told u to.. make me closer.. so that.. i il fel on u.. am i ryt?? Mr. Arav.. by saying dizz she went angrily

Arav s speechless.. becoz al she said was al ryt.. y i make her to sit on my lap?? Y i make her so close towards me?? Ur such an idiot arav.. now ms.Angry bird.. il never talk to u.. !! Wat to do?? N makes a puupy face

At night:

Al were seated round.. enjoying camp fire, singing dancing wid anath’s lovable musiq tat came from his magical guitar.. tat make sakshi shocked.. his voice r entering her heart n makes a sweet hole on her body.. in tat.. whole song she s just remembering aarav n their moments by closing her eyes(tuh hi ho mujko baththey chahun main haan na… bg).. meanwhile aarav s just staring at sakshi.. n thinks “how to say sry”..
S(teasing way):kya bath hai yaar.. i dono tat.. in ur crispy old man vce.. i can able to find some gud quality of musiq..varay va.. ?? pahhhh
Shela:heyy.. u hav jst seen a part sakshi.. u knw wat?? Wen riya used to stay wid us na.. v always had a blast.. n anath s bst.. ryt na?? 

By saying dizz she smiles n remembers something n hits her head.. n thinks wat i hav done?? N automatically her gaze goes towards aarav.. who s looking down.. befor sheela could utter a wrd.. he anxiously went from there.. n sakshi follows him.. widout wasting a sec..
Shela:oh God.. wat i hav done?? I need to go aftr him..
Bt anath holds her hand
Anath:just chill.. he il b alright.. sakshi s there na??
Anath:uffhooo.. harry make her understand na.. ur jaan s jst ovr reacting.. n smirks at him
Bt sheela didn’t listen to him n tried to Harry suddenly pulls her n she falls on him.. n he made her close by holding from her waist n kissed her on her chicks..
Hary:oh merri.. jaan cool na..
Sheela s shocked n rubs her chicks while blushing
S(fake anger):im nt going to leav u.. mr.hary
Harry:”ohhh hoo.. how notty thn if u can.. come n catch me”.. by saying dizz he puts her down n runs from dere.. n sheela follows him..
Anath n nikhil smiles seeing them..
Nikhil:did u think.. he il b alright??
Anath:did u trust me?? Buddy
Nikhil:if not.. i il not b.. here wid u..
Anath:thn.. cool buddy.. he il b perfectly alright brooo.. trust me.. by saying dizz they both smile..

Aarav s in balcony n staring at stars.. sakshi s hiding behind the wall n thinks “oh god.. wat s disturbing him dizz much..y he suddenly became sad.. god pls show me a way.. wat disturbing you arav.. please say me na.. dnt hurt yourself.??? Dnt wry i il nt leav you.. alone….” by saying dizz.. she watches him from far.. n urge herself n gathers al her courage n came near to him.. bt she s shocked towards his action.. his hands al r shivering n he continuously trying to light the ciga.. bt he s unable to light it.. becoz of his shivering sensation.. sakshi grasps d ciga from his hand firmly..
Aarav:wat d hel.. by saying dizz he looks at sakshi.. his eyes s al red.. bt sakshi cant understood whether its becoz of his anger or pain..
Aarav:jst give me sakshi..
S:bt u said that.. u il nt smoke.. when im wid u na?? See.. im wid u
Arav(irritating face):wat d crap.. thn.. jst leav.. by saying dizz he takes a packet of ciga from his pocket.. bt sakshi again grasps from his hand.. n tries to throw it bt aarav holds her shoulders tightly
Aarav(screaming):WATSSS UR PROBLEM ah??? Did u think u can.. control me?? If u think lyk tat.. ur wrng sakshi.. ur wrng.. NO ONE CAN CONTROL ME.. UNDERSTAND By saying dizz he made his grip even tighter as if he s going to break her shoulder.. she s ful pain bt she doesn’t say anything n just looks into his eyes..
Arav:WAT BT.. UR NT EVEN MY FRND ms.sakshi.. so jst be in ur limits.. n i hate ppl.. who s trying to get close to me.. so just get  lost from here..n flirt wid some oder BOYZZ by saying dizz he turns towards oder side..

Aarav tries to go from there.. bt sakshi holds his hand firmly.. n came into front of him… her chicks s al wet.. he can clearly see that.. she had cried alot bt aarav just avoided her.. sakshi wipes her tears wildly n forward her hand tat contains of ciga..
S:take it.. mr.arav arora
Arav jst ignores her.. n says while looking down…
A:i don’t need anything.. jst leav my hand.. sakshi graps the lighter from his hand.. n started to light ciga.. aarav s hel shocked n tried to stop her.. bt she stops him n said
S:don’t even try mr.arav.. ur nt even my frnd..n i hate ppl who tries to stop me.. so better u stay away me.. understand.. by saying dizz she lights the ciga.. n kept on her mouth.. she suck it heavily.. her eyes became al red n started coughing loudly.. aarav graps the ciga n throwed it away

A(shouted):r u maddddd???
By saying dizz he holds her shoulder n patches her back softly.. bt sakshi hardly pushed him away..
S:(while coughing):jst go na.. its.. its none of ur busine.. sss?? Why u care abt… abt me??? Do ur work?? LEAV.. n im nt a cheap flirter who tries to catch some random boyzz attention. SO LEAVVVV..  by saying dizz tears were rolled down from her chicks due to heavy coughing.. n tries to gulp the cringing sensation on her throat.. bt her throat s ful of irritation that she can’t able to control her coughing.. he s too hurt.. by seeing sakshi state.. tat too because of him.. he cant control his anger n screams

Arav wrench her shoulders while coming forward n shouts
Aarav:I CARE GOD DAMN IT.. its hurts me.. it hurts me alot.. when ur in pain.. bt can’t u understand.. it??.. n he make her to lukk into his eyes by making his grip tighter..
S:haan.. aarav tat was.. im trying to say.. its hurts me too hurts me too.. when ur in pain..? bt u r nt understanding me.. when u r in pain.. how can i leav you alone… arav.. how can i??? Even ur pain s means to me…i cant see u lyk diss aarav!!.. by saying dizz she looks into his eyes deeply wid tears.. aarav suddenly hugs her tightly wid tears .. “im sry sakshi.. im really really sry.. “by saying dizz he tightens his grip.. she smiles.. n hugs him even tighter in a way of “im wid u ” n caress his hair.. aarav closes his eyes n feels her touch.. n tears were rolled down from his chicks..

Precap: arav’s past..

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