luv change bad to gud (epi-4)


luv change bad to gud (epi-4)
precap;raghav introgation
girl is shown sitting in dark room sitting on couch working in lappy and listening the news best entreprenuer of the year again goes to sakshi kapoor
girl; i have done it again and gets up placing lappy in couch walks toward mirror and switch on light her face is reveled its swara
swara says to herself arjun i have fulfilled your dreams which you have seen i love you arjun with tears in her eyes move back to couch and sit placing her head back in resting position closig her eyes and thinks
a boy is standing in auditorium and stairing at podium a girl comes from outside see him and call arjun ( role played by vivian desousa)

arjun;yes sweetheart
girl;why you always come hear and stair the podium
arjun;because one day i will stand their to receive the best businessman award
girl;then i will also accompany you to tell the happiness that we have to world
girl;i will come to stage near mike and say good evening everyone i am mrs swara kapoor intrupted by arjun
arjun;no you are my sakshi kapoor
arjun;its your mistake when i asked you first tym your name you told your name as you are my sakshi kapoor
swara opens her eye and say yes arjun i am your sakshi kapoor she again get up and walks toward galcony and see the road again close her eyes
arjun is lying in the road he is in very very painful condition blood is coming from his chest his figures is broken he is in the condition he is unable to breath also and swara is running to each and every person for help he is almost begging to every one but no body helped her after sometime she some how manage to take him to hospital

in henry hospital
swara;doctor please see him he will die please doctor
doctor; i am sorry they where power full people i cant risk my life
swara;its your duty to save the patient
doctor;if he is admitted
swara;please doctor i beg u please save him i will give you what you wanted please save him
doctor i above to go then swara fall on his feet and beg for arjun life but doctor didnot listen to her and through them out of the hospital swara cry for her helpness she call almost all he hospital and friends for help but no won helped her
arjun;sakshi dont cry our destination was only till here only
swara;no arjun nothing happen to you i am here i will not let you go like this
arjun;no sakshi i will no go anywhere i will be here in your heart ny soul is always with you
swara;dont say like this arjun i can live without you sakshi is incomplete without arjun
arjun;no swara you have to live for our love you have to live for y dream promise me you became the successful and no. one entreprenuer

swara ; no arjun we both will fulfill our dream
arjun;in this birth its not possible in next birth it can be…sakshi promise me
swara;i promise i will fulfill our dream arjun
arjun;i love you sakshi please hug me i want to die in your lapp
swara almost collapsed by his words hugs arjun say i love you too and arjun die in her lapp
swara comes out of her thinking tears are faling from her eyes someone put hands in her sholder she turn and see arjun
swara; why you leaved me alone
arjun;no sakshi i was there always with you
swara; we have won best entrepreneur award arjun
arjun;congrats sweetheart now come and take short sleep before evening prayer because at that tym dadi she you sleeping she may kill you come on
swara was lying on the bed and dreaming that a girl is in jail and prisoners is beating her with hunter .swara open her eyes and sit breathing heavly at that tym shekhar enters her room
shekher;swara you saw same dream again

swara;yes papa
shekhar;please swara control yoursely i cant see you like this and hugs swara
swara;hugs back and think how can i

at the hall
rags discuss her problem with every one
rags;dadi help me na
dadi ;i cant ask your mom
sumi;i have no idea
dada ji;say dsp that she have fewer
shekher;who have fewer??
dadi;ask rags to say
rags; actually mom say na
shekher;somebody tell me whats going on?????
all in one tone;there is a party dsp sir has specially invited swara
shekhar;so take her whats the problem
everyone shocked say;what swara

recap;a boy with his bat run after swara…….
sanky;lucky and rags also run along with swara

Credit to: shruti

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