Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 12


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Part 12:

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The episode starts with arav n nikhil chit chating at canteen.. sakshi n anath reached there while running… anath came n seated besides nikhil n shouted
Anath:u… looooosseerrrr
Sakshi came there while breathing heavily
S:looser my foot.. CHEATERRRR?
Anath:watever.. i came 1st..
S:how shameless anath.. u pushed me n came fast n acts lyk.. as if u played a fair game.. kuch toh sharam karo.. shameless kaiyuka
Arav:k k.. now both stop ur fights.. n drink some water..?
Sakshi seated near arav n wid atitude she said
S:k anath.. go n get some good food for me.. chal chal im realy hungry..
Anath:(fake anger)oiii.. hlo, cant u hav legs n hands?? go n get it by urself??
S:so mean.. yaar im single girl in dis group.. bt no one s wiling to help a girl.. shitt wat a cruel world.. ?
Arav anath n nikhil in unison: girl.. who?? Where??  N acts like looking around n ignores sakshi, as if she doesn’t exist in that place
S:hlo.. im here by saying dizz she waves her hand.. im missing my sweetuu sheela!! Where s she?? ? these boys are so mean..

Arav:v r tolerating you.. thats nt enough for you ah??
S:wat do u mean choootaiiii
Arav:i mean.. wat i said
S:ha ha vry funny.. ur tolerating me.. my foot, actualy im tolerating u..?
Meanwhile sheela n Harry came there by holding eachoder hands..arav n sakshi stopped their fights n gets ready to tease sheha.. al were lyk “ohhhhoooooooooooooooo holding  hands n at al ah???? ” shela n hary blushed.. n seated besides eachoder

Shela:watsap guyzz
Arav:now only you remembered us ah?? N smirks at her
Nikhil:oh aarav.. she must be bc wid hary na..
Anath:n she il forgot everything.. when he s around
Al at unison:V R RYT NA SHELA?? N giggles at them
hary:oh cumon dudes.. dnt tease my jaan okay.. v r on a date tats it.. by saying dizz he leans his head towards sheela n came close to her as if they r going to kiss..
Al looked at each oder n wid a smile they al closed their eyes.. sheela n hary looked at them.. shela doesn’t understand anything n gives a wat expression.. n hary came even more closer.. deir lips are ly some inches apart.. n whispers in sheelas ears
Hary:babs.. dnt act innocent na.. there r giving the privacy to do whatever v want.. my hearing his words sheela blushed heavily..
Sakshi:haannn.. haaaan sheela, v r giving the space
Arav:u can do watever u want
Anath:v il nt see anything
Nikhil:actually v dnt want to see anything..
Al at a unison:so dnt worry merrrriii jaaaaaannnn………………. both shela n hary gets embarrassed n ached deir hairs becoz al were luking at them.. thn al take the hands from their eyes n started laughing loudly n gives hifis to each oder.. they al had a fun tym..  even they forgot about their lunch.. thn suddenly anath grasps everyone attention..

Anath:heyyy guyzz.. watzz abt planing a weekend tour?? ?
Al gets excited
Nikhil:bt how?? Only 1day trip il be bore yaar anath
Anath:who said it was 1day trip.. it il b 2days trip.. there s a gov holiday on friday guyzz n sat n sun.. automatically leav.. so 3days in our hands.. so wats say guyzz???
Shela n hary automatically nod yes.. becoz aftr the long tym gap of 1month.. dere r going out.. so al were excited
Arav:bt wat about place???
Sakshi:ya.. im coming wid u al.. so it has to b spl.. n wrinkled at him
Anath(raised his hands):as u wid my lord✋
Al were thinking seriously.. bt they nt even found a single gud place.. suddenly anath craked an idea
Anath:heyy.. buddies wat abt arav’s farmhouse???
Now al smiling n exciting faces gets vanished n a blank smile came on al d faces.. sakshi s confused on seeing everyone expression n decided to remains silent.. nikhil tries to speak bt anath holds his hand n gives “trust me face” n nikhil remains silent..

Anath:k guyzz.. y no answer yaar.. tat means everyone s agreed..?? Oh god.. before he could finish his sentence arav gently excuse himself n wents from there.. al luking at anath by giving him a cold look.. sakshi found something s fishy n wents behind arav..
N(shouted):wat d hel.. wats dizz anath???
Hary:jst chill buddy.. anath u knw na.. he has painful memories in tat place..
While anath could say anything nikhil again.. started to shout at anath..
Shela:stop it guyzz.. jst stop it.. 1st give a chance to anath.. to clear his point of view guyzz..

Anath(much caring voice):i knw yaar.. u al il b angry on me.. bt think guyzz.. how many days he il run from his past.. by hiding his face.. on oneday he has to face reality na.. i knw dis il give pain to arav.. bt v r there for him.. he has to move on..dont u think this s d ryt tym??  did u al agree wid me??
Al remains silent
Anath:so who n at al wants to support me n cheer aarav.. to get ride from his past.. al eyes were wet.. they did nt say a single word.. they just had a passionate group hug wid much more luv..

Sakshi searches for arav.. finally a reveled smile came on her face.. arav was sitting on the bench wid d ciga.. she gets upset seeing arav with ciga n thinks “i hate ciga.. bt he hav dis habit” her revealed reaction gets vanished n thinks to go from dere.. suddenly sakshi widely opens her eyes n stops n talks to herself “ya.. i hate ciga, bt i love arav.. na!!  how can i leav him.. wen he s sad n needs me more..budhu salshi ” by saying dizz she goes to him n sits besides him wid some inchess distance.. bt arav didn’t notice sakshi n at al.. he s bc in his own thoughts n blowing his ciga.. sakshi decreases her distance n sat near him n makes noise as if..  she s clearing her throat

S:han haan han hannn haaaann
Bt it was a useless idea.. its go in vain.. dere s nt even a single reaction in his face.. he don’t even notice her.. she makes a fake anger face.. now she moves towards him even more closer.. now dere s only an inch distance between dem.. n dizz tym she clears her throat strongly
Arav comes to d sense n sees sakshi who s vry close to him..
Arav:angry bird.. u.. here
S(immitating):haann…me.. wid u.. here..  chottaiiii
Arav:i need peace.. n turns his face
S(fake anger):wat do u mean??? Ur indirectly saying me tat im a nuisance!!!
Arav:no.. im directly telling u..
S:so mean chotaaiiii
Arav blows ciga n its touches sakshi face n she begins to coughhh… n arav immediately puts the ciga down n keeps his right hand on her shoulder n patches her back wid his left hand..
Arav:im sry.. r u k????
Sakshi feels uncomfortable due to his touch bt smiles seeing his care.. n cups her face n looked into his eyes n makes a baby face
S:i hate ciga n ciga smel..
Arav:u should say before na??
S:u didn’t ask me na?? N smirks at him
Arav:ok.. meri ma.. i il nt smoke when ur wid me.. hapy
By saying dizz he takes his hand from her n puts bubblegum on his mouth
S(kidding way):then.. i hav to, be with you.. always ah?? Wat a bad fate.. i hav..
S(wid so many hand moments):ya.. u said that u il nt smoke.. when im wid u!! .. n i dont want you to.. nt even touch diss ciga.. then that means there s only one way na!! .. i have to be with you always???? Simple
Arav:its nt going to be easy for u..  ms.angry bird
S:i like challenges mr. Chotaaiii
By saying dizz both smile n lost in eachoder eyes.. they share an beautiful eyelock..

Aftr some time they composes themselves bt stil they feel somewhat awkwardness between dem.. they r nt talking wid each other.. even they r nt looking into each other eyes.. bt both r smiling n  feeling each oder temperature becoz stil they r close to each other.. mean while sakshi became jealous becoz in the pathway.. d gals are giving the cute smile towards arav.. as if he is celebrity or they know each other for a long time.. this makes sakshi more irritated n jealous

Sakshi(thinks):oh god.. why these gals are always staring my arav.. hmm.. why im cursing them.. they r jst a victims.. the real culprit s sitting with me.. idiot kaiyuka.. don’t even miss a single chance to flirt with girls.. cheapo kaiyuka.. wait wait wait.. wat im thinking.. that means he used to go for more dates na?? .. OMG.. in his list wat number il i be??? N makes a sad puppy face.. suddenly she widely opens her mouth n eyes n thinks (stammering thoughts) wat.. abt.. abt.. kiss??? How many girls il he kissed?? Nd how many girls kised him?? Bull shitt yaar.. i jst cant tolerate dizz.. i hav to ask him??? Bt how??? How??? how?? Dis arav s always getting on my nerves.. She gets into deep thinking..

Biting cold wind are caressing aravs face he s more immersed in capturing the beautiful nature wid his beetle brown eyes.. wid a quick he felt something s caressing his chicks n turns.. for a minute.. he felt like in the centre of d world.. her hair s firmly touches his face n moves according to the wringing breeze.. he touched her hair like making a art n makes it clear from his face n moves a bit away from her.. he tried to capture her soulful black eyes but it rotates here n there wid a vague expression.. he s fully drowned in each n every sculptured movement of her.. n thinks “thank you sakshi.. thank you so much.. today if ur nt wid me na.. i felt lonely.. i do hav so many caring frndzz.. bt wen dey try to console me na.. its gives me even more pain.. bt for the sake of my frndzz.. i used to smile.. bt today how u did dizz magic..  i dono sakshi.. even u dont say a single compromising word.. bt i realy forgot my pain.. n haaaann.. ur ryt.. when ur wid me.. i dont need any ciga or pain relief.. your jst enough for me sakshi” by saying dizz he again lost in sakshi’s thoughts

Meanwhile sakshi s trying to urge herself and gathers al her courage to talk about kiss.. she practice how to ask abt it??? Bt suddenly grasps an idea.. n smiles evily
By saying dizz she avoided his eyes so that he can’t able to read her eeric feel towards him.. arav who s fully drenched in the rain called sakshi.. unable to hear anything.. sakshi who s waiting for his response gets irritated n shouts
Atlast he came to sense n bumped in a awkward situvation thinking about his action.. n turns his face on oder side
A(frightening voice):hmmm
S:how many girls did u have dated chottai??
Arav now come back to his ful sense becoz of her silly question..
S:uffhoo.. cant u jst answer to my question.. y ur saying(immitating) wat wat wat wat..
A:hmmm.. i think i hav achieved half century
There s no shock expression from sakshi.. becoz she already guessed tat it il his answer.. n murmurs “expected ”
A:thn wat??? Then u want to be my 51gf ah???
S:my foot.. ? i was just curious.. abt how come.. someone like you?? .. tats it
A:wat do u mean.. someone like me?? Sakshi now look into his eyes
S(teasing way):its clear cut chottaii.. see u dont like commitments!! U flirt wid al d girls.. even though u has a gf.. n especially ur smoking arav… smoking.. n exaggerate her eyes

A:1st girls fel for me towards my charm evnthough they know i hate commitments.. n nxt flirting s gud for health.. wat im saying s every1 should flirt atleast twice in a day.. n u can also try.. n coming to d ciga department.. wat maters to my gf???.. im nt going to maintain a lyf lng relationship to her.. so howzz its mater to her??? Haannn
S:(thinks)such a cheapo kaiyuka.. n says uffooo.. chootaai, are you this much dumb headed or trying to be act as innocent???
Arav gives a wat expression in his face
S(innocent face):chottaiii.. ur a smoker na.. then how  il u.. i.l u..  kiss.. i mean..ur kiss il nt b sweet la..

He tried to control his laughter bt its al go in vain.. he started laughing loudly.. sakshi felt embarrassed becoz she felt like being exposed n thinks “thu toh marrgaya sakshi” € “your gone sakshi”..
A(laughing):seriously sakshi.. ur talking.. as lyk ur expert in kissing.. ha ha okay(hardly controls his smile) let me tel you 1thing.. i hav kissed moree than 10girls..  dey didn’t feel lyk tat.. if u want.. u can.. also try babs.. it il b sweet.. trust me

She cant control her anger not because he s making fun of her.. its because of the number of gals he kissed.. realy 10.. i mean more than 10.. how can someone kissed more than 10gals.. shiiiitttt such a piece of TRASH ur arav.. cheapo kaiyuka.. her gaze s burning lyk a fierce fire

S(anger):im hungry
Hardely control his smile.. n said
S:can’t u hear.. I’m hungry..? buy n come anything..
A:oyee.. hlow can’t u ask sweety.. im nt ur servant..
S:hmm.. tq for ur kind information.. i forgot..sry im leaving
By saying dizz she tried to go bt arav grasp her hand tightly.. n said “lets go together” bt sakshi removes his hand.. n both went off

They reached canteen.. everyone s eagerly waiting to hear arav’s answer.. but his face s so blank..that they dnt even get a clue.. dis makes them even more tensed..
Anath:leav it buddy.. if u need time.. v il wait.. wat says dudes??  n al at a unison nodded yess…
Arav:ya buddy.. i realy need some tym..
Finaly al deir hopes gets vanished n automatically a blank smile came on everyone’s face.. n arav smirks at everyone n said
Arav(shouts in excitement):ya.. i need some tym to pack my stuffs na.. by hearing his words.. al becomes excited.. their face s lyk a 1000watts bulb that r glowing heavily.. as lyk a..  new one.. n anath gives a friendly punch at his stomach n hugs him tightly.. dey al hav a grp hug n give hifis to each oder.. seeing everyone smiling face, automatically sakshi forgot her anger n smiles broadly..

Recap:  keep guessing frndzz…

Hi frndzz… so sry yaar.. i knw today episode was tooo boring.. i tried to make long episode bt it turn out to be a boring one.. realy sry.. if u felt boring?.. bt i prmse u.. nxt episode il b blast.. n frndzz my clg s opening today.. so suggest me.. if u want long updates thrice in week days?? Or do u want short daily updates??? Pls share frndzz.. love u al loadzzx dears ???????.. n sorry for the errors..

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