luv change bad to gud (epi-6)


luv change bad to gud (epi-6)
recap;shivnya joining to team of cbi.sanky,raglak jump to river
sanky;Lets go there their is a river
luck;river is something different
rags;shut up lucky i dont want to die by bull horns
Oh god it is mud ,clay yrr its smell very bad
rags;yeak chiiii
sanky;we need to bath
lucky;let’s go before anyone can see us
they step out of the river and about to go they have the phone from dsp
dsp; u fool how many time i call you

lucky;sorry sir we will reach their in one hour
dsp;what one hour if you all didn’t reach in 5mint I will shot you
lucky;but sir we are not in a condition to come there
dsp;i dont care in which condition you are come here fast
lucky ;okay sir
chalo bhai ek saand se picha chutta aab dusre se bhidne chalte h

in cbi office
IG;where the hell are they
dsp;sir they are on the way

dhruv;they will be here at any moment
shiva;hay can you smell dirty mud
at the tym 3 enter the room
ig;who are you where the hell you are coming
dhruv;bro who every you are first go and get bath
dsp ;yeah lucky where the hell is he idiot
lucky;present sir
ig;oh god what condition you have made
dhruv;what happen bro
dsp;what manner is this
rags;u said reach here in 5mints in which condition we are other wise you will shot us
dsp;go and get the bath after that lucky come and met me in my cabin
dsp;I want check my shotting target
after an hour
ig;if we find sakshi kapoor we can able to find many link and don right hand is seen in markrt area
dsp;sir mne apne officer ko auske picche lgya h

ig;i have good news for u all any one guess
sanky;you got vickey
lucky;sakshi kapoor
shiva; detail about drug dealer
dhruv to rags;kitna pakka rha h waise kya hoskta h
rags to dhruv;i think he is pregnent
dhruv;what???? and laugh
dsp;what happen
dhruv;nothing sir
ig;yeah sanky and shiva was right vicky is in our custody and we get links for further steps
dsp;what about sakshi her life is in danger
ig;its their responsiblity to find her and secure her
dsp;what are you all waiting for go and search

rags cabin
rags;what can we do know
lucky;watch new movie
dhruv;are u gone mad
lucky; if not then you’re dad will make us mad she is sakshi kapoor not any meena kumari
shiva;khalli bhi toh ni baith sakte
sanky;idea adarsh bhaiya
lucky;dont say you will represent adarsh as sakshi kapoor
shiva;shut up lucky you say
dhruv;i agree with sanky lets go to him

mm house
ap;adarsh today is pari’s birthday don’t forget to go at her house
adarsh;ji mom
sujata;do marriage as soon as possible
adarsh ;blush and go to his room
sanky;bhai i want your help

adarsh;yes tell me
rags;bro we want to find sakshi kapoor
dhruv ; their is something so that we can reach her
adrash;no bro she doesn’t come in front in public I also want to met her
pari from back
pari;i have and i idea
rags;no way plz listen it is waste of tym
pari;listen na
dhruv;okay say
pari;tomorrow she will come to trendzz fashion of the year because there will be deal which worth rs 50,00,00,000
sanky;bhabhi its nothing to her she daily have that amount of deal
pari;but build the image means goodwill to inernational level she will definely participate
pari;dont forget to come to my house all of you bye
Outside mm house
Pari on call speaking to someone

Pari:my work is done
Unknown: great let began the hunt
Pari;but don’t forget he is my target
Unknown; okay enjoy babe and all the best for for fashion show see you bye
Someone tape her shoulder she turn and see adarsh
Adarsh.:hey sweetheart what happen
pari ;nothing bye

pari’s house
pari dress up in blue gown with heavy make up she is looking gergeous
all boys have dressed same color dress white shirt and black suit
and girls in green and blue gown except swara ‘swara has weared yellow top and black jeans
pari;thnx swaru for coming jaan
swara;anything for u di
shiva;happy birthday sweety
adarsh;u looking hot
pari;i know….lets enjoy the party lets dance
on the dance floor

song me tenu samjhava ki
and later only adarsh and pari left they were lost in themself now cake cutting cerimony
swara;di candle in cake is different na
pari;i will feed u cake in different style
shiva;dhruv the candle is like cracker na
lucky;its not like it is craker
at the tym they could do anything pari has lighten the candle and it bust and cake on every one face
swara;i didnt expect this much different style

after sometime all leave to their house

recap;raglak romance

Credit to: shruti

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