Lusty love Raglak-3

Morning rays wakes Lakshya and Ragini. Ragini about to get up but he pulls her, as a result she falls on him. He smells her fragrance, she tries to get up, but he locks her in his hands. She too give up and rests on him. He is gently kissing her neck and she is busy in biting his cheeks. He keeps rubbing her waist with his hands. She is rubbing his head.
Ok..let’s go..he says.
Some more time…she says and keeps kissing his chest. He keeps his eyes closed enjoying her romance. She reaches his face. Her hot breath touch his face. He losses his control and kisses her lips wildly. She increases that wildness.

After that they take bath and go down.

After breakfast he goes to office. When in office, he gets call from Ragini.
I’m waiting for you at bridge. Come fast.
Why ru waiting. Go home.
No..i want to meet u right now.
Lakshya goes near her. Y did u call me…
Ragini shows some couples. I wanted u too….
He goes near her to kiss..but she accidentally falls in river. He saves her.

She gains her memory back. She hugs Sharmishta tells what she did for money. She shocks. Lakshya and shekar shocks that she forgot past. They all explains what she did becoming Teju. Ragini shocks. She cries a lot.

It is teju who did that..not Ragini. Ragini is a good girl she is not like’s not my mistake.. Cries Ragini.

Lakshya hugs her. But she pushes him. Lakshya takes whip beats to explain how much he love her and as punishment.

Sharmishta and Shekar stops him. At last Ragini feels bad and excuses him.

Lusty love story end.

I know this is very bakwass story. Story ends with Ragini jumping into river. But i dragged it adding useless content. Very sorry if this bored you all. I will write nice concept next time.…1…..2

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  1. SPP

    I liked it
    Ur attempt was so nice
    Soon come back with another one

  2. Akshata

    no not at all its not boring story, i always told you from the starting this is very different story. yes come back soon with new story. i am waiting, keep smiling 😀

  3. no its not boring but u end it soon

  4. it was good but u ended it soo fast anyways come again with a new story

  5. Not bakwass
    It’s nice

  6. Sreevijayan

    Nice ending dear..loved it….

  7. It’s not boring dear and I loved it a lot. Plz come back with another Raglak story

  8. Fairy

    Hey dr!!it ws mindblowng story yr…plz dnt say it bakwas…coz i jst loved it!!!!thnku so much for dis awesome plot….i have nver seen ragz in dis avtaar(i mean teju’s avtaar),n i enjoyef it a lotzzz….plz do come back wid more storiesss…gonna miss dis a lotzzz…keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

  9. Loved it

  10. Joyful Jessica

    it was awesome y u ended so soon

  11. A.xx

    nice but you ended it too soon.xx

  12. It was nice…but y did end it so soon

  13. Asra

    superbbb dear….plz continue thz dear…

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