Lusty love Raglak-2

I read all comments. Everyone are correct. Now story continue..

A room is shown. The room celling and walls are fish aquarium.?????

Large to small fishes are moving in it. A large bed which is covered with curtains around. A boy is kissing a girl continuously on bed. ? He turns around he is Lakshya. He sleeps on bed and that girl comes over him. And she is Ragini. She kisses his lips wildly. Then she bites his neck and cheeks. He strongly hugs her. She rests on him completely.
I never thought that i will get this chance..she says blushing.
Even i never thought i will meet girl like you teju dear… He says…
He keeps rubbing her bare back and he goes into flash back.

She is not Ragini. She is Teju who looks same as her.

After Ragini jumping into river, Lakshya searches for her vigorously. But no use.she is no where. He is shattered and cries a lot. He comes near Sharmishta and her daughters. He doesn’t have guts to say the truth. He just tells her.. Maa,i love ragini so much. But,she is no more. She accidentally fell in river.

Sharmishta and swara uttara are shattered. Lakshya doesn’t say them truth bcz, he wants to wash his sin by helping them. If he says truth, they will avoid him. He requests Sharmishta to stay in his house.

He performs Swara’s and Uttara’s marriage. He takes the whole responsibility. He has no one. So, he considered Sharmishta as his mother and brings to his house. He requests her a lot.
Like that one year passes. He remains unmarried.

Lakshya is standing before Ragini’s huge photo. He talks with photo. Ragini, for the sin i did ur giving me punishment daily. I can’t live without you. I wanted to jump along with you in that river, but, I remembered your responsibility. Swara and uttara and your mom. How can you go away leaving them alone?? That’s why, i took the responsibility. I didn’t tell our secret bcz, maa may feel bad and ur sisters reputation will come down. And they are never going to believe me.

He cries and kiss the photo. He wipes his tears and comes out. Sharmishta is doing pooja.
He takes aarathi. Lakshya, when ru gng to bring bahu to this house??
He says..maa, the Bahu should be like your daughter. I mean, she has to look after you as her mother.

She looks in tears at Ragini photo. You didn’t marry anyone till now, keeping her in heart. She won’t come. Why don’t you marry other…?

Maa..this heart is only for Ragini.

In a plantation place, a man is checking some plants and doing some experiment. He is Shekar. ‘Teju..!’ He calls loudly. Aari paappaa…
She shouts and comes. She is wearing a jeans and t shirt. She is same as Ragini.
What dad?
See this. My new experiment. With this medicine, you can make people do as you like.

Why people need this?Im going to office. Bye..she says and goes to office in scooty.
Hey today boss is coming. We have never seen him. Her friend says.
Oh….teju thinks. Just then Lakshya enters there. Teju gets flat as soon as he see him. He didn’t see her.
Man..he is very hot..she says to her friend.
Teju keeps looking at him always through glass. I want him..she thinks.

She goes home and takes a medicine into her hand. She reminds what shekar said her. If you inject that medicine into someone, they will go into unconscious and listen as they say. Teju smirks.

She takes the injection with her. At midnight 2 o clock she goes to Lakshya house. With the help of rope she reaches balcony. As the door is open, she goes inside and locks the door. She slowly reaches him and gives him injection. He gets unconscious. Teju looks lustfully at him.

Remove ur cloths she says. He does as she said. Teju too removes her’s and sleeps beside him. She covers them with bedsheet.
About after one hour, alarm of her mobile rings, she wakes and stretches her hands. She wears her cloths and he also wears as she said. Before going she kisses him wildly and leaves. Lakshya wakes up normally next morning, he doesn’t observe anything. Teju is dancing in her house. She is shameless.

Next day night also, she applies same plan. This time she wants to take bath with him. Both becomes naked and goes into shower. Teju enjoys his touch and she keeps touching him as she like.
Next night, in same way she removes everything and sleeps beside him. But, the medicine didn’t work. Lakshya feels someone is removing his cloths. He opens his eyes and shocked to see Ragini beside him. She comes over him and kisses his lips. Lakshya thinks, it might be a dream. But he can really feel her. Ragini…he calls. Teju shocks he gained conscious. She wraps herself in bed sheet and runs. But he holds her. Who are you he asks. Teju cries tells all. I really love you so much she cries. He leaves her. She wears dress runs to house.
Next day Lakshya comes to her house and talks with Shekar.
Shekar says, she is really not my daughter.i found her in river. She forgot past. I gave her medicine which makes her believe that I’m her father. I did so because, i miss my family, I don’t have anyone. So she thinks that she is teju.

Lakshya gets happy that she is his ragini. But he amazes for her new behavior. Teju didn’t come to know truth yet.
Teju is ragini. Ragini is teju.

Lakshya takes shekar and ragini to home. Sharmishta and shekar shocks to look at each other. He is her husband. Sharmi feels very happy her daughter and husband returned at a time. They perform their marriage.
The first scene is their first night.

Ragini is back but with memory loss as Teju. What happens now, if she gains memory back?? Stay tuned… the 1st part link.

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