luv change bad to gud (epi-5)


luv change bad to good
recap;sakshi’s truth
rag;mom kya m sapna dhrhi hu
mom;lgta h hm bht thk gye h issliye brhm hogya h
dadi;shyd mahri umar hogyi h isliye mahre kaan baaj rhe h
dada ji; shyd hm log kisi aur k ghar m agye h chalo sab apne ghar chalte h
shekhar;dad and all of you enough ha
sumi;yeah lag toh shekhar jaise rhe hai but ho ni skte
dadi;mjhe bhi yahi lgta h
shekhar;buss kijiye aab aur koi problem h toh rhndo swara ko
all;no actually aap itni assani se maange na

in swara room
rags;sweety get ready we have to go to dsp house today his son birthday dsp has specially invited you
swara-no di mera bilkul maan ni h
rags;please apni di kliye manjao
swara;di m dhruv ke maama se darlgta h aunhone pichle bhi batmeezi ki thi
rags(in anger);what??? aur tm mjhe aab bta rhi ho
swara;woh di m dargyi thi
rags;dont worry tmhri di h na soona go and get ready

dsp house
sankar has white t-shirt and blue jacket lucky with white shirt and black suit both were luking dashing
sanky & lucky;hello sir
dsp;welcome boys how are you now
lucky;absolutely fine
sanky;where is birthday boy
dsp;he is coming enjoy the party and by the way where rags?
sanky;she is on the way

dsp;okay carry on
lucky;bhai she is on the way
sanky;on the way of conviencing her dad
both laugh
rags ;no i am here
both turn and see an angel with pink gown with open hair both were mesmerized to see her
sanky;somebody is looking hot
lucky;yes bhai
sanky ;but where is swara
rags;look there
swara had weared a simple whitye chudidar but she is looking beautiful
lucky;how it happen
sanky;i am thinking same
rags;thats the magic ofrags (thinks i also dont know guys )
someone taps rags shoulder rags turn and happy to see pari ,adarsh
rags;congrats jiju
adarsh;thanx yrr
pari;but still he is not happy
sanky;because best entreprenuer of the nation again goes to sakshi kapoor
lucky; and he wants to defeat her
swara smilespari;better luck next time

swara near pool side standing someone put hand around her waist she turn and see dhruv maama
swara;uncle leave me
uncle how could i you are so hot
someone given revu punch to him its non other than rags
rags;how dare you to touch my swara i will kill you
uncle raise his hand to slap her but one strong hand hold his hand he is dhruv(ritik of naagin)
dhruv;agar aap mere mom ke bhai na hote toh muhtod deta
get out of my house now
rags;swaru m hu na tumhe koi kuch ni kahega jao pari di k pass
dhruv;jara muskurao birthday h mera
swara;happy birthday dhruv

party get over now ig dsp sanraglucky,dhruv and swara was left
Ig;i want to tell you all something important
dsp;yes sir
ig;i have got the link of drug deal and don
lucky;its a great news
sanky;we will execute it as soon as possible
ig;i know that and one more good news for u
ig;i am appointing new officer to your team here she shivanya mathur
shivanya;hello everyone
dhruv;hello welcome to our team
shiva;i heard about kavita i am sorry
dhruv;dont be because queen has to regrat
sanky;yeah she will
lucky;we will catch her
IG;i want shivanya to be undercover no one will tell anyone she will be the member of our team to catch queen
rags;okay sir
all in parking area
sanky;i am glad you come back your my guru you are like my father
ig;and you are my son see you tomorrow

next day in car
rags;tomorrow don hamare kabje m hoga
lucky;look thats swara na
rags;ha par yeah bhag kyu rhi h
sanky;dkho woh ladka auske piche bat leke bhag rha h
rags;chalo dkhte h
lucky;m dkhta hu
while running lucky stops swara
lucky;kyu bhag rhi ho aur yeah ladka kon h
swara;woh wohhhh
sanky;arey yeah ladka toh agee bhag ya
boy;swara di bhago
swara start running sanky looks back and see group of people are also running
sanky;yeah kon h
lucky;ja pucchke aa
rags ;chup bhagoo
lucky ;m thak gya aur ni bhag skta
sanky;m bhi
rags;puchte h kya baat h
group of people run away to different direction three of then confused
sanky;yeah bhi bhag gye
lucky;lgta h darge
rags;nhi waha dekh bull
lucky;sanky tu bhag
lucy;mne sunna h bull red color p attack krta h tune red jacket and tshirt phna h
rags;tunne bhi toh red pat phna h
sanky;madam apne bhi red dress phni h
rags;color ko goli mar bhagoo
they three run and jump into a river which see from far but unfortuately their is no water

recap;ig gone missing…someone fire bullet in sanky pic

Credit to: shruti

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