Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 10


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Part 10:

The episode starts wid Anath came out from the canteen wid d same dustbin attire wid reactionless face.. n arav standing lyk a joker whose nose s al red.. dey both started laughing seeing eachoder attire… nt realizing deir own.. both cumes forward n point deir fingers to each oder n started laughing..
Arav:(laughing)areyyy yaar.. who did dizz???
Anath:meri toh chod.. see ur state yaar..
Arav:dnt tel me.. both were luking at each oder n says at a unison “SAKSHIIIII”.. anath started laughing thinking tat “dizz gal s realy crazy”
Arav:unbelievable..i think she s gone mad.. crazy girl
Anath:ha ah.. now oly u look more cute buddy
Arav:copy paste buddy.. suddenly anath thinks about sakshi.. “oh god, i totally forgot about her.. she il b feeling bad because of my lie.. i hav to accompany her, i wont leav her alone.. she il b hapy knowing the truth” n smiles
Anath:ok dude.. i need to go..
Arav:aaray yaar.. i knw ur in a hurry.. bt see ur face, before going na..
Anath:dnt worry yaar.. stil girls il fal for my charm.. bt i think ur condition s critical.. put a bandaid on ur wound broooo.. ? both waves bye n went off..

Sakshi house:

After awhile anath freshen up n reached SH.. He rang the bel n shocked to see sakshi’s face.. she s more relaxed nor she s hapy, he can clearly see the happiness in her eyes, evn though he can see the real happiness in her eyes.. he dont want to believe his own eyes.. sakshi wid a wide smile keeps her left hand on d door

S:manna paday ga yaar?brave boy..  sshhhhhh yawwwk anath, ur stil stinky yaar i thnk u dont get a good bath, atleast u should take a gud bath before coming to my home na vackkk.. n keeps her hand on her mouth.. anath remains silent becozz he s stil shocked of sakshi sudden change of mood, he dont know wat s happening?? .. before 2hrs she s  crying as lyk the whole world came to an end n now she is too normal.. how can dis could b possible???sakshi waves her hand..
S: hloww.. mr.ovr smart where hav u lost???
Amma:sakshi… whose on d door??
S:anath ma.. do u want to dream from outside or want to come inside mr.ovr smart.. anath nodded.. n both went inside..

Amma:hi.. beata, how r u??? Sakshi told alot about you???
Anath:fyn aunty..
Amma:aunty??? ?cal me as mom dear.. wait i il bring chocolate milkshake for u both..
S:amma.. extra chocolates..? thn watsap anath.. y sudden visit to my home?? .. ohh acha, for taking d revenge ah??? N smirks at him
An(stumbling):sakshi… tat.. tat
S:dnt u even try ananth.. dis s sakshi place, no one even dare to touch me my dear..
A:r u realy hapy sakshi??..

sakshi smiles.. n stood up n gives sum poses n says
S:am i nt gud?? Dont i look hapy?? Cant u see happiness in my eyes??  Anath remains silent n lowers his eyes..
Amma:baas bass ms.nautanki jst leav him.. take dis beata
S:mom.. luv u.. so much.. ummmmma she kissed her through air
Amma:oh murga.. she s already she is behaving even more crazy..did anythng hapen to her in clg ah beata?? she s smiling continuously widout any reason n dng crazy things ?..
S:he hee.. ya mom im crazy..(in buzz voice) n im crazy enough to make every one crazy too.. so u better stay away from me..n laughs in a scary way ha ha ha
Anath(grief tone):i hav to leav
Amma:bt now ly u came na???
An:No.. amma, mom said me to buy some thing.. bt i forget.. nxt tym i il spend more time amma.. sakshi s so happy seeing his sad face she can clearly see his restlessness in his eyes..
S:chal chal.. anath gives a blank smile n went offf..

He came out from the house n thinks “wat hapen to her, why she so happy??? Is she s happy knowing arav love towards someone??? Did i made mistake to play dis prank to converse her luv?? I know about her, she is not the type of girl.. who easily move on..!! ?.. bt i cant ignore my own eyes?? Oh god dis s making me crazy?? How can i made such a big mistake??  My plan is backfired.. realy backfired?? My head s paining due to lots of questions entrolling in my mind.. ? bt not even a single answer.. GOD HELP MEEE..

Sakshi happily went to her room n locks the door n thinks of the anath anxious face n smiles.. “ha ha playing prank wid ms.Sakshi gupta oops sry..  future mrs.sakshi arora n smiles.. kya yaar sakshi, ur realy going mad becozz of dat arav.. oh god” by saying dis her gaze automatically goes to aravs jacket.. she took d jacket n hugs it with full passion n worn the jacket n holds both the ends tightly.. n hurriedly stands in front of the mirror.. she can feel his aroma..  “for god sake sakshi, stop ur smile.. you are smiling smiling smiling see ur face its al become red man(she holds her face wid both her hands).. my jaws r paining bt i cant able to control my smile!! .. i cant able to think other than u arav!! N i dont want to think anything else than u?.. oh god ur aroma from ur no.. not oly yours mr. Arav its the mixture of our aroma..u and me..n i wish in al my dress i can feel this aroma.. (dis tym she hides her face behind her palms n bits her lower lips while realising wat she actualy meant..”oh sakshi.. u become so much dirty.. wat ur talking about?? Budhu.. ur great arav, u realy made me shy.. me???.. ?”she takes her hands n cups her face to see the mirror.. she gets even more shy.. she sees the deflection of arav n she kept her left hand on her left side waist.. “OMG 1st u made me crazy!! Thn u made me smile!! Thn u made me thinking about you on al d tym!! Thn u made me cry!! Thn u made me thinking abt dirty stuffs!! Thn u made me shy!! N finaly now im imagining ur presence.. ?.. uffgh wat n at al ur planning do wid me arav??? By saying dis she went close to touch the reflection in mirror bt it disappeared.. she thinks of herr craziness n throws herself on the bed while opening her arms..

Fb shows:

(Sakshi s in park crying vigorously  reminiscing the anath words.. she closes her mouth wid her hands so tat no one could hear her sound.. aftr some tym she composes herself n thinks to accept the reality n move on.. she wipes her tears n see the mbl.. “13 missed cals from sheela?? Wat hapen to her??”.. sakshi hurriedly  calls sheela.. gathers al her courage n automatically a painful smile came on her face n clears her throat

Sakshi:heyyy watsap babs..
Shella:did u see tat??
Sakshi:see wat.. ur erotic romance wid ur harry ah???
Shela:ha ah vry funny.. im talking abt the pics tat i hav send u..
Sakshi:wat pic???
Shella:jst see na.. u il defiantly bursts into laughter..
Sakshi:hmm(she dont want to see, bt for d sake of sheela hapiness she agreed.. ) she sees d pic n gets irritated.. “wat was diss shela?? ”
Shela:”its was so funny na?? Me n hary were burst into laughter while seeing both state.. n v immediately click d pic, v done a gud job na?? ” (ya… it was arav n anath funny face) sakshi dont want to talk about arav n at the same tym she dont to spoil shella mood so she jst repied “hmm.. ”
Shela:wat hmmm… seriously sakshi u would hav seen arav face?? Hawa tight hogaiya usko.. ha ah, now he il nt show his face to any gals for atleast 1weak.. so sad na??
Sakshi(angry):ya he must be sad.. aftr al he cant able to see his lady love nisha.. for 1weak.. im very very very feel sorry towards him.. shella is shocked as wel as started laughing  wid her funny answer.
Shela(teasing way): wat.. lady luv.. ha ah.. seriously sakshi..did u ate anything wrongly ah???
Sakshi:shela.. dnt upset my mood.. i dont want to talk about tat chapo arav..
Shela:bt your imagination power s suprb yaar.. hats off to u?.. “arav is in luv” varay va.. dis news has to be on today’s headlines..
Sakshi(curiosity):wat do u mean shellsss..
Shela:i mean.. everyone knws tat arav.. dnt luv anyone..(low vce)he s even afraid of ur saying tat he is in love?? Heee hee I dono about anything bt im sure.. if arav,  hear ur words na, he il literally have heart attack?.. sakshi s hel shocked nor happy to hear dis..
Sakshi:so u mean to say is.. arav dont luv anyone.. i mean he il nt luv anyone ryt??
Sakshi:ok dear.. my mom s coming on oder line.. i cal u back later.. ? she cuts d cal.. for a minute there is no reaction in her face.. becoz she thinks it was a dream n pinches herself “awww” its paining.. tat means.. its its its true oh my god.. im nt daydreaming yipeeee.. she started shouting “AWWWWW…  LOVE YOU ARAV….. LOVE U SOOOOOO MUCH MY BUDHU” by saying dis she s jumping here n dere not realising everyone s watching her.. finaly she realised wid a smile she went from dere.. )

Fb ends..

Sakshi took her mbl n see d arav pic.. “when ever i see you and think about you na.. you automatically made me shy da stupid..  wat magic u did it to me..haan??  that made me this much crazy..?? I was such a bewakoof not realising my luv n keepon scolding u.. bt arav did u know one thing.. the tym when i hear, ur in luv wid sumone.. it was lyk tearing my heart intoo pieces da.. tat tym i understood tat “i luv u as lyk crazy arav.. UR MINE ARAV UR SIFF AUR SIFF MINE, my luv il b unconditional bt i wil make sure it wil nt b selfish .. ur my life arav”by saing diz she huged nd kissed the pic wid so much luv on her eyes n cover herself wid blanket due to embarrassment.. 

Arav s trying to sleep bt he continuously feeling restless thinking about sakshi words.. “i knw u hate flirts but wat mistake did i did?? Tat you hate me, dis much sakshi..!! Y your  words hurts me dus much?? .. bt i realy dont want to hear this kind of words from you..ur hatred towards me is jst killing me.. am sry ms. Angry bird tat in any way, tat i hurt u wid my action..n its was nt intentional, i realy dnt want to hurt you.. so.. so.. so.. (he lowers his eyes) from tomorrow onwards i il make sure, i il maintain certain distance from you sakshi.. i hope dizz give u some peace”.. by saying dizz he dozz off.. screen freezes on sakshi hapy face n arav sad face..

Recap: arav s avoiding sakshi nd sakshi s in ful luv mood???

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