luv is a believe (o.s)


luv is a believe(o.s)
hi frnds i am your friend shruti with annother story actually last story
in a temple a students has came as they are in study trip of a architecture of ancient building in that group raglak was there as ragini is roaming in the temple she see an old man sitting in the stairs of temple watching the road she avoid him as this she daily see that man sitting like this so told laksh about it and laksh ask about that man to pandit ji
laksh-see that begger food paise is laying infront of him he is not looing at them instead he is watching road
pandit ji-beta he is not begar time has made like this and he is not watching road he is waiting for someone from pass 30 years
ragini-for whom pandit ji
laksh-who is he?
group-what happen to him
pandit ji-for his soona(swara) he is sanskar maheshwari famous business man of his tym
ragini-tell about him na
pandit ji-years ago
sanskar was an obident good and upcoming businessman he works his father dp one day an accident change his complete life
one day while returning from meeting he saw an accident and rush toward the car and see a beautiful girl inside the car he takken her out ad rush to hospital after one hour of operation doctor inform him that she is fine u can meet her
sanskar-are u fine
swara-ha but who are you
sanskar-i am sanskar maheshwari
swara-you are my husband
swara-then who am i and holds her head and fall consious
sanskar ask doctor about her so doctor inform him that she is suffering from amenisia she has completely forgetten her past
as day passed sanskar use to care of her and he given her name soona they were liking eachother company share their thoughts
one day sanskar comes to hospital and inform about his engagement with kavita tomorrow for that he bought her lehnga and inform that you will stay in my house
at evening he came to pick her by looking her he was mesmerised but she has tears in her eyes sanskar ask about it she try maximum to avoid to go for engagement but sanskar take her forcefly but not in engagement but one date which is beautifully decorated and he propose her she accept with tear of joy and ask about engagement sanskar with puppy eye say i was checking you soona hit him playfully and he takes swara to mm

all disagree for soona stay but by the sanskar repeated insist they accept sanskar always spent maximum time with soona and least bother about work all where tensed with his behaviour because of sanskar less participation dp loss a contract so he shout on sanskar and sujata bad mouth about about soona
it happen daily one day swara fall on concious he take her to hospital and invest huge mooney on her ..dp freeze sanskar account and say u have to choose one we or soona
sanskar choose soona so sujata and ap pass comment on her which leave effect on soona’s mind sanskar takes her to hospital but his account is freeze so hospital does treat her so he take her to near village in medical camp for arrangement of money he did many work like coolie sweeper so on sometimes sells his blood one day doctor inform about operation and its cost so for money sanskar sell his kidney by this his condition became worst
and on the day of operation sanskar bring in this temple for blessing
pandit ji-i know also remember that day when he came here on his knee which is injured
ragini-then what happen
pandit ji-then operation taken place soona gain her memory back and forgetted her 3years after the day of accident
she doesnt recognized sanskar but he doesnt loose hope and tried many way to remember her that he is the one who taken care of her and whom she loves and bring her in this temple
but swara does remember him thinking him as a begger said are u mad i am swara gadodiya a multi billioner loves begger like you by this she goes back to her world leaving sanskar here she is right he is mad who loves her madly and have believe that his soona will remember him and come back to him from that day he was waiting for her in the believe she will come for him………

i said its my last o.s in the sense last emotional o.s you cant get rid of me so easily i will come with happy o.s

Credit to: shruti

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  1. Sad very very sad…wt happened to swara then???

  2. Too emotional dear… Where is swara?

  3. Very very emotional….but eagerly waiting for ur next OS

  4. she forget sanskar and go back to her family and lived her life

  5. so sad ….good one

  6. Tooo emotional…feeling sorry for sanky…shruti…it’s a nice story…plz write another story…ok c u with another os…keep writing…god bless u..

  7. Yar its incomplete

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