Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 11


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Part 11:

At mrng:

Sakshi s confused about wat to wear n how to luk good!! .. she continuously trying al d dresses.. bt nt satisfied wid any of dem.. she makes a sad face n sat on d bed.. “wat i il wear now, wat he il like.. ?? Shiittt I dont know abt his taste also!! “.. suddenly bright lights getson on her mind n thinks “it il b super perfect”.. she worn a beautiful pink tops wid white tight pants tat she worn on her first day of clg when she met arav for the first time.. n in addition of her beauty she makes her hair open.. she realy luks beautiful even on that simple attair.. she praises herself saying tat “nt bad sakshi..sometimes you are also looking  good ah?” by saying dis she reminisces their cute fights n blushed n says “im coming arav.. jst wait”..

At clg:’

Sakshi came to d clg n saw anath.. whose face s so dul “oh mr.over smart s sad ah??.. bt he needs dizz.. he made me cry na?? Let him also feel bad.. “n giggles
S:anath stop stop.. he turns n stops seeing sakshi.. “anath i hav decided buddy”.. anath s vry excited as wel as afraid wat il be her answer..
S:i wil nt…
Anath:wat u il nt..??!! ?
S:i il nt ate ice cream wid french fries heraftr da.. it was a bad combo.. yesterday for me stomach upset.. u knw va?? chaii vackk
S:why are u opening ur mouth dis much bigger ah?? Its jst a smal word,  “wat”.. dnt make it too long.. okay?
Anath s collecting words to ask her about arav.. bt al gone vain..
S:haan.. wat ur thinking s ryt..
Anath:wat??? U know wat im thinking??
S:yes.. i mean i knw.. now arav n me r frndzz.. so dnt worry.. i il behave very wel to him.. ?
Anath s some how hapy thinking that atleast they il b frnds..
Anath:then lets goo sakshi..

Arav s thinking in the clas room about the “mission.stay away from sakshi”.. sakshi came inside, arav gaze automatically goes towards sakshi.. he s mesmerized on her beauty.. n says “wooooooww she s looking gorgeousssssss” n hits his head for what he s thinking n keeps his hand on his face n turns his face to avoid himself looking at sakshi n says to himself “no aarav no.. mission.stay away from sakshi.. so focus on tat aarav.. focus focus”… sakshi eyes are desperate to looking for arav, she finaly found him.. a broad smile came on her face..

Sakshi(smile):oh my jaan s hiding  face ah??? By saying diz she moves towards arav.. when anath s about to sit besides arav, sakshi pushes him n sits with arav.. anath s on d ground while widely opening his mouth n he looks at sakshi n even arav eyes r wide open n he s shel shocked towards her action..
S:wat..?? Y u both are staring at me?? Am i look tat cute?? N makes a cute face n giggled at both
Anath n arav at unison:yawwwkkk.. by saying dis arav turns towards other side n anath seated near nikhil..

Sakshi s staring at arav without taking her eyes even for a minute.. arav s confused seeing sakshi behaviour n he knows she s staring him for long tym dono wat to do so he remains silent.. atlast silent broke up..

He luks at other side n answers her.. she smiled n keeps her right hand on the desk n place her face on her palms.. n holds arav collar wid her left hand n made him face her.. I LOVE YOU ARAV I LUV YOU SOOOOOO MUCH says through her eyes.. they share an eyelock..
Arav:did u say anything??
Sakshi:did u hear anything??
Sakshi:thn.. i didn’t say anything..
Arav:hmm.. n again turns his face
Sakshi smiles n collapses his hair with her hands
Arav:wat was diss??? U spoiled my hair style..
S:dizz s al ur mistake!!
S:buthu..its simple.. u r ignoring me so im trying to get ur attention.. tats it?
A(angry tone):i dont understand wats ur problem?? U just hate me na, then y r u disturbing me.. jst do ur work.. n mind ur own business.. understand

sakshi scanning his eyes like as if she s opening his gate of his eyes n slowly entering into his heart unknowingly..she comes to sense n firmly pulls his chicks..
S:choouuu choou.. my dear chootaiiii s angry on me ah???
A:wat the..
S:uffffhoo.. try to say some other words na.. always(immitating)Wat the wat the.. u dono how to get angry also… ah?? Silly boy
Before arav could say anything.. sakshi forwards her hand n says
S:frndzz???? N smirks at him
Arav s stil confused n thinks is dizz any prank?? .. wid a hesitation he forward his hand.. she broadly smile n automatically she blushed a bit.. clas started

Sakshi(thinks):control sakshi control.. wat ur dng??  if anyone see u na,then they il definitely caught u widin a sec.. n wat u did now?? R u flirting  wid him ah?? Nt bad sakshi, tat was a good one.. n wid a lovely smile she closes her eyes n feels him.. n slowly wid a buzz caring voice.. “i dont care arav, wat i meant to you or wat ur thinking abt me..!! Wat meant to me is YOU ARAV.. ONLY YOU, you are” love of my life” da, i jst want to be with u, fight wid u, spend time wid u, feel u, hold u, touch u.. tats it.. i dnt care whether u think me as ur frnd or enemy.. al i knw s MY LOVE TOWARDS YOU IL NEVER CHANGE.. she gives a side look so that no one can catch her.. n blushed by bitting her lower lips

Arav(thinks):wid funny faces.. wat hapen to her?? Y ms.angry bird suddenly became ms.cute?? OMG.. did she drink anything?? whatever.. bt today she s behaving somewhat different.. but i like it.. day by day her cuteness s increasing n at al ah?? .. nt bad.. by saying dizz automatically cute smile came on his face..

Time passes clas ended.. bt anath stil keeps sad face by placing his head on d desk n smoothly hiting continuously.. al move on for lunch.. everyone cals anath n ask him to join bt anath s lost in somewhere.. sakshi says i il bring him, u al go.. she came n stands near him n holds his ears tightly..
Anath:sakshi leav it na..
S:aacha beata.. n beats him wid  heavy books
He got up from his place… n says
Anath:oyee mental case.. im leaving
Sakshi(teasing way):that il not be so easy mr.ovr smart.. wat u said mental case!! hooi hooi did u knw wat mental il do???
Sakshi holds anath hair n rotates it as lyk a grinder tat slowly grinding his head n pulls his hair hardly.. anath  pushes her aside n screams
Anath:(crying face)MY HAIR.. n touches his hair
Sakshi face s al covered by her hair… she blows her hair off to get the view
S:uffghhhhh.. n waves her hand to get some air

Anath:am i ur punching bag?? Y y y y  yyyyy always me??? ?
S:ohoo ohoo.. dnt act as innocent k.. i knw abt ur lies.. so better u keep ur mouth shut..
Anath rolled his eyes n thinks to run from there.. bt its al go in vain sakshi drags anath shirt n he fel down
Anath(frightening smiling voice):heee heee.. oh my princess its just a prank na???.. pagal.. dont tel me.. u think it was a true?? N makes a frightening face..
Ha ha 2mins before im mental case now suddenly im become princess.. very clever ah.. sakshi gives her hand n made him up
Anath(aching his hair):bt dis punishment is too ovr ah.. u almost plugged my hair..
S:say thanks to god.. tat im leaving u wid dis smal punishment..
Anath:ok meri ma.. n wat abt tat

S:abt wat???
He hits his head hard
Anath:tubelight.. about u n arav..
Sakshi blushed..
Anath:OMG… ur face become pink sakshi..
S:its nt become red ah?? I thought tat it il be red..
N lowers her eyes n blushed heavily..
Anath(kidding way):oh plss.. if u want..u can beat me even more.. ur most welcome for tat.. bt pls dnt blush.. yaar i cant able to bear tat.. shitttt?
Sakshi beats him n says
S:anath he s tooo cute la today?? The  bandaid on his nose makes him, even more cute.. OMG how can someone.. be dis cute?? ?
Anath:ohhh hoo.. cute n at al ah???

S(shy way):s…he s less cute n more moreeee hooot aftr al he s saying dizz  she cuts in d mid n  lost in arav thoughts n thinks about his smile.. n says “i wish.. lyf long..i hav the rights to admire ur smile by sitting besides u… n i il nt allow any evil things to come near u.. tat vanish ur smile..n i il nt spare that person whomever spoil ur smile.. so dnt wory meri jaan.. ” by saying dizz she smiles a bit evily..

Anath(thinks):im so hapy for u both yaar.. now im damn sure sakshi luv il definitely change arav.. n he hav to  move on from his I hav to plan something.. to delete his past from his useless head.. bt how??????? ?

Recap: anath plans for weekend outing n arav gets upset n wents from dere.. sakshi looks on????

Hi frndzz.. if u like anath n sakshi cute friendship?? Pls share frndzz.. n i dono much about writing because this is my first ff.. so i hope u il correct my mistakes n suggest me.. if u loose interest in my ff.. pls pls pls share.. i il try to make it more lovable.. if u like my ff pls comment frndzz.. . take care love u loadzz dears??????

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  1. i like anath and sakshi bond very much dear. keep it up dear fantastic episode

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  2. It was nic episode priya… Ananth came to know that sakshi loves Arav.. So nic..

    1. thank you so much ananya.. ur comments meants to me alot.. dear

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  6. Awesome episode, priya my deariiiiiii…it’s really superb storyline n I love this bold n beautiful sakshi…arshi very cute couple n cute friendship bond between anshi is mind blowing. …I’m in love with sakshi’s love story, she is totally crazyyyyy in arav’s love n soon will make him same like her…the title of this story suits perfectly. ..crazyyyyy luv….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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