luv change bad to gud (epi-3)


luv change bad to good (epi-3)
thank you friends for your comments lets continue the story
IN light house
lucky;something is strange
sanky;hey see their issomeone lying on the floor let see
they go near the person and turn him lucky shock too se the person
sanky; yrr yeah toh mar chuka h pr yeah hai kon aur raghav kaha h
lucky ;yeah ashok hai m informer
sanky; is ka maatlab yeah sab ek trap hi
a person hit sanky with hockey
lucky;tum (the person is raghav)
sanky;aaj tu ni bacchega
raghav ;phle khud toh bacch
he order this goons to kill them but sanky and lucky over power them but raghav with his smartness catch ucky at gun poit
raghav;sanskar shant hojao ni toh lucky unlucky hojyga (order his goon to beat sanky)
raghav;sorry buddy tmhe marna hoga agle janam m milte h and aim gun at sanky
lucky;dont kill him
raghav;goodbye sanskar and shot
lucky;shout sanskar
but for the surprise bullet hits raghav he turn to see and get shock to see rags
rags;no soon raghav your game is over
they beat all goon and take raghav to introgation room

introgation room
sanky;who are involved in it
raghav ;i dont know
rags;why you want to kill us
raghav;don has order us to do so
lucky;who are you searching for past 2week
raghav;no i am not searching anyone
rags;dont test our patients level
raghav dont utter a word so officer given third degree in high level
raghav;dont beat me any more i will tell u actually i am searching sakshi kapoor
sanky;for what
raghav ;so that boss can deal with her and use her mooney in drug purchasing
outside the room
sanky;rags we have to find sakshi her life is in dager
lucky;how no buddy has seen her
rags ;contact to dp uncle

in mm
dp;beta sakshi is very sharp and intelligent person ,i have deal with her but before but not seenher
laksh;forget all this ready for the party
sanky ;all the best rags and lucky and sanky

in a dark room
a girl is sitting with lappy and says sakshi you have done it again.
recap;sakshi kapoor mistery reveled

Credit to: shruti

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  1. I guess it’s cLear swara is sakshi

  2. Wow….des detective stories r so much fun….waiting for ur next upadate 🙂

  3. Superb dear

  4. Nice i thinks its swara

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