luv btwn the snow spirit and the human :twinj os…


hello to all i am ariya (mehak) i am silent reader it is my first os luv btwn spirit and the human…
if i am somewhere mistaken tell me … pls do comment whether they are negative or positive…
i am just 14 years only.. btw my real name is mehak for tu i am ariya.. in my family no one knows that i am reading ffs writing my own os…
pls ignore spellings and grammartical mistakes.. now no more bak bak here the os begins…
imagine sid and jas as kunj and twinkle…only

kunj is a snow spirit and twinkle is a human. one winter day, everyone are at their home but our twinkle is twinkle… she wears her jacket and went to some empty place.. as outside snow is falling.. she saw someome and goes mear him. he turns and finds a beautiful lady i.e our tw they talked for some times and they become best friends.. then they back to their home … they are very happy them they realise that they luv eo madly

next day,
they met again. talked with eo and play with snow for whole day at night tw caught very high fever her parents are very worried for and our kunj snow spirit also feels bad for her condition when her parents gone to their room tw slept he came to her put his hand on her forehead tw with his soft touch woke up saw him. she told him to go other wise he will melt but he doesnt listen her they said together i luv u tw/kunj kunj take her on his and started to melt tw feels relieve and sleeps asap…,………
Next bright morning
twinkle woke up and check her temp. and she had no fever that time then she remembered what happens yeterday night … a big curved smile appeared on her lips…

after 10…
she still didnt get marry bcoz she loves one and only her kunj..
note… true love never ever dies…
i know m a very bad writer so rotten tomatoes and eggs are allowed to throw on me..
luv u to all and han pls do comment also…

Credit to: ariya

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  1. Silent reader

    Hi Ariya I am just like you 14and no one in my family know that I read ffs

    1. Silent reader

      Btw it is awesome

  2. Silent reader

    Nice os btw I am just like you 14 and no one knows that I read ffs

  3. Hi Ariya…short n sweet os…do write more like this

  4. If it was a joke than it was very bad……

  5. Ariya dear a very good try..luved it

  6. silent reader

    I recently read that new kunj is arjun bijlani from naagin fame………

  7. Hey ariya short n cute loved do write more

  8. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    me too…I m also 14 years. …n no one know s except my friends. … that I read ffs and cmmnt on it …if they got to know they will kill me…btw it was an awesome episode. ..

  9. Shatakshi

    Hey ariya
    I m a year elder than u…but really u write so well
    N the story was amazing??

  10. thankyou all of you for encouragaging me..

  11. no he is naman shaw cheap no1 can actually cross sidhant guptas actually no1 is more hot n cute dan r sidhant gupta he is a chocolate boy so cute jst luv u sidmin r amazing n missing u alot hey ariya u wr amazing n yah i m 16 n in my family also nbdy nos dat i read TU n i m crazy fr SIDMIN n was fr r twinj abhi b hun par unn twinj ke liye n yah u no kisi r ko imagine b nhi kar skti mein as twinj kunki mere liye woh hamesha sidmin hi rehnge

  12. nice os dear

  13. Thankyou so much baby and lover….

  14. hyy hurerm bhaiya or didi.. i didnt get the point of view what r u trying to say.. haan i m very happy for that u read my os and did comment also…

    thanks to all and silent readers too…..who read my os luv u all

  15. Apoorwa

    in my family too
    that was a lovely os
    keep writing

  16. thankyou so much sam and apoorwa

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