luv change bad to gud (epi-1)


luv change bad to good
hi frnds i am big fan of swaragini and fan fiction so i hope you like my story here we go
all the characters were same but in my fiction sanky,lucky,rags were cbi officer they were very brave ,intelligent,and love their nation very much moreover they were best friend their only motive is to catch queen they hate her even though they some fear for her
swara:cute girl but fearful courage less she cant stand for her rights help her father in shop because want her infront of him always he doesnt listen to anyone regarding swara
Queen;very dangerous cruel than animal another name of teror whole nation fear from here no one has seen her .her name is enough for fear

In CBI office
dsp;in india drug container is coming from south corea
acp;sir who were involve in it and what are the complications
dsp;according to the intelligence report it has involvement of isi and don robert and drugs are very dangerous so for this i am assigning sanky,lucky and rags as investigatin officers
sanky;thnx sir we didnt dissappoint you
lucky;we will cut the root of this drug dealer
inspector;sir i have douth that if the drugs is very dangerous then chance of involvement of queen
rags;no if its was queen then i am sorry to say drugs would have came to india and infected to youth too
sanky;i agree to rags
after sometimes meeting get over then they started to move
dsp; wait a mint sanky,lucky,rags
sanky ;yes sir
dsp;you know today is dhruv birthday after 3year he is celebrating his birthday he is recurring from kavita memory
rags ;she was a brave officer she know she going to die by queen .queen has given her any pain she killed kavita brutelly she is an animal no worse than animal
lucky;that b***c has broken her eyes and fires 60 bullets
sanky;her each and every organ were broken
dsp;were painfull death
rags;we will catch her soon
dsp;okay come at evening and bring swara no escuse

Credit to: shruti

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  1. queen may be swara right?? anyway nice story line..

  2. Wow cbi <3….really nice…waiting For ur next update…!!

  3. Something different liked it

  4. Wow its awesome……I think swara is Queen

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