luv is a beautiful feeling (one shot)


luv is a beautifull feeling
hi frnds i am shruti thnx for all u luved my previous os(luv means giving happiness)
swalak and ragsan luvs each other so their parents allowed them to marry they where the happiest couple but one day sanlak meet with an accident in that accident laksh died swara was broken completely all mm gd tried maximum to bring swara back to life but all were failed then one day she informed all that she want to go london to her mom
ap beta u want to leave we are also your parents sujata says chori we lost our son know your also going swara mom’s who told u i am leaving you i will come back dp says okay one condition when you come back you must be our old swara
after two year in london hospitl
swara doctor siddhart how much tym i have sid(of jamai raja)swara your heart is weak you should rest instead you are going to india
sumi-she doesnt hear me plz u make her understand
swara-mom i dont want to die in hospital bed i want to see the places where lucky and i used to roam my room which has so many memory plz mom
sumi-okay take care and stay away from problems
swara-if possible and she goes
sid to himself- u have to for me i luv u swara

after a week
swara return as loving bindass girl all were happy by seeing her by her presence mm house became full of life happiness but sanrag were not like before they rearly speak this was notice by swara and she asked ap about it
ap-one year before ragini was pregnent but by the rush driving by sanskar ragini lost her child and doctor said she never able to became mother again this ragini couldnt able to bear this create fight btw them but one day ragini says to sanskar as he killed laksh u killed my child this statement of ragini made sankar angry one day they filled divorse pattion know court has given six months tym two months were passed know only 4month is remaining
swara-dont worry i am back na everything will be fine she feel dizzy so she goes to her room she calls sid and say reach india tomorrow itself and then calls her childhood friend kavya
and inform janki and sujata to introduce sid kvya as would be to sanrag they done same sid and rags became frnds and sanky and kavya by seeing each other bounding with other sanrag became jealous sid and kavya doest allowing them to talk with each other by this step sanrag understand eachother importance
swara plans were succeding know a blust is needed to explore their feeling so one day sid misbehaved with ragini and abused her then sanskar comes and beat sid and say ragini is pure as a daimond and precious i am the fool i could not understand the value of her she is the blessing of god that he given her as my wife and goes ragini with tears and joy cries
sid look swara your bil has hitted me as a punching bag swara cares him say thnx doc and started coughing bloods comes from her mouth sid treat her after an hour she get normal at same knight ragini receive a call sanskar meet with an accident ragini falls on floor and cry miserable
kavya -why are you crying for that killer he killed laksh your child ragini comes to her and slap her how dare you … sanskar loved laksh more than anyone laksh was his life and about my child its was not only i lost but he also lost his child sanskar is my life i luv him the she see sanskar standing with swara she run to him and hugs both apologies to each other and confess their feeling and they comes toward sid and kavya and say we love each other we cant marry you we dont want divorse by listening sid and kavya started laughing then all mm sanrag stand cofused sid comes to sanky and say i am also not intrested to marry ragini jiju and kavya comes to ragini bhabhi i am also not intrested
ap tells about the plan by swara sanrag runs to beat swara later they thnx then after a week sanrag remarriage take place swara comes and introduce kavita and tells she will be the serrogate mother of your child ragini eye filled with tears and hugs kavi and swara
all member of mm seen love in sid eyes for swara so they decide remarriage of swara and tells to swara but she oppose it all try to convince her but suddenly swara omitte blood all became shock sid runs to her and swara says nothing happen to you and takes her to hospital and everyoe cames to know about swara heart deasese
swara -i know sid you loves me but in this birth i can love anyone except my laksh in next birth i will be yours but promise me you will live your life and find love promise me sid it my last wish sid promise her
ragini-why you hide from us why you didnt share your problem
swara-i want all you to be happy ragini promise me dont mess your life again life is to short for all this sanskar controll ur anger and take care of my ragini and family
dp-your the angel who comes into our life and filled with happiness
ap-we cant do anything for you
swara-you have given wounderful gift my laksh and lovely family by saying this moniter shows straight line
sid shouts swaraaaa and close her eyes
swara soul meet lucky in heaven and they goes in
after few month kavita given birth to a baby boy whom ragini gives name as laksh and sid married roshni and have a daughter name swara

Credit to: shruti

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